The Future of Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is a former MVP. A former top ten player in the league. A former superstar. No matter what anyone tells you, his best basketball is in the past. It has been one injury after another which has all but sucked away his mental ability to use his once explosive legs. He will never be a top 10 point guard again. I could see him settling in as a 15 and 6 guy, but the thought of the Bulls being a title contender just due to the fact that Rose is back is absurd. Sure the Bulls will be a strong team in the watered down East, but it looks like it will be more because of Pau Gasol and Tom Thibodeau’s defense then it is Rose.

Rose has begun to look a bit of a mental job. His prior injuries loom in his head. This past week when he was talking about taking games off to save his body for after basketball is just more of a cop out not to play. He is brittle on the court and now has a hamstring problem to go along with banged up ankles. We have seen Rose age from a young superstar into a weary looking guard who can’t string together 10 games. He looked bad last season before re-injuring himself (35% FG) and looked even worse this off-season in the FIBA games shooting 25%. Rose has only played in 5 of the Bulls’ first 11 games and seems content with sitting on the bench. Remember, this is a guy who had a chance to come back and play in the playoffs a few seasons back but refused to give it a go.

Slowly, Chicago fans have started to murmur about the former MVP. He loves making “The Return” commercials more than it seems he likes to play. Rose’s career seems to be heading towards a bit of a crossroads. Does he comeback finally and play 95% of the games? Does he return to elite status or does he fade into obscurity as just another starting point guard. Will he ever be healthy? As fans we hope these questions will be answered sooner rather than later, but in my opinion I feel like his best basketball is well behind him.

Rose finished 2014-15: 17.7 ppg/3.2 reb/4.9 ast/40% FG/28% 3-pt