7 thoughts on “2016-17 Preseason State Rankings”

    1. Make a run at it Goat.
      Really a weak effort on your part. Pre-season rankings are not exactly easy to predict. The amount of time that went into what Sandy did was tremendous. His breakdown of every region, with each top team’s analysis and their top players, took a tremendous amount of research.
      It’s amazing guys like you make comments like you do. It’s one thing to try and give examples of why you disagree, but to make such a pointless, baseless comment pretty much shows everyone something.

  1. Dublin had a couple big guys move in so the statement that they rely on jitterbug guards is incorrect this year.

    1. Kam Pauldo scored 45 points in their scrimmage. He is a jitterbug guard. That’s a lot of points. They will rely on their guard play still, but size will help.

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