HoopSeen Tip-Off notes

Georgia Knights Elite

Roman Son2020 6-0 PG Roman Son (Therrell): The state champion picked up where he left off at Therrell using his blinding speed to blow past some of the most highly sought-after prospects in Georgia en route to 20 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists and 3 steals in a 78-74 win over Game Elite. Son is a floor general and vocal leader not shy to bark out orders. He knocked down a few pull-up jumpers in the lane – a good sign – but his overall shooting outside of 15-feet is still a heavy work in progress. He went 2-10 from the line, missing three late free throws. Son has the intangibles to be considered a top 10-15 point guard in the 2020 class for Georgia, but to fully cement himself as a top dog he will need to get up as many shots as possible to shore up his one offensive weakness.

Chris Youngblood2020 6-4 SG Chris Youngblood (East Coweta): East Coweta’s climb from nearly worst to first in Region 2-AAAAAAA was well-documented this season. Youngblood’s perimeter prowess and strong frame have made college coaches take note. Coming off of a GACA All-Star Game MVP performance, Youngblood was locked in again dropping 26 points (3 threes), 2 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 block. At first glance, Youngblood has a stocky frame but it’s a college-ready build that’s equipped for the rigors of the next level, especially once he gets into a college weight room and tones up. He isn’t super long, but his understanding of how to defend helps him block shots when attacked. Youngblood is sneaky athletic and with his size, can post up smaller defenders and punish them inside.

Kirshon Thrash2020 6-3 G/F Kirshon Thrash (Eagle’s Landing): Since seeing him last summer at Georgia State Team Camp, Kirshon Thrash has slowly begun to grow on me. His uniqueness and physicality make him a jack-of-all-trades at the high school level. Standing 6-foot-3, Thrash plays at the guard position but honestly could play 1 through 4 with his strength allowing him to defend multiple positions. Much like Youngblood, Thrash is a bully on the low block when needed but what separates him from most guards in his class is his outright productivity all over the floor. Thrash is an exceptional passer that riffles assists into tight quarters. His powerful build makes him a menace on the glass and defensively, he seems to always have his hands on loose balls. Against Game Elite he tallied 11 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals. If Thrash is able to add a consistent three-point shot to his arsenal, expect the human wrecking ball to be even tougher to stop offensively.

Game Elite

2020 6-6 F Sam Hines (Wheeler): Sam Hines might not ever be the “best” player on his team but he will always be the most reliable. Transferring from St. Francis to Wheeler cost him a state championship but Hines was able to prove that he could produce no matter the competition level. Hines is more steak than sizzle, always positively affecting games while teammates garner the headlines. He was terrific in Game Elite’s loss to the Georgia Knights, posting 19 points, 9 rebounds and 1 assist. Hines simply knows how to play the game and understands what he is best at. He can hit the occasional three, but he is most adept at working from 15-feet and in and pounding the glass. You never have to question his motor or his willingness to compete. Named Class 7A Most Underrated, Hines shined again. He should be in play at the Mid-Major level and should excel as a low maintenance energy glue-guy.

Team Forrest

Trashawn Wilson2020 6-5 W Trashawn Wilson (New Manchester): The biggest stock riser from the HoopSeen Tip-Off had to be Trashawn Wilson from New Manchester. The Jaguars were the most talented 11-16 team in the state last year and having Wilson as a fourth leading scorer is something most coaches in the state would dream of. Wilson had a big game in Team Forrest’s 69-68 OT win over AC Georgia, scoring 22 points, grabbing 5 rebounds and snatching 2 steals. The 6-foot-5 wing was smooth, hitting jumpers all over the floor while also attacking the rim and finishing 5-5 from the line. His And-1 jumper in OT sealed the win. Going from unknown to head-turner, Wilson left me wanting to see more and that’s definitely a good thing.

2020 6-10 C Christian Fussell (Greenforest): Fussell has bounced from school to school over his first three seasons but the big man has still found time to work on his game. He’s an intriguing prospect no doubt, especially with his ability to step out and shoot the three. He nailed four deep balls on his way to 18 points, 11 rebounds, 2 steals and 1 block. Fussell didn’t show much of a feel for scoring with his back to the basket and is a true stretch-big. As he continues to get reps and opportunities to show what he can do, his recruitment will be one of the more interesting storylines to unfold.

2020 6-6 F Melvin Edwards (Carrollton): After first laying eyes on Melvin Edwards last June, there was no questioning his upside. After watching his play this weekend, I think it’s time to seriously consider the Carrollton Trojan as a potential D-I prospect. Edwards has the athleticism coming off winning the West Georgia All-Star Game Dunk Contest but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He can shoot the ball from deep, he can put it on the floor and finish in traffic and he can protect the rim when asked. He put together a strong game against AC Georgia with 17 points (5-5 FT), 7 rebounds and 1 assist. Edwards is trending in the right direction and needs to be tracked by college programs.

AC Georgia

2020 6-5 PF Adonnis Tolbert (Denmark): Adonnis Tolbert is a sturdy and strong athlete that puts the power in power forward. He brings his football toughness to the hardwood and knows how to use his body. He has a strong vertical explosion when finishing strong in the paint and has a very trusty mid-range jump shot. Tolbert had 14 points, 3 rebounds, 1 steal and 1 block in a 69-68 OT loss to Team Forrest.

2019 GACA All-Star Games

(’20) Junior Girls

South 78

Zoesha Smith

MVP Zoesha Smith (Glynn Academy) – 12p 12r 2a 1s 2b
Jania Ellis (Colquitt County) – 12p 4r 1b
Olonna Rawls (Bryan County) – 11p 4r 1a 3s
Terren Ward (Wayne County) – 10p 5r 4a 1s
Lacy Robins (Statesboro) – 7p 1a 1b
Abi Oates (Pinewood Christian Academy) – 6p 3r 2s
Madison Evans (Beach) – 5p 2a 3s
Corriana Evans (Spalding) – 4p 8r 1a 1s 1b
Lydia Freeman (Westlake) – 4p 8r 2b
Antalazia Baker (Johnson-Savannah) – 4p
Jaida Burgess (Beach) – 3p 5r 3a
Alice Ann Hudson (Starr’s Mill) – 1r 1b
Trinity Jones (Fitzgerald) – 1r

North 59

Chandler Davis (St. Francis) – 11p 3a
Caroline Martin (North Forsyth) – 9p 1a 2s
Savannah Samuel (St. Francis) – 8p 3r 1b
Selma Kulo (Brookwood) – 7p 6r 2b
AC Carter (Wesleyan) – 6p 7r 1a 1a 1b
Amara Newsom (Harrison) – 5p 6r 2s
Eliza Snyder (Lakeview Academy) – 4p 5r 1b
Asjah Inniss (Northview) – 4p 3r 1a 1s
Christabel Ezumah (Lanier) – 2p 5r 1s
Jayla Kimbrough (Southwest DeKalb) – 2p 1r 1s 1b
Maliyah Parks (Sonoraville) – 1p 6r 1b
Tate Walters (Buford) – 2r 2a 2s
Keya Daniels (Brunswick) – 2r 1a

(’19) Senior Girls

North 81

Kaylee Sticker

MVP Kaylee Sticker (Dawson County) – 18p 7r 3a 1s 1b
Tomiyah Alford (Lamar County) – 12p 5r 1a 2s 1b
Caroline Wysocki (Flowery Branch) – 12p 1a 3s
Jordan Bailey (Madison County) – 11p 4r 1s
Ashlee Austin (Northview) – 8p 13r 1a 4s 2b
Kiki Adams (Brookwood) – 5p 6r 1a 2s 3b
Emily Wiley (Heritage-Catoosa) – 5p 2r 1a
Lanee Edwards (Southwest DeKalb) – 5p 2s
Kalen Surles (Lanier) – 2p 2r 1a
Mekala Fuller (Lanier) – 2p
Macey Gregg (Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe) – 2r 1a 1s

South 78

Jaiden Hamilton (Laney) – 18p 7r 1a 2s
Kianni Westbrook (Burke County) – 11p 6r 2s 2b
Jada Claude (Whitewater) – 10p 10r 1a 2s
Jasmine Blevins (Bradwell Institute) – 8p 3r 2a 2s 1b
Matea Boyd (Ware County) – 8p 1r 1b
Jada Alston (Campbell) – 6p 6r 1a 3s
Ansley Whitley (Marion County) – 4p 5r 2b
Ashley Whitley (Marion County) – 4p 6r
Aniya Jester (Spalding) – 4p 1r 2a 4s
Crystal Corley (Baldwin) – 4p 1r
Destanee Wright (Dodge County) – 1p 5r

(’20) Junior Boys

South 111

Chris Youngblood

MVP Chris Youngblood (East Coweta) – 29p 12r 4a 4s
Christian Chambers (Evans) – 20p 11r 2a 1s
JaQuez Kirby (Jeff Davis) – 14p 7r 1a 3s
Bernard Pelote (Woodville-Tompkins) – 13p 7r 3a
Jamaine Mann (Starr’s Mill) – 11p 3r 1a 1s
Kirshon Thrash (Eagle’s Landing) – 9p 9r 7a
Jarden Maze (Washington County) – 8p 6r 1a
Zarion Griffin (Statesboro) – 3p 5r 3a
Jaden Dunham (Brunswick) – 2p 2r 1a 1s
Derrius Hayes (Upson-Lee) – 2p 2r

North 92

Dwon Odom (St. Francis) – 22p 5r 6a 1s
JaQuavian Florence (South Atlanta) – 22p (6 threes) 7r 1a 2s 1b
Caleb Byrd (Rome) – 16p 11r 2a 1s
RaSean Frederick (Therrell) – 8p 6r 1s
Carl Cleveland (Banks County) – 8p 4r 1s
Jordan Meka (Mt. Bethel) – 5p 4r 3b
Griffin Neville (Cherokee Bluff) – 5p 1r 1b
DJ Wright (Greene County) – 4p 1r 1s 1s
Jabiri Smith (Collins Hill) – 2p 3r 2a 1s
Jasper Gibson (Dawson County) – 3r 2a 2s

(’19) Senior Boys

North 130

Armani Harris

MVP Armani Harris (Newton) – 29p 10r 1b
TJ Bickerstaff (Sandy Creek) – 28p 9r 4a 2s
Tre Clark (Newton) – 20p 6r 5a 2s
AJ James (Elbert County) – 14p 5r 3a 1s
Jevon Tatum (Grayson) – 10p 4r 8a 1s
Stanley Eze (Mt. Bethel) – 10p 8r 1s 2b
Hunter McIntosh (GAC) – 7p 2r 1a 2s
Luke Chism (Dawson County) – 6p 6r 2a 2s
Tyrin Lawrence (Morgan County) – 4p 3r 1a 1b
Micah McAllister (Landmark Christian) – 6r 1a 1s 1b

South 119

Quincy Olivari (Westlake) – 33p 8r 5a
Tay Watson (Newnan) – 25p 4r 1a 2s
Josh Dupree (Fayette County) – 10p 6r 5a 2s 1b
Terrell Bradley (Campbell) – 10p 2r 3a 3s
Sheydan Baggs (Brunswick) – 9p 1r 1a
Anthony Grant (Wayne County) – 8p 4r 1a 1b
Zyrice Scott (Upson-Lee) – 7p 4r 4a 1s
Darius Dunn (Northeast-Macon) – 5p 4r 4a 2s
Preston Crisp (Woodville-Tompkins) – 5p 4r 1a 1s
Kelan Walker (Brunswick) – 4p 1r 1a 1b
Jayce Moore (Coffee) – 3p 4r 2a

Final 2018-19 Girls Rankings


1. Westlake (30-0)
2. Collins Hill (30-2)
3. Cherokee (27-4)
4. North Forsyth (26-5)
5. Roswell (21-9)
6. Norcross (19-11)
7. Campbell (19-11)
8. Grayson (26-3)
9. Pebblebrook (22-6)
10. McEachern (17-10)


1. Lanier (29-3)
2. Lovejoy (29-4)
3. Forest Park (27-5)
4. Northview (25-5)
5. Valdosta (26-4)
6. Glynn Academy (25-5)
7. Creekview (24-5)
8. Harrison (22-9)
9. Stephenson (18-12)
10. Dacula (22-8)


1. Buford (29-2)
2. Villa Rica (32-1)
3. Southwest DeKalb (24-7)
4. Columbia (22-8)
5. Wayne County (24-5)
6. Veterans (25-5)
7. Eagle’s Landing (23-6)
8. Griffin (21-8)
9. Arabia Mountain (20-6)
10. Harris County (22-6)

Class AAAA

1. Carver-Columbus (32-0)
2. Spalding (25-5)
3. Flowery Branch (27-4)
4. Henry County (28-3)
5. Luella (25-6)
6. Marist (22-8)
7. Sandy Creek (25-5)
8. Madison County (25-3)
9. Heritage-Catoosa (24-6)
10. Baldwin (21-7)

Class AAA

1. Johnson-Savannah (22-8)
2. Hart County (25-7)
3. Beach (26-5)
4. Sonoraville (23-9)
5. Jefferson (25-4)
6. Dawson County (22-9)
7. Tattnall County (24-6)
8. North Hall (19-10)
9. GAC (17-12)
10. Morgan County (19-8)

Class AA

1. Douglass (27-6)
2. Early County (27-5)
3. Laney (28-3)
4. Fitzgerald (27-1)
5. Model (23-8)
6. Rabun County (28-2)
7. Josey (22-8)
8. Bryan County (26-3)
9. Swainsboro (23-5)
10. Dodge County (25-3)

Class A-Private

1. Holy Innocents’ (25-7)
2. Wesleyan (28-4)
3. St. Francis (25-4)
4. Calvary Day (27-4)
5. Lakeview Academy (25-5)
6. ELCA (21-5)
7. Mt. Paran (24-4)
8. Stratford Academy (27-2)
9. Paideia (21-6)
10. Greenforest (19-7)

Class A-Public

1. Marion County (28-1)
2. Calhoun County (29-3)
3. Clinch County (21-7)
4. Telfair County (23-6)
5. Greenville (26-3)
6. Wheeler County (22-6)
7. Central-Talbotton (18-8)
8. Bowdon (22-6)
9. Georgia Military College (19-3)
10. Mitchell County (23-6)

State Championship Recaps

Final 2018-19 Boys Rankings


1. McEachern (32-0)
2. Meadowcreek (26-6)
3. Norcross (22-9)
4. Tift County (21-8)
5. Discovery (24-6)
6. Grayson (25-4)
7. Pebblebrook (20-10)
8. Newton (22-8)
9. Peachtree Ridge (22-7)
10. East Coweta (24-4)


1. Tri-Cities (26-6)
2. Tucker (28-5)
3. Brunswick (19-10)
4. Heritage-Conyers (17-13)
5. Mundy’s Mill (23-8)
6. Alexander (22-9)
7. Gainesville (20-10)
8. Douglas County (21-10)
9. Coffee (24-5)
10. Chattahoochee (24-7)


1. Buford (29-2)
2. Fayette County (26-6)
3. Southwest DeKalb (24-7)
4. Lithonia (22-10)
5. Woodland-Stockbridge (25-6)
6. Kell (25-6)
7. Warner Robins (23-7)
8. Eagle’s Landing (23-5)
9. Jonesboro (21-9)
10. Carrollton (18-11)

Class AAAA

1. Carver-Columbus (26-5)
2. Americus-Sumter (26-5)
3. Sandy Creek (27-4)
4. Woodward Academy (22-9)
5. Upson-Lee (26-2)
6. St. Pius X (26-4)
7. Denmark (24-7)
8. Thomson (21-6)
9. Dougherty (21-9)
10. Marist (19-10)

Class AAA

1. Morgan County (30-2)
2. Hart County (24-8)
3. Dawson County (27-5)
4. Windsor Forest (25-6)
5. Tattnall County (21-9)
6. GAC (23-6)
7. Johnson-Savannah (21-8)
8. Cedar Grove (20-8)
9. Franklin County (15-14)
10. Westside-Macon (23-7)

Class AA

1. Therrell (27-8)
2. Vidalia (27-5)
3. Elbert County (28-4)
4. Laney (23-9)
5. Woodville-Tompkins (29-1)
6. South Atlanta (25-6)
7. Northeast-Macon (23-6)
8. Early County (23-6)
9. Washington County (20-8)
10. Callaway (13-11)

Class A-Private

1. St. Francis (28-4)
2. ELCA (22-9)
3. Mt. Bethel (24-8)
4. Greenforest (21-7)
5. Christian Heritage (22-6)
6. Riverside Military (21-6)
7. Walker (20-9)
8. Holy Innocents’ (17-12)
9. Mt. Pisgah (17-13)
10. Wesleyan (19-8)

Class A-Public

1. Calhoun County (32-0)
2. Treutlen (30-2)
3. Wilkinson County (21-10)
4. Irwin County (24-4)
5. Hancock Central (22-7)
6. Wilcox County (22-4)
7. Marion County (21-6)
8. Pelham (23-6)
9. Greene County (21-7)
10. Macon County (18-8)


State Championship Recaps

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