The Process: Masters Weekend

Part 2📜

Tre Gomillion is a 2018 guard out of Aquinas High School in Augusta, Georgia. He averaged 20 points, 13.6 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals as a junior and was named Class A-Private Second Team All-State. This is his off-season journal. This is The Process. 

After introducing myself to you all, I was honored and blessed to play in the GACA North vs. South Junior All-Star game in Brunswick, GA. It was a great experience and I had lots of fun and met some really cool players from different parts of the state. Right after coming back from the GACA All-Star game, in my hometown (Augusta, GA ) there was a very big event coming to town, The Masters ⛳️ .  I’ve never been to the Masters so it was just like any other time, I was letting my knee rest coming back from a bruised LCL from my high school season. Right after giving it some rest I went to the gym. Putting up jumpers, and not trying to put a lot of pressure on my knee, me and my brother got some work in the weight room working on my upper body and my core.

Besides the gym, at home when I am sitting around or icing my knee, I think and go through times during the game in my head where I could have done something different. What I am mentally challenging myself to from now on is to come out of every game with out any mistakes or regrets. I just want to focus on coming out the game and not saying “I should have done this”, I’m really trying to perfect my game and touch up all of the flaws and add in a more consistent jumper.  I know all of that is not going to come over night , it’s all apart of this thing your reading called “The Process”.