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2021 GHSA Girls Basketball Transfer List

Here is a rundown of some transfers I have heard through the grapevine. If you know of any other movement or have any corrections, please shoot me a tweet @KyleSandy355 or email


Class 7A

JR Olivia Orsley – 6’0″ – (New Horizons Prep to Archer)

Class 6A

Class 5A

Class 4A 

Class 3A

Class 2A

Class A-Private

Class A-Public


SR Sarah Ellis – 5’7” – (Statesboro to Bulloch Academy)
SR Kacie Ricketts – 6’1” – (Statesboro to Bulloch Academy)

North Georgia Magic – Atlanta Cagers BlueChip: Standouts

Friday night at the Dawson/Forsyth County Jam two of the best programs above Atlanta clashed between the North Georgia Magic and Atlanta Cagers BlueChip Storms. Here’s who impressed most.

North Georgia Magic

Anna Gliatta2022 5-8 G Anna Gliatta – North Forsyth
I first saw Anna play last July and in my second viewing on Friday, I can tell she has been working on her game and is well on her way to becoming a collegiate player. Continue reading North Georgia Magic – Atlanta Cagers BlueChip: Standouts

CTC Comeback: Girls Evaluations

Please visit @CTCAthletics on Twitter and on Instagram for highlights from Sunday’s event.

Off The Dribble HypeSouth Media Network provided film from Court 1. Each team played four games on the day with two being broadcast. You can view the replay HERE.

Team 1

Cayla Cowart
2022 5-10 CG Cayla Cowart – West Forsyth – FBC NextGen JG – GPA: 4.0
Coming into camp as one of the higher profile players, named Class 7A Second Team All-State and Most Improved Player, Cayla Cowart showed flashes of her high upside. She plays with a terrific motor and is at her best when getting downhill where she finishes with either hand. Cowart is a good passer off the bounce. Cayla’s athleticism and nose for the ball make her a really good rebounder which will translate to the next level. Continuing to improve her outside shot and staying in front of ball handlers will help her reach her potential. She’s a priority D-II recruit with D-I upside.

Sabrina Russell
2023 5-10 W Sabrina Russell – Stephenson – FBC Black Future JG – GPA: 3.0
Equipped with long arms and mobility, Sabrina Russell has some interesting tools to work with. She can help defend multiple positions. She blocked a handful of shots and earned deflections on defense. On offense, she scored up close and even stepped outside to bury the three.

Nevaeh Mack
2024 5-5 PG Nevaeh Mack – Warner Robins – Middle Georgia PUSH – GPA: 3.5
Coaches will want to circle Nevaeh Mack’s name and check back in the future. She’s a great athlete that can really push the tempo in transition. When she wants to, she can break down her man and get to the basket. She plays with energy and isn’t afraid to mix it up on the glass. Defenses have to press up on Mack with her willingness to shoot off the dribble from deep.

Casey Miller
2023 6-2 C Casey Miller – Woodstock
One of the best rebounders in the camp, Casey Miller used her size and strength to her advantage. She can move bodies when battling for rebounds and posts up hard on the low block. She showed nice footwork and patience inside, using an up-and-under to score. When fouled, Miller converted consistently from the charity stripe.

Leah Smith
2022 5-8 SG Leah Smith – Whitewater – Lady Warriors – GPA: 3.2
Known for her three-point shooting, Leah Smith did just that but also showed some other dimensions of her game. She kissed a floater off the glass from a tough angle and later took a hard drive straight to the basket where she scored through traffic. Balancing her outside shooting with an attacking mindset on the perimeter helped keep defenses on their toes. Smith made some plays on defense as well, using her length to alter shots at the rim.

Laney Brock
2022 5-5 SG Laney Brock – North Paulding – HoopDreams – GPA: 3.87
When Laney Brock got hot, she got red-hot. She drilled 3 threes vs. Team 5. Brock is a strongly built guard that uses her physicality to muscle smaller guards. She was an effective rebounder and played within herself. Her name was circulating among college coaches.

Marlie Battle
2025 5-4 G Marlie Battle – Campbell – EssenceXtreme – GPA: 3.85
One of the youngest players in camp, Marlie showed her Battle savvy as she more than held her own against the competition. Much like older sister Laila, Marlie is a heady guard mature beyond her years. She has a projectable frame that could squeeze out a few more inches as she grows. Battle liked to drive left and draw contact getting to the hoop. Her one-dribble pull-up really highlighted her textbook play.

Anna Marie Plant
2021 5-7 W Anna Marie Plant – Unity Christian – GPA: 3.2
Anna Marie Plant provided strength on the perimeter. She played both inside and out. Plant was a capable rebounder and as camp went on, started to find her offense. She helped space the floor from the three-point line and had some hard drive and kicks to open shooters.

Kennedy Snead
2023 5-2 PG Kennedy Snead – Lee County – FBC Blazers – GPA: 2.68
Coming all the way from Leesburg, Kennedy Snead made a positive impression with her pace of play and activity. Snead plays an attacking style of basketball and likes to speed up the tempo. She is good at getting into the paint where she can snap off floaters over the defense. Her ability to get both feet in the paint often led to positive possessions.

Des'Teyn Seaton
2024 5-7 W Des’Teyn Seaton – Northside-Warner Robins – Middle Georgia PUSH – GPA: 3.4
We fell in love with Des’Teyn Seaton and her overall aggression. Only a rising sophomore, Seaton has the natural competitive instincts to become a household name in Middle Georgia. A very good athlete, Seaton plays with relentless energy. She crashes the boards with authority and can push in transition when starting her own fast breaks. Des’Teyn scored most of her points in the paint on putbacks and even hit a turnaround jumper out of the post. Her hardnose play at such a young age is something that bodes extremely well for the future.


Team 2

Becca Ledford
2022 5-6 PG Becca Ledford – Fannin County – GPA: 3.7
“Becca Ledford is cut from granite” is what one college coach had to say about the chiseled lead guard that would have no issue stepping into a college weight room and outworking teammates from Day 1. Aside from her physique, the gritty guard turned heads with her steady play. She looked good playing the pick-and-roll, able to slip in tight passes to the roll man. Ledford took pride in her defense and pressed up on opposing ball handlers to make them uncomfortable. With her work ethic and winning ways, Ledford is one of the best guards in North Georgia. She feels like the prototype guard that will have great success at the next level.

Laila Battle
2022 5-6 PG Laila Battle – Campbell – EssenceXtreme 2022 – GPA: 4.063
A genius in the classroom and a whiz kid on the floor, Laila Battle always finds a way to impress without having to be flashy. Battle handles pressure exceptionally well and always has her head up to survey the floor. Laila is a good passer that makes her teammates better. She did a nice job of attacking the basket and drawing fouls. Battle tends to shoot from her chest, but she’s accurate with her shot and can hurt teams from deep and at the line.

Haley Johnson
2022 5-9 G Haley Johnson – Cass – Atlanta Celtics – GPA: 3.8
Sometimes overshadowed playing with All-State players Londaisha Smith and Claire Davis, Haley Johnson has quietly had a very strong career. She’s a solid guard that can help organize the offense. Johnson is patient when attacking the basket and will jump stop to let shot blockers fly by before gathering herself to finish. Haley is a reliable rebounder for her size and can fit in wherever she goes.

Kaylynn Kirklen
2022 5-11 F Kaylynn Kirklen – Mt. Paran – Nike Team Elite – GPA: 3.6
Kaylynn Kirklen was mightily impressive at camp. She played freely and with confidence. Kirklen showcased her versatility hitting a handful of threes, starting her own fast break off rebounds, attacking the rim and facilitating. She had a strong year at Mt. Paran playing the high-low game with Kara Dunn and parlayed that success into a great showing. With her well-rounded game both offensively and defensively, don’t be surprised if Kirklen starts garnering college interest over the summer. She was one of camp’s top performers.

Ellie Southards
2024 5-8 G Ellie Southards – Rabun County – EOTO – GPA: 4.0
Ellie Southards doesn’t play like a rising sophomore. Southards is tough as nails. She is a dangerous three-point shooter but also gets to the rim and finishes through contact as she squares her shoulders and powers into defenders. Southards consistently hits from the mid-range and can get crafty attacking the basket, finishing with scoop shots. The size and physicality of Ellie stands out. She’s an aggressive rebounder that can outwork bigger opponents. Southards takes pride in her defense and can make opponents shy away once she puts her body on theirs.

Tresha Gorman
2021 6-0 C Tresha Gorman – Marietta – GPA: 2.6
A possible late bloomer, Tresha Gorman had some good moments at camp. She’s a big body that rebounds in a crowd. On the low block she has a developing up-and-under move and is comfortable stretching out to the three-point line. Gorman grabbed a few rebounds and went coast-to-coast.  Tresha has the tools that could be refined and flourish at the right level.

Nekaya Williams
2022 5-9 G Nekaya Williams – Brookwood – EssenceXtreme – GPA: 3.0
Every time Nekaya Williams steps on the floor you can count on her to provide infectious energy. She can play and defend 1-3 when needed. Williams is bouncy and gets off the floor quickly. She snatches rebounds and immediately looks to push the ball and ignite the fast break. Her quick first step and downhill mentality make her hard to stop. Williams can hit the three on offense and is a tone setter on defense.

Lyra Roberts
2025 5-7 F Lyra Roberts – Unity Christian – Impact – GPA: 4.0
Only a rising freshman, Lyra Roberts found her niche as a rebounder and defender. She was able to block out and limit second chance opportunities. It was a valuable experience playing alongside some of the best players in camp.

Shakayla Smith
2022 5-5 G Shakayla Smith – Marietta – Lights Out Ballers – GPA: 3.78
Shakayla Smith provided a well-rounded game. She was solid on offense, hitting threes and scoring up close. She showed switchablity on defense as she could defend different positions without batting an eye. Smith has a solid body which helps her play a little bigger than her listed size.

Jalayzha Williams
2023 5-10 C Jalayzha Williams – Northeast-Macon – Georgia Dream Team – GPA: 4.0
Jalayzha Williams added toughness in the paint. With her size she was able to rebound the ball and clog up the lane. Williams altered shots in her area. She found much of her offense on putbacks, using her strength to move smaller opponents out of the way.


Team 3

Caelan Ellis
2022 5-6 SG Caelan Ellis – McEachern – Atlanta Celtics – GPA: 3.0
One of the best shooters in the entire state, Caelan Ellis let it fly at CTC Comeback. She drilled 3 threes vs. Team 4 and did so off the dribble on pull-ups. Once Ellis connects from deep, it opens up driving lanes. Ellis has a good low crossover that can shake defenders and allow her to get all the way to the hoop where she finishes with either hand. Multiple D-I schools have already offered. With a strong travel season, expect plenty more to pile in.

Jayla Cook
2022 5-5 G Jayla Cook – Redan – Nike Team Elite – GPA: 3.6
The Energizer Bunny had college coaches talking with her non-stop motor and overall effort. Listed at 5-foot-5, Cook routinely plays bigger than her size. She flies around the floor for rebounds, steals and of course, buckets. The more you watch Cook, the more you come to appreciate her game.

Kenley Woods
2021 5-7 PG Kenley Woods – Coahulla Creek – FBC NextUp Legacy – GPA: 3.4
A true table setter, Kenley Woods looks to get others involved first before searching for her own offense. She has advanced court vision and was just named Class 3A Best Passer with how she can deliver assists in a variety of ways. When she does decide to score, Woods has a quality outside shot that can loosen up the defense. Kenley is a sneaky defender that can play olé defense only to poke the ball away from behind.

A'ryn Jackson
2022 5-7 F A’ryn Jackson – Sequoyah – ATL Cagers 17U BlueChip Storms – GPA: 3.0
The tough-nosed undersized rebounder was a reliable teammate. A’ryn Jackson knows her role and often plays it to a T. She outworks and outhustles bigger opponents inside and wins 50/50 balls. Her offensive repertoire is starting to open up. The lefty showed improved range from the three-point line and is still a capable driver when she is presented with a mismatch.

Mackenzie Franklin
2021 6-0 C Mackenzie Franklin – Kell – Atlanta Cagers – GPA: 3.0
Mackenzie Franklin is an interesting prospect still available. She has great size with a physical build. She’s a consistent rebounder that can score up close. What separates her from most bigs is her shooting touch. Franklin is a stretch-five that can space the floor and shoot from the perimeter. She has a similar archetype to that of Taylor Christmas, another unsigned senior with upside. Franklin’s versatile inside-out offensive skill set will land her somewhere.

Mia Walker
2022 5-6 CG Mia Walker – Archer – Shecago Bulls – GPA: 3.9
A tweener guard that can play either the one or two, Mia Walker is wired to score and can get buckets especially when playing off the ball. She had some nice strong drives to the basket as she managed to get downhill. Walker knocked down a few threes on the day to balance her output.

Jayla Bennett
2025 5-2 PG Jayla Bennett – Grayson – FBC Hoopstarz
Among the youngest players in camp, Jayla Bennett didn’t try to do too much and instead did a very good job of blending in with her team and playing the role of distributor and perimeter defender. She has a strong build for her age and can help apply pressure on ball handlers. For her size, she proved to be a quality rebounder that could start fast breaks when needed.

Adeja Bacon
2022 5-8 F Adeja Bacon – Parkview – Team Power – GPA: 2.8
Adeja Bacon really caught our eye with her aggressive rebounding. Listed at 5-foot-8, Bacon plays much taller with her long arms and high motor. She gets off the floor in a hurry and snatches rebounds. Bacon got her offense on putbacks and layups. While she can still fine tune her ball handling, Adeja was able to attack off the dribble and score at the rim. Energetic rebounders tend to win close games.

Riley Bryan
2022 5-9 W Riley Bryan – Lanier – EssenceXtreme – GPA: 3.9
An inside-out presence, Riley Bryan was a three-level scorer at camp. She hit threes, converted from the mid-range and scored tough buckets up close. She impressed with a turnaround jumper on the block. Riley is a solid athlete that competes on both ends of the floor. She helped defend multiple positions and would close out possessions with rebounds. What really stood out was her ability to be a good teammate. We challenged our campers to do the little things and that’s what Bryan did, helping up teammates off the floor and encouraging them throughout camp.

Libby Hein
2023 5-9 G Libby Hein – Mt. Paran – E33Eagles 2022 – Watson – GPA: 3.5
A jammed finger early in camp didn’t stop Libby Hein from putting together a strong day. Hein is wiry and athletic and holds upside as a defender. She really stole the show later in camp with her offense, scoring off the dribble, finishing through contact and hitting mid-range jumpers. Hein is probably at her best as an energy slasher, but seeing her knockdown shots is an exciting area of growth.

Kaitlyn Robinson
2022 5-5 G Kaitlyn Robinson – Druid Hills
Kaitlyn Robinson made the most out of her time at camp, using a lightning quick release to drill three after three. She was one of the better shooters we had in the gym. When she was able to get her feet set, she nailed long balls from the top of the key while also helping run the offense and get others involved.

Team 4

Aliyah Washington
2022 5-9 F Aliyah Washington – North Paulding – Atlanta Celtics – GPA: 3.35
A monster. That’s what Aliyah Washington was during the 1-on-1 King of the Court station. She’s a dominant physical force that can play either forward position. Her game has gotten more refined since we’ve last seen her. Washington still has her trademark soft touch in the lane and the ability to play bully ball but she’s improved her ball handling and her perimeter shot. Aliyah has High Major toughness and motor. It will be interesting to see which colleges are wise enough to offer. Her pitbull mentality will allow her to be successful at any level.

Katelyn Dunning
2022 5-4 PG Katelyn Dunning – Mt. Paran – Atlanta Celtics – GPA: 3.27
Katelyn caught college coaches’ eyes with how she had the ball on a string and was able to pick apart defenses out of ball screens. She played the two-man game with Aliyah Washington beautifully, hitting her in stride on rolls to the hoop. When Dunning got into the paint, she was able to score in traffic.

Mia Geveke
2022 5-8 SG Mia Geveke – Harrison – Celtics-Perry – GPA: 4.0
Mia Geveke opened up camp with a bang, shooting lights out with four threes in the first game of the day. Geveke got her feet set and drilled bombs all camp. Colleges fell in love with her three-point stroke as she fits the everlasting need of floor spacer at the next level. While she still has room for growth off the dribble, her elite level shooting will always open doors in the college ranks.

Gaby LoPresti
2024 5-9 W Gaby LoPresti – North Cobb Christian – GPA: 4.1
Named Newcomer of the Year in Region 7 A-Private, Gaby LoPresti brought her high IQ to camp. LoPresti was able to positively influence games without having to score. She proved to be a solid rebounder and a smart passer as she racked up 4 assists in the opening game of camp. LoPresti has an inside-out feel to her game and helped space the floor with her outside shot.

Madison Boadu
2022 5-10 F Madison Boadu – Brookwood – Top Tier – GPA: 3.0
One of the most consistent post presences in camp, Madison Boadu had a strong showing on both ends of the floor. She has a strong frame and a soft touch inside. The lefty scored with her back to the basket and gobbled up rebounds at a high rate. Madison was tough to keep off the glass, earning multiple second chance opportunities. She played even bigger than her listed 5-foot-10 height. Boadu could be one to track her senior season.

Reagan York
2022 5-8 W Reagan York – Fannin County – GPA: 3.95
Reagan York is the type of player that can help a program immediately with her toughness and willingness to buy in. Though she did shoot the ball well from the perimeter, York didn’t need to score points to make an impact. She was a good on-ball defender that could defend 1-3. York got on the glass and into passing lanes. Expect the slasher to have a strong senior season.

Hannah Miller
2023 5-7 G Hannah Miller – Buford – Team Elite – Hubbard – GPA: 3.6
Hannah Miller has an athletic projectable frame. She did a nice job of not forcing the issue and taking what the defense gave her. Miller provided active hands on defense and was able to both get in the lane and shoot the three on offense.

Amaya Johnson
2021 5-5 SG Amaya Johnson – Sprayberry – FBC NextUp/JustUs League – GPA: 3.45
Schools looking for a high character off-guard that can knock down shots and provide energy on defense may want to check in on Amaya Johnson. She hit open threes and competed hard on the glass. She totaled 5 assists in two games on Court 2. Amaya is a willing defender that could fit the mold of a 3&D in college.

Karina Lopez
2022 5-6 G Karina Lopez – Lanier – EOTO – GPA: 3.5
With plenty of firepower on the roster, Karina Lopez was able to showcase her floor game as a lead facilitator. Lopez got the ball to the right spot at the right time as she piled up assists. For her size, Lopez rebounded well and showed good instincts on defense as she rotated and helped pick up steals and deflections.

Katherine Robinson
2022 5-10 F Katherine Robinson – Druid Hills
Katherine Robinson projects as a stretch-four. She’s a reliable rebounder that can battle in the paint. Robinson has finesse in her game as an outside shooter that must be marked at the three-point line. Katherine used her length to guard different positions when switched.

Team 5

Brooke Moore
2023 5-11 W Brooke Moore – North Cobb Christian – E33 Eagles – GPA: 4.0
Brooke Moore shined as one of the top prospects in camp. Named Class A-Private Best Shot Blocker, the multi-positional standout used her quickness and length to disrupt opponents. Moore blocked shots without fouling, gathered rebounds and excelled in transition. Moore has a quick first step which is long and covers ground. She has nice footwork in general, snapping off an up-and-under inside. Moore shoots the three well. She hit three of them in two games on Court 2. Her versatility gives her a chance to be special. Brooke can defend 1-5 and is an overall matchup nightmare. D-I programs will want to become familiar with Moore and track her progress.

Brooklyn Begley
2022 5-7 SG Brooklyn Begley – Greenbrier – Team Elite Peake – GPA: 3.9
Coming over eight hours straight from Illinois, Brooklyn Begley’s dedication to the game is admirable. Even after camp, it was straight to AAU practice nearly three hours away to continue to hone her craft. Named Class 5A Best Shooter earlier in the day, Begley did not disappoint, draining long range bombs all camp long. Begley doesn’t need much air space to fire away. She proved she was more than just a shooter. In the 1-on-1 station, she pulled out some crafty finishes with her left hand to score around the defense. With her shot making and work ethic, Begley could appear on college radars sooner rather than later.

Sophia Gallimore
2023 5-10 F Sophia Gallimore – North Paulding – E33 Eagles – GPA: 3.9
In an era where the three-point shot is king, Sophia Gallimore provided some old school toughness in the low post. She’s a sturdy presence that rebounds in crowds and can score through contact. Sophia has a soft touch from the baseline and was able to block shots on defense.

Alyssa Green
2024 5-9 PG Alyssa Green – Buford – FBC Black Future JG – GPA: 3.8
Alyssa Green is an athletic guard with a good body. She has tools to work with when you consider her handle and speed. Green successfully was able to get into the lane and make plays. She has a nice outside shot which balances out her game. Green has a chance to develop into a strong on-ball defender.

Aaliyah Ferrell
2022 5-7 G Aliyah Ferrell – East Coweta – Celtics – GPA: 3.6
Undoubtedly the biggest stock riser in camp, Aliyah Ferrell had a terrific day. Ferrell did it all. An athletic guard that can play 1-3, Ferrell was all over the floor on both ends of the court. Her outside shooting was on point, drilling 5 threes over two games on Court 2. Her energy was through the roof as she flew around collecting steals and blocks. Ferrell crashed the glass hard and started fast breaks. Ferrell converted two And-1s as she drove to the hoop and powered through contact. Aliyah’s length and athleticism coupled with her skill needs to put her on recruiting boards after Sunday.

Makiala Bullock
2023 5-4 PG Makiala Bullock – Hiram – FBC Reign – GPA: 3.4
A strong bodied compact guard, Makiala Bullock gets into the teeth of the defense and sets up teammates for easy buckets. Bullock stays low to the ground and can get her shoulders past defenders. She provides nice effort as an on-ball defender.

Chassidy Fedd
2023 5-7 G Chassidy Fedd – Landmark Christian – Team Elite – GPA: 3.7
Chassidy Fedd played with confidence at camp. She’s a sneaky good prospect in 2023 that has a chance to develop. She understands the nuances of the game. Chassidy used head fakes on the perimeter and a quick first step to get to the hoop. She finished tough floaters and reverses. Fedd proved to be an active defender and used her wiry frame to help rebound.

Camryn O'Neil
2023 5-7 G Camryn O’Neil – Hiram – Lady Vols – GPA: 3.8
Camryn O’Neil is getting better every time we see her. She’s got a strong build for a young guard. In the 1-on-1 station we got to see how she could create in isolation settings. Camryn does a good job of using her strength to her advantage, putting defenders in her back pocket as she attacks the hoop. She scored in a variety of ways throughout the day, hitting threes, scoop shots and pulling up on a dime. O’Neil stuffed the stat sheet across the box score.

Emily King
2024 5-4 G Emily King – Unity Christian – GPA: 3.3
An athletic guard, Emily King was able to hit open shots when they presented themselves. King knocked down baseline jumpers and showed range on her three-ball. She helped handle the ball vs. pressure and used her foot speed to stay in front on defense.

Chelsea Lewis
2022 5-2 PG Chelsea Lewis – Campbell – EssenceXtreme 2022 – GPA: 2.7
One of the smallest players in camp, Chelsea Lewis relied on her blinding speed to turn up the tempo. Lewis pushed the ball as well as anyone in transition and would get downhill in a hurry. Lewis is athletic and active. She rebounds exceptionally well for her size. Lewis was comfortable with the ball in her hands. She made some good decisions and often led her team in assists. Chelsea balanced her offense with a few three-pointers. In an up-tempo game, you want Lewis on your side.

2020-21 GHSA Girls Basketball All-State Honors


DISCLAIMER: These are Sandy’s Spiel All-State Selections. The GHSA does NOT select All-State Teams in any sport ever.


Sandy’s Spiel Ms. Basketball: Raven Johnson, Westlake, Sr.

G – Raven Johnson, Westlake, Sr.
G – Bridget Utberg, Woodstock, Jr.
G – De’Mauri Flournoy, Carrollton, Sr.
W – Kara Dunn, Mt. Paran, Jr.
C – Jillian Hollingshead, McEachern, Sr.

G – Ta’Niya Latson, Westlake, Jr.
G – Crystal Henderson, Kell, So.
G – Sydney Bowles, Woodward Academy, Jr.
C – Sania Feagin, Forest Park, Sr.
C – Makayla Timpson, Early County, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Chloe Sterling, Marietta, Jr.
G – Mia Moore, St. Francis, Sr.
G – Kaleigh Addie, GAC, Jr.
G – Flau’jae Johnson, Sprayberry, Jr.
G – Kionna Gaines, Carver-Columbus, Sr.
G – Diana Collins, Brookwood, So.
G – Keyarah Berry, Rockmart, Sr.
G – Courtney Ogden, Westminster, So.
G – Jordyn Dorsey, Cross Creek, Sr.
F – Malia Fisher, Hebron Christian, Sr.
C – Sacha Washington, Collins Hill, Sr.


Coach of the Year: Derrick DeWitt, Marietta (21-5; State Champs; First region title in 12 years; started season 3-4; Most Improved)
Player of the Year: Bridget Utberg, Woodstock, Jr.
Freshman of the Year: Sanaa Tripp, Newton
Best Scorer: Bridget Utberg, Woodstock, Jr.
Best Shooter: Bridget Utberg, Woodstock, Jr.
Best Rebounder: Sacha Washington, Collins Hill, Sr.
Best Passer: Chloe Sterling, Marietta, Jr.
Best Shot Blocker: Jillian Hollingshead, McEachern, Sr.
Most Underrated: Ashleigh Norris, Newton, Jr.
Most Improved Team: Marietta 21-5 (Improved from 14-14; State Champs; First region title in 12 years)
Most Improved: Cayla Cowart, West Forsyth, Jr. (Improved from 11.5 ppg/7 rpg to 19.3 ppg/7.2 rpg/4 apg/3.5 spg/45% FG)

G – Bridget Utberg, Woodstock, Jr.
G – Diana Collins, Brookwood, So.
G – Chloe Sterling, Marietta, Jr.
C – Jillian Hollingshead, McEachern, Sr.
C – Sacha Washington, Collins Hill, Sr.

G – Denim DeShields, McEachern, Sr.
G – Cayla Cowart, West Forsyth, Jr.
G – Sanaa Tripp, Newton, Fr.
F – Lauren Walker, Marietta, Sr.
C – Kate Johnson, Cherokee, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Laila Battle, Campbell, Jr.
G – Eden Sample, Collins Hill, Sr.
G – Makala Torrence, Roswell, Sr.
G – Sharon Tolliver, South Forsyth, So.
G – Jillian Bretz, Forsyth Central, Jr.
G – Nadia Howard, Grayson, Sr.
W – Letiya Reeves, East Coweta, Jr.
W – Taniya McGowan, Archer, So.
F – Aliyah Washington, North Paulding, Jr.
C – Sussy Ngulefac, Parkview, Sr.
C – Taylor Cullinan, North Paulding, Sr.


Coach of the Year: Hilda Hankerson, Westlake (20-0; Four-peat State Champs; 98-0 vs. GHSA schools over past four years)
Player of the Year: Raven Johnson, Westlake, Sr.
Freshman of the Year: Danielle Carnegie, Rockdale County
Best Scorer: De’Mauri Flournoy, Carrollton, Sr.
Best Shooter: De’Mauri Flournoy, Carrollton, Sr.
Best Rebounder: Lazaria Spearman, Dacula, Jr.
Best Passer: Susanna Rogers, Sequoyah, Jr.
Best Shot Blocker: Essence Cody, Valdosta, So.
Most Underrated: Kehinde Obasuyi, Carrollton, Jr.
Most Improved Team: River Ridge 27-4 (Improved from 14-13; Final 4; Outright Region 7 Champ)
Most Improved: Taniyah Bowman, Bradwell Institute, So. (Improved from 6.5 ppg/3.5 rpg/1.3 apg/2.5 spg to 20.9 ppg/3.4 rpg/1.7 apg/4 spg)

G – Raven Johnson, Westlake, Sr.
G – Ta’Niya Latson, Westlake, Jr.
G – De’Mauri Flournoy, Carrollton, Sr.
G – Crystal Henderson, Kell, So.
G – Flau’jae Johnson, Sprayberry, Jr.

G – Cheyenne Holloman, Pope, Sr.
G – Mataya Gayle, River Ridge, So.
G – Ta’Mia Stargell, Langston Hughes, Jr.
F – Lazaria Spearman, Dacula, Jr.
C – Essence Cody, Valdosta, So.

Honorable Mention
G – Danielle Carnegie, Rockdale County, Fr.
G – Elle Blatchford, Sequoyah, So.
G – Paris Miller, Johns Creek, Jr.
G – Ava Grace Watson, Buford, Fr.
G – Ashyia Willis, Buford, Sr.
G – Autumn Phillips, Langston Hughes, Sr.
G – La’Nya Foster, Lovejoy, So.
G – Kehinde Obasuyi, Carrollton, Jr.
G – Jada Porter, Grovetown, Sr.
W – Brianna Turnage, Westlake, Sr.
F – Tiara Lewis, Osborne, Sr.


Coach of the Year: Kim Lawrence, Woodward Academy (22-1; State Champs; Region 3 Champs; Beat Forest Park 3x)
Player of the Year: Sydney Bowles, Woodward Academy, Jr.
Freshman of the Year: Carrington Wilson, Stockbridge
Best Scorer: Sydney Bowles, Woodward Academy, Jr.
Best Shooter: Brooklyn Begley, Greenbrier, Jr.
Best Rebounder: Sydney Jones, Hiram, Sr.
Best Passer: Trinity Barrow, Greenbrier, So.
Best Shot Blocker: Sania Feagin, Forest Park, Sr.
Most Underrated: Taylor Christmas, Southwest DeKalb, Sr.
Most Improved Team: McIntosh 21-7 (Improved from 5-17; Sweet 16)
Most Improved: Sara Lewis, Woodward Academy, So. (Improved from 11.2 ppg/6.4 rpg/1.6 apg/2.7 spg/1.1 bpg/18% 3PT to 17.7 ppg/4.5 rpg/2 apg/3.3 spg/1.1 bpg/34% 3PT)

G – Paige Lyons, Dutchtown, Sr.
G – Sydney Bowles, Woodward Academy, Jr.
F – Sara Lewis, Woodward Academy, So.
F – Kharyssa Richardson, New Manchester, Jr.
C – Sania Feagin, Forest Park, Sr.

G – Imani Smith, Hiram, Sr.
G – Londaisha Smith, Cass, Sr.
G – Jada Morgan, Jones County, So.
F – Janae Charles, Loganville, Sr.
C – Samiah Puckett, Griffin, So.

Honorable Mention
G – Cameryn Morris, Lithia Springs, So.
G – Carrington Wilson, Stockbridge, Fr.
G – Trinity Barrow, Greenbrier, So.
G – Olympia Chaney, Forest Park, Sr.
G – Jaclyn Hester, Starr’s Mill, Jr.
G – Sydney Bolden, Loganville, Jr.
G – Leah Turner, Griffin, So.
F – Claire Davis, Cass, Jr.
F – Rose Bone, Loganville, Sr.
F – Xaviera Dyer, Maynard Jackson, Jr.
C – Adrieanna Brownlee, Southwest DeKalb, Sr.

Class AAAA

Coach of the Year: Takesha Wall, Cedar Shoals (18-9; Final 4 as a 4-seed; Most Improved)
Player of the Year: Kionna Gaines, Carver-Columbus, Sr.
Freshman of the Year: Malaya Jones, Arabia Mountain
Best Scorer: Ambria Vicks, Cairo, Sr.
Best Shooter: McKenzie Brueckner, Northwest Whitfield, Sr.
Best Rebounder: Jada Session, Luella, Sr.
Best Passer: Myori Pruitt, Arabia Mountain, So.
Best Shot Blocker: Detavia Salter, Bainbridge, Jr.
Most Underrated: Avery Fantucci, Marist, Jr.
Most Improved Team: Cedar Shoals 18-9 (Improved from 14-14; Final 4)
Most Improved: Jada Session, Luella, Sr. (Improved from 6.8 ppg/8.5 rpg/1.4 apg/1.5 spg to 16.9 ppg/11.9 rpg/1.4 apg/2.4 spg)

G – Livi Blackstock, Jefferson, Sr.
G – Kionna Gaines, Carver-Columbus, Sr.
F – Aniya Palmer, Troup County, Jr.
C – Jada Session, Luella, Sr.
C – Ashlee Locke, Flowery Branch, Sr.

G – Cortney Gardner, Luella, Sr.
G – Deshona Gaither, Jefferson, Jr.
G – Ja’Niah Alexander, McDonough, Sr.
G – Ambria Vicks, Cairo, Sr.
W – Veronica Sierzant, Islands, So.

Honorable Mention
G – Emma Easterwood, Chestatee, Sr.
G – Kierstyn Milner, Spalding, Sr.
G – Tamia Smith, Baldwin, Jr.
G – JiMia Cobb, Hardaway, Sr.
G – Malaya Jones, Arabia Mountain, Fr.
W – T’Mya Parker, North Clayton, Sr.
W – Aaishah Barry, Mt. Zion-Jonesboro, Jr.
F – Skylar Lattimore, Cedar Shoals, Sr.
F – Ariana Dyson, Luella, So.
F – Alexcia Murphy, Troup County, So.
C – Detavia Salter, Bainbridge, Jr.

Class AAA

Coach of the Year: David Dowse, Lumpkin County (25-5; Final 4; Most Improved; Outright Region 7 Champ; First Region Championship in 30 years; Lost starting center to ACL injury in offseason)
Player of the Year: Jordyn Dorsey, Cross Creek, Sr.
Freshman of the Year: Averie Jones, Lumpkin County
Best Scorer: Keyarah Berry, Rockmart, Sr.
Best Shooter: Isabel Davenport, Lumpkin County, Sr.
Best Rebounder: Taniya Alexander, Hart County, Sr.
Best Passer: Kenley Woods, Coahulla Creek, Sr.
Best Shot Blocker: K’lya Hankerson, Johnson-Savannah, Jr.
Most Underrated: Dasha Cannon, White County, Sr.
Most Improved Team: Lumpkin County 25-5 (Improved from 15-11; Final 4; Outright Region 7 Champ)
Most Improved: Jayla Cook, Redan, Jr. (Improved from 10.7 ppg/2.9 apg to 16.1 ppg/6.6 rpg/3.8 apg/3.7 spg)

G – Kaleigh Addie, GAC, Jr.
G – Keyarah Berry, Rockmart, Sr.
G – Courtney Ogden, Westminster, So.
G – Jordyn Dorsey, Cross Creek, Sr.
G – Gabbi Cartagena, Jackson, Sr.

G – Isabel Davenport, Lumpkin County, Sr.
W – Alexa Geary, Sonoraville, Sr.
F – Jakera Ellerbee, Upson-Lee, Sr.
F – Amani Hamilton, Johnson-Savannah, Jr.
F – Ranajah Verdell, Stephens County, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Kaila Rougier, Beach, Sr.
G – Averie Jones, Lumpkin County, Fr.
G – Jayla Cook, Redan, Jr.
G – Ashuntee Weems, Douglass, Sr.
G – Stella Chartrand, Westminster, Fr.
G – Ja’Khia Parker, Upson-Lee, Sr.
W – Maddie Futch, White County, Sr.
F – Elly Callihan, Gilmer, Jr.
F – K’lya Hankerson, Johnson-Savannah, Jr.
C – Taniya Alexander, Hart County, Sr.
C – Arielle Belinga, Sandy Creek, Sr.

Class AA

Coach of the Year: Jawan Bailey, Josey (20-6; State Champs; Beat Laney for first time in 13 years; Beat 4 ranked teams in playoffs on the road; Rallied from down 14 in state championship; Started season 2-4)
Player of the Year: Makayla Timpson, Early County, Sr.
Freshman of the Year: Lucy Hood, Rabun County
Best Scorer: Makayla Timpson, Early County, Sr.
Best Shooter: Miracle Parker, Washington County, Sr.
Best Rebounder: Makayla Timpson, Early County, Sr.
Best Passer: Keyonna Giles, Columbia, Jr.
Best Shot Blocker: Makayla Timpson, Early County, Sr.
Most Underrated: Gabryelle Matthews, Elite Scholars, Sr.
Most Improved Team: Haralson County 17-7 (Improved from 7-19; First state playoff berth since 2017-18)
Most Improved: Atta Diop, KIPP Atlanta, Sr. (Improved from 8.6 ppg/5.9 rpg/0.7 spg/1.7 bpg to 13.3 ppg/13.4 rpg/1.3 apg/1.4 spg/3 bpg)

G – India Terrell, Columbia, Sr.
G – Aaniyah Allen, Elbert County, So.
G – Becca Ledford, Fannin County, Jr.
G – Miracle Parker, Washington County, Sr.
C – Makayla Timpson, Early County, Sr.

G – Tamya Blasingame, Lamar County, Jr.
G – Jakia Little, Northeast-Macon, Jr.
G – Jordan Eafford, Early County, Jr.
G – Kristen Hubbard, East Laurens, Sr.
C – Ava Hunter, Union County, Jr.

Honorable Mention
G – Keyonna Giles, Columbia, Jr.
G – Makiya Parrish, Chattooga, So.
G – KayKay Mobley, Toombs County, Jr.
G – Jayda Wood, Dade County, Sr.
G – Gabrielle Johnson, Callaway, Jr.
G – Kiara Turner, Laney, So.
W – Brionna Sims, Butler, Sr.
W – Arieonna Booker, Josey, So.
F – Kamryn Grier, Banks County, So.
F – Ikeria Hamilton, East Laurens, Sr.
F – Stangious Alford, Southwest-Macon, Sr.

Class A-Private

Coach of the Year: Jan Azar, Hebron Christian (29-2; State Champs; Outright Region 5 Champs)
Player of the Year: Kara Dunn, Mt. Paran, Jr.
Freshman of the Year: Tianna Thompson, Galloway
Best Scorer: Kara Dunn, Mt. Paran, Jr.
Best Shooter: Nicole Azar, Hebron Christian, Sr.
Best Rebounder: Malia Fisher, Hebron Christian, Sr.
Best Passer: Katelyn Dunning, Mt. Paran, Jr.
Best Shot Blocker: Brooke Moore, North Cobb Christian, So.
Most Underrated: Karlee Armstrong, Prince Avenue, Sr.
Most Improved Team: North Cobb Christian 9-7 (Improved from 11-14; First state playoff berth since 2016)
Most Improved: Taiylor Williams, Brookstone, So. (Improved from 14.8 ppg/6.2 rpg/3.4 apg/2.5 spg to 21.6 ppg/5.9 rpg/2 apg/4.4 spg)

G – Mia Moore, St. Francis, Sr.
G – Tianna Thompson, Galloway, Fr.
W – Kara Dunn, Mt. Paran, Jr.
W – Anna Dénes, Trinity Christian, Sr.
F – Malia Fisher, Hebron Christian, Sr.

G – Erica Moon, St. Francis, So.
G – Monet Dance, Mt. Pisgah, So.
G – Nicole Azar, Hebron Christian, Sr.
G – Jalisa Dunlap, ELCA, Sr.
F – Olivia Hutcherson, Holy Innocents’, So.

Honorable Mention
G – Taiylor Williams, Brookstone, So.
G – Gabbie Grooms, Landmark Christian, Fr.
G – Hannah Cail, Calvary Day, So.
G – Mahkayla Premo, Calvary Day, Jr.
G – Chit-Chat Wright, Wesleyan, Fr.
G – Sifa Ineza Joyeuse, Greenforest, Sr.
G – Joelle Snyder, Lakeview Academy, Jr.
G – Brooke Moore, North Cobb Christian, So.
F – Rachel Suttle, Holy Innocents’, Sr.
C – Alyssa Phillip, Wesleyan, Sr.
C – L’or Mputu, Greenforest, Sr.

Class A-Public

Coach of the Year: Cornellius Walker, Calhoun County (14-1; State Champs; First-ever title; Multiple COVID-19 pauses)
Player of the Year: Prencis Harden, ECI, Sr.
Freshman of the Year: Marley Bell, Montgomery County
Best Scorer: Prencis Harden, ECI, Sr.
Best Shooter: Sha’Nyah Bolden, Dooly County, Jr.
Best Rebounder: Takia Davis, Calhoun County, Sr.
Best Passer: Prencis Harden, ECI, Sr.
Best Shot Blocker: Takia Davis, Calhoun County, Sr.
Most Underrated: Chloe Purdy, Armuchee, Sr.
Most Improved Team: Dublin 22-4 (Improved from 7-17; Sweet 16; Region 4 Champs)
Most Improved: Jada Miller, Taylor County, Sr. (Improved from 11.8 ppg to 17 ppg/7.2 rpg/3.3 spg)

G – Destiny McClendon, Lake Oconee Academy, Sr.
G – Zyhia Johnson, Clinch County, Sr.
W – Angel McRae, Clinch County, Sr.
W – Prencis Harden, ECI, Sr.
C – Takia Davis, Calhoun County, Sr.

G – Jordan Kierbow, Mt. Zion-Carrollton, Jr.
G – TyKhia Burgess, Turner County, So.
W – Brianna McRae, Dublin, Sr.
W – Jabrica Leslie, Greenville, Sr.
C – Tanesha Kirk, Bowdon, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Makyla Bell, Montgomery County, Jr.
G – Bryanna Sanders, Commerce, Sr.
G – Chloe Murdock, Trion, Sr.
G – Julia Williams, Armuchee, Sr.
G – Sha’Nyah Bolden, Dooly County, Jr.
G – Amanda Ogletree, Greenville, Jr.
W – Yakia Temple, Turner County, Sr.
F – Deandria Stephens, GMC, Sr.
F – NuTuri Smith, ECI, Sr.
F – Alayasia Dixon, Wilcox County, Sr.
C – Piper Bosart, Lake Oconee Academy, Sr.