BCS Power 48 South Top Performers

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Gabbie Grooms2024 5-9 G Gabbie Grooms – Southeast All-Stars White – Trinity Christian
In one of the best travel ball games you will ever see – boys or girls – Southeast All-Stars White won a shootout over DME 89-85 to open up BCS Power48 South. Elite offensive sets coupled with unselfish ball movement and lights out shooting set the tone for the weekend. Continue reading BCS Power 48 South Top Performers

Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions: Top Performers

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Blake Wilson2024 6-5 F Blake Wilson – ATL Pivot – Hebron Christian
A breakout performance from Blake Wilson netted him an offer from Voorhees.  Wilson was tremendous to open Bob Gibbons on Friday night, locking horns with one of Georgia’s most decorated unsigned seniors in Khalon Hudson. Continue reading Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions: Top Performers

The Showdown Top Performers

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Avery Huffman2025 5-6 G Avery Huffman – Georgia Queen Elite – Denmark
Coming into the spring after missing her sophomore season at Denmark due to injury, Avery wasted no time in making up for lost time as she lit up defenses throughout the weekend. Continue reading The Showdown Top Performers

PRO Spring Showdown Boys Top Performers

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Nayshaun Brown
2023 6-3 W Nayshaun Brown – Pebblebrook
Brown got coaches talking with his versatile game. The physically strong wing can absorb contact when getting downhill and provides a toughness on defense, able to guard multiple frontcourt positions. What stood out about Nayshaun’s game, was his soft shooting touch. He knocked down a handful of threes and was a threat to clean up misses and push the ball coast-to-coast before stopping on a dime for a pull-up. In sudden death overtime, it was Brown who hit the game-winning jumper in traffic. Nayshaun caught the eye of prep schools in attendance.

Ty Head2024 6-3 W Ty Head – Lamar County
Head opened up camp strong, really asserting himself in the first game of the day. The football quarterback is a very good athlete equipped with plenty of strength. He handles the ball well in transition and made numerous plays getting to the rim either converting through contact or tossing on-the-mark lob passes to streaking teammates. Head has the versatility to play all over the floor. He has compact three-point shot that keeps defenses honest and is physical when getting downhill. Head’s well-rounded floor game makes him an interesting prospect with another year to develop.

Thrasher Wilkins2025 6-0 G Thrasher Wilkins – Athens Christian
We all know Thrasher can shoot the ball and is a heady playmaker, but it is his defense that has really made a lasting impression over the past two weeks. Wilkins does a great job of contesting shots, timing his jumps perfectly often leading to getting a piece of the ball. He moves his feet well and is a solid rebounder that will tip caroms away to other teammates if he can’t get both hands on the ball. Wilkins also provided some flashy offense, delivering accurate no-look passes. Only a sophomore, Thrasher has a chance to continue his upward trajectory over the next two seasons. D-III schools may want to keep tabs eventually.

Jamil Aleem2024 6-3 W Jamil Aleem – New Faith Christian
The bouncy guard shot the ball very well. Jamil hit side-step threes off the dribble and was able to get to his spots in the mid-range. Aleem is a challenge to defend. He gets good lift on his jump shots, making them hard to contest. If Jamil is able to get downhill, his elevation makes him a very effective finisher. D-I schools have been in contact.

KJ Hicks2023 6-3 W KJ Hicks – Osborne
KJ Hicks is an explosive athlete. He is at his best when attacking the rim but on Sunday he showcased the ability to help stretch the floor with an improved jump shot. Hicks has the tools to develop into an impactful perimeter defender with his wingspan and athleticism.

Elijah MartinezPost Grad 6-3 G Elijah Martinez – Franklin Prep
Immediately in the first game of camp, Elijah Martinez had me scouring the roster to find his name. He brought immense energy and effort playing tight aggressive on-ball defense. The big guard was able to knock away steals and finish in transition. When he wasn’t starting the break, Martinez ran the floor hard as he filled lanes and converted at the rim.

Zaveon PhillipsPost Grad 5-9 PG Zaveon Phillips – Franklin Prep
One of the smaller guards in camp, Zaveon found his niche as a sparkplug. He caught fire as camp went on, the playmaker lighting it up from beyond the arc. When Phillips wasn’t scoring on the perimeter, he was creating for others as he controlled the flow of the game using an advanced handle. Defense ignited Phillips’ offense as he opened Game 1 as a pesky on-ball defender that got up under opponents.

David Williams2023 6-6 F David Williams – Arabia Mountain
Maybe the most intriguing unsigned senior in camp was David Williams. He’s a toolsy forward with length and mobility. He has a pretty hook shot in the middle of the lane. Defensively, he uses his reach to get to shots out of area either blocking them or at least altering them. Williams has some upside as a stretch-four, stepping out to hit a three. David’s best ball is ahead of him.

Donovan Carter2024 6-2 W Donovan Carter – Howard
Listed at 6-foot-2, Carter feels much bigger. He’s a well-built swingman that can play inside and out. He has a wide base on his jumper and will hit the one-dribble pull-up and corner three. Donovan runs the floor well. Carter mixes it up on the glass and can guard post players when needed.

Joshua Goode2024 6-3 W Joshua Goode – New Creation Christian
Goode has a knack for being around the ball. He tracked down key offensive rebounds time and time again. While his motor stood out, Joshua’s three-point shot was maybe his strongest attribute. He has good size outside and could scorch the nets when his feet were set.

Isaiah Luque2023 6-4 F Isaiah Luque – South Paulding
Zay brings energy and toughness inside. The springy forward competes on the glass and alters shots. Luque is an above-the-rim finisher that will also step outside to shoot the three. He has a chance to become an effective slasher from 15-feet and in.

2022-23 GHSA Boys Basketball All-State Honors

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DISCLAIMER: These are Sandy’s Spiel All-State Selections. The GHSA does NOT select All-State Teams.


Sandy’s Spiel Mr. Basketball: Isaiah Collier, Wheeler, Sr.

G – Isaiah Collier, Wheeler, Sr.
G – Stephon Castle, Newton, Sr.
W – Ace Bailey, McEachern, Jr.
F – Dylan Faulkner, Calhoun, Sr.
C – Arrinten Page, Wheeler, Sr.

G – Christian Anderson, Lovett, Jr.
G – David Thomas, Eagle’s Landing, Sr.
G – Gicarri Harris, Grayson, Jr.
F – Braedan Lue, Alexander, Jr.
F – Osmar Garcia, Lanier, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Brandon Rechsteiner, Etowah, Sr.
G – CJ Brown, Kell, Jr.
G – Micah Tucker, Mt. Pisgah, So.
G – Jadon Yeh, White County, Sr.
G – Jax Abernathy, Christian Heritage, Jr.
W – Micah Smith, Sandy Creek, Jr.
F – Khalon Hudson, Westside-Augusta, Sr.
F – Albert Wilson III, North Cobb Christian, Sr.
F – Derrion Reid, Grovetown, Jr.
F – Brigham Rogers, Blessed Trinity, Sr.
C – Peyton Marshall, Kell, Jr.


Coach of the Year: Joe Veihman, Cherokee (25-7; State Runner-Up; First state title appearance since 1982)
Player of the Year: Isaiah Collier, Wheeler, Sr.
Freshman of the Year: William Dopfer, Lambert
Best Scorer: Isaiah Collier, Wheeler, Sr.
Best Shooter: Evan Dunston, Brookwood, Sr.
Best Rebounder: Dastin Hart, Cherokee, Sr.
Best Passer: Isaiah Collier, Wheeler, Sr.
Best Shot Blocker: Arrinten Page, Wheeler, Sr.
Most Underrated: Braylin Giddens, Cherokee, Sr.
Most Improved Team: Peachtree Ridge 22-7 (Improved from 10-15; Sweet 16)
Most Improved: Lawrence Sanford, Cherokee, So. (Improved from 3.8 ppg/0.9 rpg/0.4 apg/0.4 spg to 12.7 ppg/3.6 rpg/1.0 apg/2.0 spg)

G – Isaiah Collier, Wheeler, Sr.
G – Stephon Castle, Newton, Sr.
G – Gicarri Harris, Grayson, Jr.
W – Ace Bailey, McEachern, Jr.
C – Arrinten Page, Wheeler, Sr.

G – Luke Flynn, Walton, Jr.
G – Mier Panoam, Norcross, Sr.
W – Jelani Hamilton, Wheeler, Sr.
W – David Clark, Campbell, Jr.
F – Jaiun Simon, Pebblebrook, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Jamichael Davis, McEachern, Sr.
G – Josh Dixon, Milton, So.
G – Cameron Pope, Cherokee, Sr.
G – Niko Wilson, Lambert, Sr.
G – Akai Fleming, Osborne, So.
G – Trajen Greco, Mill Creek, Jr.
G – Tyler Husband, Westlake, Sr.
W – Kahmare Holmes, Archer, Jr.
W – Lamariyon Jordan, Norcross, Sr.
F – Jacob Wilkins, Parkview, So.
F – Caleb Odom, Carrollton, Jr.


Coach of the Year: Kirven Davis, Lee County (28-4; State Runner-Up; Outright Region 1 Champs; Improved from 18-10)
Player of the Year: Braedan Lue, Alexander, Jr.
Freshman of the Year: Jalan Wingfield, Thomas County Central
Best Scorer: Karris Bilal, Riverwood, Jr.
Best Shooter: Brandon Rechsteiner, Etowah, Sr.
Best Rebounder: Osmar Garcia, Lanier, Sr.
Best Passer: DJ Taylor, Lee County, Sr.
Best Shot Blocker: Spencer Elliott, St. Pius X, Sr.
Most Underrated: Marvin McGhee IV, Alexander, Sr.
Most Improved Team: Riverwood 19-11 (Improved from 6-20; Sweet 16; Region 4 two-seed)
Most Improved: Chandler Thomas, Veterans, Jr. (Improved from 2.0 ppg/1.4 rpg/0.4 apg/0.8 spg to 14.7 ppg/9.5 rpg/2.1 apg/2.7 spg)

G – Brandon Rechsteiner, Etowah, Sr.
F – Derrion Reid, Grovetown, Jr.
F – Braedan Lue, Alexander, Jr.
F – Osmar Garcia, Lanier, Sr.
F – Brigham Rogers, Blessed Trinity, Sr.

G – Karris Bilal, Riverwood, Jr.
G – Jeremiah Taylor, South Paulding, Sr.
W – Devon Rainey, Jonesboro, Sr.
W – Jayce Nathaniel, Lanier, Jr.
C – Spencer Elliott, St. Pius X, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Malik Ferguson, Grovetown, Sr.
G – DJ Taylor, Lee County, Sr.
G – Tahai Morgan, Lanier, Jr.
G – Preston Parker, Sequoyah, Sr.
G – Jay’Quan Nelson, Alexander, Sr.
G – Jesse Gaynes, Marist, Sr.
G – Jaquez Akins, Jonesboro, Sr.
G – Randy Latham, Langston Hughes, Sr.
G – Brandon Peters, Woodward Academy, Jr.
G – Camarion Johnson, Brunswick, Sr.
F – Frankquon Sherman, Grovetown, Sr.


Coach of the Year: Elliott Montgomery, Eagle’s Landing (29-2; State Runner-Up; Outright Region 2 Champs; Third-straight finals appearance)
Player of the Year: Dylan Faulkner, Calhoun, Sr.
Freshman of the Year: Jerrin Samuel, Winder-Barrow
Best Scorer: David Thomas, Eagle’s Landing, Sr.
Best Shooter: Jaylen Colon, Kell, Jr.
Best Rebounder: Dylan Faulkner, Calhoun, Sr.
Best Passer: Mykel Williams, Mays, Sr.
Best Shot Blocker: Dylan Faulkner, Calhoun, Sr.
Most Underrated: Oray Towns, Chapel Hill, Sr.
Most Improved Team: Dalton 16-9 (Improved from 1-24)
Most Improved: Chaz Ramsey, Dalton, Sr. (Improved from 10.2 ppg/7.4 rpg/1.5 bpg to 18.9 ppg/10.4 rpg/2.0 apg/1.3 spg/2.3 bpg)

G – David Thomas, Eagle’s Landing, Sr.
G – Kory Mincy, Tri-Cities, Sr.
G – CJ Brown, Kell, Jr.
F – Dylan Faulkner, Calhoun, Sr.
C – Peyton Marshall, Kell, Jr.

G – Mykel Williams, Mays, Sr.
G – Jeremiah Holloway, Winder-Barrow, Sr.
G – Jaylen Sanford, Jones County, Sr.
W – Chase Tyler, Hiram, Jr.
F – Josiah Lawson, Tucker, Jr.

Honorable Mention
G – Yusef Bowyer, Maynard Jackson, So.
G – Khylan McKennie, Eagle’s Landing, Sr.
G – Jeremiah Edwards, Dutchtown, Sr.
G – Jay Boyd, Hiram, Sr.
G – Saulamon Evans, Mays, Sr.
F – Chaz Ramsey, Dalton, Sr.
F – Cannon Richards, Kell, Jr.
F – Kelvin Hunter, Chapel Hill, Sr.
F – Mekhi Turner, Maynard Jackson, Jr.
C – Walter Matthews, Hiram, Jr.
C – Uche Iloh, McIntosh, Jr.

Class AAAA

Coach of the Year: Sharman White, Pace Academy (25-7; State Champs; Regular Season Region 5 Champs)
Player of the Year: Christian Anderson, Lovett, Jr.
Freshman of the Year: Devin Hutcherson, Holy Innocents’
Best Scorer: Christian Anderson, Lovett, Jr.
Best Shooter: Christian Anderson, Lovett, Jr.
Best Rebounder: Caleb Wilson, Holy Innocents’, So.
Best Passer: Marcus Smith II, Walnut Grove, So.
Best Shot Blocker: Alex Cannon, Walnut Grove, Sr.
Most Underrated: Cal Rich, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.
Most Improved Team: Sonoraville 21-8 (Improved from 6-19; Sweet 16; Region 7 Tournament Champs)
Most Improved: RJ Kennedy, Fayette County, Sr. (Improved from 13.3 ppg/1.4 rpg/2.0 apg/1.2 spg to 23.6 ppg/3.8 rpg/4.0 apg/1.8 spg)

G – Christian Anderson, Lovett, Jr.
G – RJ Kennedy, Fayette County, Sr.
G – Caleb Jones, Benedictine, So.
G – Kyle Greene, Pace Academy, Jr.
F – Caleb Wilson, Holy Innocents’, So.

G – Da’Avion Thomas, McDonough, Sr.
G – Marcus Smith II, Walnut Grove, So.
G – Jay Carruth, Madison County, Jr.
G – Byrd Carter, North Oconee, Jr.
G – Kemari Leverette, Westover, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Daveon Henderson, Westside-Macon, Sr.
G – Mason Smith, Madison County, Jr.
G – Tremarius Lawrence, Baldwin, Jr.
G – Eric Chatfield, Pace Academy, So.
G – Amon McDowell, McDonough, Sr.
G – Keenan Gray, McDonough, Jr.
W – Avante Nichols, McDonough, Sr.
W – Mason Lewis, Woodland-Stockbridge, Jr.
F – KJ Cochran, Bainbridge, Sr.
F – Colton Wilbanks, Chestatee, Jr.
F – Deston Christian, Walnut Grove, Sr.

Class AAA

Coach of the Year: Jon-Michael Nickerson, Sandy Creek (26-6; State Champs; First state title; Outright Region 5 Champs)
Player of the Year: Micah Smith, Sandy Creek, Jr.
Freshman of the Year: Manny Green, Cedar Grove
Best Scorer: Jadon Yeh, White County, Sr.
Best Shooter: Brent Bowman, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.
Best Rebounder: James Leach, Beach, Sr.
Best Passer: Vonte Newell, Monroe Area, Jr.
Best Shot Blocker: Zakariyya Dwight, Crisp County, So.
Most Underrated: Cal Faulkner, Lumpkin County, So.
Most Improved Team: Cedar Grove 20-10 (Improved from 4-16; State Runner-Up)
Most Improved: Zakariyya Dwight, Crisp County, So. (Improved from 1.2 ppg/0.5 rpg/0 apg/0.2 spg/0.2 bpg to 11.5 ppg/6.9 rpg/1.0 apg/1.0 spg/3.0 bpg)

G – Antonio Baker, Johnson-Savannah, Sr.
G – Jadon Yeh, White County, Sr.
W – Shamarrie Hugie, Beach, Sr.
W – Micah Smith, Sandy Creek, Jr.
F – Antoine Lorick, Cross Creek, Sr.

G – Amari Brown, Sandy Creek, Jr.
G – Brent Bowman, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.
W – Manny Green, Cedar Grove, Fr.
W – AJ Dent, Thomasville, Sr.
F – Jeremy Anderson, Monroe Area, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Vonte Newell, Monroe Area, Jr.
G – Jaylen Adside, Cedar Grove, Sr.
G – Josh Kavel, Wesleyan, Jr.
G – Jai’on Burns, Dougherty, Jr.
G – Vic Newsom, Sandy Creek, Sr.
G – Josh Mickell, Douglass, So.
G – Kemarion Alston, Upson-Lee, Sr.
G – Joshua Quarterman, Johnson-Savannah, Jr.
W – Tre Winters, Adairsville, So.
F – Tahj Johnson, Hart County, Sr.
C – Jackson McVey, Gilmer, So.

Class AA

Coach of the Year: Joey Thacker, Providence Christian (27-5; State Runner-Up; Graduated two D-I signees; Region 8 Tournament Champs; 333 3PTM)
Player of the Year: Khalon Hudson, Westside-Augusta, Sr.
Freshman of the Year: Moustapha Diop, Walker
Best Scorer: Albert Wilson III, North Cobb Christian, Sr.
Best Shooter: Samuel Thacker, Providence Christian, Jr.
Best Rebounder: Khalon Hudson, Westside-Augusta, Sr.
Best Passer: Houston Henry, Union County, So.
Best Shot Blocker: Terrell Wright, Columbia, Sr.
Most Underrated: Keyni Crawford, Putnam County, Sr.
Most Improved Team: North Murray 23-4 (Improved from 7-19; Sweet 16)
Most Improved: Eli Underwood, Union County, Sr. (Improved from 4.0 ppg/4.0 rpg to 15.0 ppg/13.0 rpg/53% FG)

G – Eren Banks, Putnam County, Sr.
G – AuMauri Tillman, Westside-Augusta, Sr.
G – Qurahn Anderson, Windsor Forest, Sr.
F – Khalon Hudson, Westside-Augusta, Sr.
F – Albert Wilson III, North Cobb Christian, Sr.

G – Samuel Thacker, Providence Christian, Jr.
G – Jalexs Ewing, Westside-Augusta, Sr.
W – Cedric Taylor, Drew Charter, Sr.
F – Tycen McDaniels, Spencer, Sr.
C – Terrell Wright, Columbia, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Heaven Carson, Dodge County, Jr.
G – Landon Bonner, Putnam County, Jr.
G – Lavonta Ivery, Thomson, Jr.
G – Nook Prigeon, Tattnall County, Sr.
G – Kymel Williams, Athens Academy, Jr.
W – Devin McClain, Providence Christian, Sr.
W – Thomas Malcolm, Providence Christian, Sr.
W – Brandon Pope, Sumter County, Sr.
F – Steven Moore, South Atlanta, Sr.
F – Jakenes Heard, Model, Sr.
C – Jeremias Heard, Model, Jr.

Class A D-I

Coach of the Year: Bob Martin, King’s Ridge (23-10; State Champs as four-seed; Beat four ranked teams in state playoffs)
Player of the Year: Micah Tucker, Mt. Pisgah, So.
Freshman of the Year: Aiden Aponte, Galloway
Best Scorer: Lamarius Jackson, Social Circle, Sr.
Best Shooter: Isaac Martin, King’s Ridge, Sr.
Best Rebounder: Xavier Shegog, Mt. Vernon, Jr.
Best Passer: Isaac Martin, King’s Ridge, Sr.
Best Shot Blocker: Deshawn Davis, Savannah, So.
Most Underrated: AJ Vinson, Social Circle, Sr.
Most Improved Team: Savannah 21-8 (Improved from 8-15; Sweet 16)
Most Improved: Reynolds Escher, St. Francis, So. (Improved from 4.9 ppg/2.3 rpg/1.0 apg/1.0 spg to 16.4 ppg/6.8 rpg/3.9 apg/2.6 spg)

G – Micah Tucker, Mt. Pisgah, So.
G – Lamarius Jackson, Social Circle, Sr.
G – Alfonzo Ross, Woodville-Tompkins, Sr.
F – Micah Hoover, King’s Ridge, Sr.
F – Xavier Shegog, Mt. Vernon, Jr.

G – Isaac Martin, King’s Ridge, Sr.
G – Jackson Bell, Mt. Bethel, Sr.
F – Grant Randall, Mt. Pisgah, Sr.
F – Anfernee Hanna, Tallulah Falls, Sr.
C – Keith Williams, Mt. Vernon, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – D’Marion Floyd, Darlington, Jr.
G – Jackson Morris, Commerce, Sr.
G – Reynolds Escher, St. Francis, So.
G – James White, Mt. Bethel, Sr.
G – Zak Thomas, King’s Ridge, Sr.
G – Alexander Banks, Temple, So.
G – Thrasher Wilkins, Athens Christian, So.
W – Javaun Pittard, Oglethorpe County, Jr.
W – Kenan Orlovic, Paideia, Sr.
W – Dennis Scott III, Mt. Vernon, Jr.
W – Maki Joyner, Savannah, So.

Class A D-II

Coach of the Year: Xavier Whipple, Wilkinson County (26-6; State Champs; Outright Region 5 Champs)
Player of the Year: Jax Abernathy, Christian Heritage, Jr.
Freshman of the Year: Tamari Curry, Washington-Wilkes
Best Scorer: Jax Abernathy, Christian Heritage, Jr.
Best Shooter: Jax Abernathy, Christian Heritage, Jr.
Best Rebounder: Elyiss Williams, Charlton County, So.
Best Passer: Elijah Coleman, Portal, Jr.
Best Shot Blocker: Elyiss Williams, Charlton County, So.
Most Underrated: Zane Floyd, Towns County, Jr.
Most Improved Team: Telfair County 21-6 (Improved from 9-15; Sweet 16; Region 4 Regular Season Champs)
Most Improved: Jakobe Mobley, Montgomery County, So. (Improved from 2.8 ppg/2.2 rpg/0.6 apg/0.1 spg to 14.7 ppg/4.7 rpg/1.4 apg/1.2 spg)

G – Elijah Coleman, Portal, Jr.
G – Deonte Lowe, Hancock Central, Sr.
G – Jax Abernathy, Christian Heritage, Jr.
F – Derrick Lester, Macon County, Sr.
C – Elyiss Williams, Charlton County, So.

G – Justin Stanley, Wilkinson County, Sr.
G – Jasiyah Suber, Calhoun County, Jr.
G – Jarvis Wright, Charlton County, So.
G – Joseph Thomas, Portal, Jr.
C – DK Manyiel, Greenforest, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Jalen Hall, Dooly County, Jr.
G – Antonio Scott, Telfair County, Jr.
G – Frankie Raines, Macon County, So.
G – Landen Quimbley, Mitchell County, Jr.
W – Dexter Holloman, Chattahoochee County, Sr.
F – Kwaveon Hill, Wilkinson County, Sr.
F – RJ Winegarner, Fulton Leadership Academy, Jr.
F – Zyjuan Gray, Manchester, Sr.
F – Amir Jackson, Portal, Jr.
C – Amir Boyce, WD Mohammed, Sr.
C – Gai Chol, Greenforest, Sr.

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