PRO Spring Showdown Boys Top Performers

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Nayshaun Brown
2023 6-3 W Nayshaun Brown – Pebblebrook
Brown got coaches talking with his versatile game. The physically strong wing can absorb contact when getting downhill and provides a toughness on defense, able to guard multiple frontcourt positions. What stood out about Nayshaun’s game, was his soft shooting touch. He knocked down a handful of threes and was a threat to clean up misses and push the ball coast-to-coast before stopping on a dime for a pull-up. In sudden death overtime, it was Brown who hit the game-winning jumper in traffic. Nayshaun caught the eye of prep schools in attendance.

Ty Head2024 6-3 W Ty Head – Lamar County
Head opened up camp strong, really asserting himself in the first game of the day. The football quarterback is a very good athlete equipped with plenty of strength. He handles the ball well in transition and made numerous plays getting to the rim either converting through contact or tossing on-the-mark lob passes to streaking teammates. Head has the versatility to play all over the floor. He has compact three-point shot that keeps defenses honest and is physical when getting downhill. Head’s well-rounded floor game makes him an interesting prospect with another year to develop.

Thrasher Wilkins2025 6-0 G Thrasher Wilkins – Athens Christian
We all know Thrasher can shoot the ball and is a heady playmaker, but it is his defense that has really made a lasting impression over the past two weeks. Wilkins does a great job of contesting shots, timing his jumps perfectly often leading to getting a piece of the ball. He moves his feet well and is a solid rebounder that will tip caroms away to other teammates if he can’t get both hands on the ball. Wilkins also provided some flashy offense, delivering accurate no-look passes. Only a sophomore, Thrasher has a chance to continue his upward trajectory over the next two seasons. D-III schools may want to keep tabs eventually.

Jamil Aleem2024 6-3 W Jamil Aleem – New Faith Christian
The bouncy guard shot the ball very well. Jamil hit side-step threes off the dribble and was able to get to his spots in the mid-range. Aleem is a challenge to defend. He gets good lift on his jump shots, making them hard to contest. If Jamil is able to get downhill, his elevation makes him a very effective finisher. D-I schools have been in contact.

KJ Hicks2023 6-3 W KJ Hicks – Osborne
KJ Hicks is an explosive athlete. He is at his best when attacking the rim but on Sunday he showcased the ability to help stretch the floor with an improved jump shot. Hicks has the tools to develop into an impactful perimeter defender with his wingspan and athleticism.

Elijah MartinezPost Grad 6-3 G Elijah Martinez – Franklin Prep
Immediately in the first game of camp, Elijah Martinez had me scouring the roster to find his name. He brought immense energy and effort playing tight aggressive on-ball defense. The big guard was able to knock away steals and finish in transition. When he wasn’t starting the break, Martinez ran the floor hard as he filled lanes and converted at the rim.

Zaveon PhillipsPost Grad 5-9 PG Zaveon Phillips – Franklin Prep
One of the smaller guards in camp, Zaveon found his niche as a sparkplug. He caught fire as camp went on, the playmaker lighting it up from beyond the arc. When Phillips wasn’t scoring on the perimeter, he was creating for others as he controlled the flow of the game using an advanced handle. Defense ignited Phillips’ offense as he opened Game 1 as a pesky on-ball defender that got up under opponents.

David Williams2023 6-6 F David Williams – Arabia Mountain
Maybe the most intriguing unsigned senior in camp was David Williams. He’s a toolsy forward with length and mobility. He has a pretty hook shot in the middle of the lane. Defensively, he uses his reach to get to shots out of area either blocking them or at least altering them. Williams has some upside as a stretch-four, stepping out to hit a three. David’s best ball is ahead of him.

Donovan Carter2024 6-2 W Donovan Carter – Howard
Listed at 6-foot-2, Carter feels much bigger. He’s a well-built swingman that can play inside and out. He has a wide base on his jumper and will hit the one-dribble pull-up and corner three. Donovan runs the floor well. Carter mixes it up on the glass and can guard post players when needed.

Joshua Goode2024 6-3 W Joshua Goode – New Creation Christian
Goode has a knack for being around the ball. He tracked down key offensive rebounds time and time again. While his motor stood out, Joshua’s three-point shot was maybe his strongest attribute. He has good size outside and could scorch the nets when his feet were set.

Isaiah Luque2023 6-4 F Isaiah Luque – South Paulding
Zay brings energy and toughness inside. The springy forward competes on the glass and alters shots. Luque is an above-the-rim finisher that will also step outside to shoot the three. He has a chance to become an effective slasher from 15-feet and in.

2022-23 GHSA Boys Basketball All-State Honors

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DISCLAIMER: These are Sandy’s Spiel All-State Selections. The GHSA does NOT select All-State Teams.


Sandy’s Spiel Mr. Basketball: Isaiah Collier, Wheeler, Sr.

G – Isaiah Collier, Wheeler, Sr.
G – Stephon Castle, Newton, Sr.
W – Ace Bailey, McEachern, Jr.
F – Dylan Faulkner, Calhoun, Sr.
C – Arrinten Page, Wheeler, Sr.

G – Christian Anderson, Lovett, Jr.
G – David Thomas, Eagle’s Landing, Sr.
G – Gicarri Harris, Grayson, Jr.
F – Braedan Lue, Alexander, Jr.
F – Osmar Garcia, Lanier, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Brandon Rechsteiner, Etowah, Sr.
G – CJ Brown, Kell, Jr.
G – Micah Tucker, Mt. Pisgah, So.
G – Jadon Yeh, White County, Sr.
G – Jax Abernathy, Christian Heritage, Jr.
W – Micah Smith, Sandy Creek, Jr.
F – Khalon Hudson, Westside-Augusta, Sr.
F – Albert Wilson III, North Cobb Christian, Sr.
F – Derrion Reid, Grovetown, Jr.
F – Brigham Rogers, Blessed Trinity, Sr.
C – Peyton Marshall, Kell, Jr.


Coach of the Year: Joe Veihman, Cherokee (25-7; State Runner-Up; First state title appearance since 1982)
Player of the Year: Isaiah Collier, Wheeler, Sr.
Freshman of the Year: William Dopfer, Lambert
Best Scorer: Isaiah Collier, Wheeler, Sr.
Best Shooter: Evan Dunston, Brookwood, Sr.
Best Rebounder: Dastin Hart, Cherokee, Sr.
Best Passer: Isaiah Collier, Wheeler, Sr.
Best Shot Blocker: Arrinten Page, Wheeler, Sr.
Most Underrated: Braylin Giddens, Cherokee, Sr.
Most Improved Team: Peachtree Ridge 22-7 (Improved from 10-15; Sweet 16)
Most Improved: Lawrence Sanford, Cherokee, So. (Improved from 3.8 ppg/0.9 rpg/0.4 apg/0.4 spg to 12.7 ppg/3.6 rpg/1.0 apg/2.0 spg)

G – Isaiah Collier, Wheeler, Sr.
G – Stephon Castle, Newton, Sr.
G – Gicarri Harris, Grayson, Jr.
W – Ace Bailey, McEachern, Jr.
C – Arrinten Page, Wheeler, Sr.

G – Luke Flynn, Walton, Jr.
G – Mier Panoam, Norcross, Sr.
W – Jelani Hamilton, Wheeler, Sr.
W – David Clark, Campbell, Jr.
F – Jaiun Simon, Pebblebrook, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Jamichael Davis, McEachern, Sr.
G – Josh Dixon, Milton, So.
G – Cameron Pope, Cherokee, Sr.
G – Niko Wilson, Lambert, Sr.
G – Akai Fleming, Osborne, So.
G – Trajen Greco, Mill Creek, Jr.
G – Tyler Husband, Westlake, Sr.
W – Kahmare Holmes, Archer, Jr.
W – Lamariyon Jordan, Norcross, Sr.
F – Jacob Wilkins, Parkview, So.
F – Caleb Odom, Carrollton, Jr.


Coach of the Year: Kirven Davis, Lee County (28-4; State Runner-Up; Outright Region 1 Champs; Improved from 18-10)
Player of the Year: Braedan Lue, Alexander, Jr.
Freshman of the Year: Jalan Wingfield, Thomas County Central
Best Scorer: Karris Bilal, Riverwood, Jr.
Best Shooter: Brandon Rechsteiner, Etowah, Sr.
Best Rebounder: Osmar Garcia, Lanier, Sr.
Best Passer: DJ Taylor, Lee County, Sr.
Best Shot Blocker: Spencer Elliott, St. Pius X, Sr.
Most Underrated: Marvin McGhee IV, Alexander, Sr.
Most Improved Team: Riverwood 19-11 (Improved from 6-20; Sweet 16; Region 4 two-seed)
Most Improved: Chandler Thomas, Veterans, Jr. (Improved from 2.0 ppg/1.4 rpg/0.4 apg/0.8 spg to 14.7 ppg/9.5 rpg/2.1 apg/2.7 spg)

G – Brandon Rechsteiner, Etowah, Sr.
F – Derrion Reid, Grovetown, Jr.
F – Braedan Lue, Alexander, Jr.
F – Osmar Garcia, Lanier, Sr.
F – Brigham Rogers, Blessed Trinity, Sr.

G – Karris Bilal, Riverwood, Jr.
G – Jeremiah Taylor, South Paulding, Sr.
W – Devon Rainey, Jonesboro, Sr.
W – Jayce Nathaniel, Lanier, Jr.
C – Spencer Elliott, St. Pius X, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Malik Ferguson, Grovetown, Sr.
G – DJ Taylor, Lee County, Sr.
G – Tahai Morgan, Lanier, Jr.
G – Preston Parker, Sequoyah, Sr.
G – Jay’Quan Nelson, Alexander, Sr.
G – Jesse Gaynes, Marist, Sr.
G – Jaquez Akins, Jonesboro, Sr.
G – Randy Latham, Langston Hughes, Sr.
G – Brandon Peters, Woodward Academy, Jr.
G – Camarion Johnson, Brunswick, Sr.
F – Frankquon Sherman, Grovetown, Sr.


Coach of the Year: Elliott Montgomery, Eagle’s Landing (29-2; State Runner-Up; Outright Region 2 Champs; Third-straight finals appearance)
Player of the Year: Dylan Faulkner, Calhoun, Sr.
Freshman of the Year: Jerrin Samuel, Winder-Barrow
Best Scorer: David Thomas, Eagle’s Landing, Sr.
Best Shooter: Jaylen Colon, Kell, Jr.
Best Rebounder: Dylan Faulkner, Calhoun, Sr.
Best Passer: Mykel Williams, Mays, Sr.
Best Shot Blocker: Dylan Faulkner, Calhoun, Sr.
Most Underrated: Oray Towns, Chapel Hill, Sr.
Most Improved Team: Dalton 16-9 (Improved from 1-24)
Most Improved: Chaz Ramsey, Dalton, Sr. (Improved from 10.2 ppg/7.4 rpg/1.5 bpg to 18.9 ppg/10.4 rpg/2.0 apg/1.3 spg/2.3 bpg)

G – David Thomas, Eagle’s Landing, Sr.
G – Kory Mincy, Tri-Cities, Sr.
G – CJ Brown, Kell, Jr.
F – Dylan Faulkner, Calhoun, Sr.
C – Peyton Marshall, Kell, Jr.

G – Mykel Williams, Mays, Sr.
G – Jeremiah Holloway, Winder-Barrow, Sr.
G – Jaylen Sanford, Jones County, Sr.
W – Chase Tyler, Hiram, Jr.
F – Josiah Lawson, Tucker, Jr.

Honorable Mention
G – Yusef Bowyer, Maynard Jackson, So.
G – Khylan McKennie, Eagle’s Landing, Sr.
G – Jeremiah Edwards, Dutchtown, Sr.
G – Jay Boyd, Hiram, Sr.
G – Saulamon Evans, Mays, Sr.
F – Chaz Ramsey, Dalton, Sr.
F – Cannon Richards, Kell, Jr.
F – Kelvin Hunter, Chapel Hill, Sr.
F – Mekhi Turner, Maynard Jackson, Jr.
C – Walter Matthews, Hiram, Jr.
C – Uche Iloh, McIntosh, Jr.

Class AAAA

Coach of the Year: Sharman White, Pace Academy (25-7; State Champs; Regular Season Region 5 Champs)
Player of the Year: Christian Anderson, Lovett, Jr.
Freshman of the Year: Devin Hutcherson, Holy Innocents’
Best Scorer: Christian Anderson, Lovett, Jr.
Best Shooter: Christian Anderson, Lovett, Jr.
Best Rebounder: Caleb Wilson, Holy Innocents’, So.
Best Passer: Marcus Smith II, Walnut Grove, So.
Best Shot Blocker: Alex Cannon, Walnut Grove, Sr.
Most Underrated: Cal Rich, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.
Most Improved Team: Sonoraville 21-8 (Improved from 6-19; Sweet 16; Region 7 Tournament Champs)
Most Improved: RJ Kennedy, Fayette County, Sr. (Improved from 13.3 ppg/1.4 rpg/2.0 apg/1.2 spg to 23.6 ppg/3.8 rpg/4.0 apg/1.8 spg)

G – Christian Anderson, Lovett, Jr.
G – RJ Kennedy, Fayette County, Sr.
G – Caleb Jones, Benedictine, So.
G – Kyle Greene, Pace Academy, Jr.
F – Caleb Wilson, Holy Innocents’, So.

G – Da’Avion Thomas, McDonough, Sr.
G – Marcus Smith II, Walnut Grove, So.
G – Jay Carruth, Madison County, Jr.
G – Byrd Carter, North Oconee, Jr.
G – Kemari Leverette, Westover, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Daveon Henderson, Westside-Macon, Sr.
G – Mason Smith, Madison County, Jr.
G – Tremarius Lawrence, Baldwin, Jr.
G – Eric Chatfield, Pace Academy, So.
G – Amon McDowell, McDonough, Sr.
G – Keenan Gray, McDonough, Jr.
W – Avante Nichols, McDonough, Sr.
W – Mason Lewis, Woodland-Stockbridge, Jr.
F – KJ Cochran, Bainbridge, Sr.
F – Colton Wilbanks, Chestatee, Jr.
F – Deston Christian, Walnut Grove, Sr.

Class AAA

Coach of the Year: Jon-Michael Nickerson, Sandy Creek (26-6; State Champs; First state title; Outright Region 5 Champs)
Player of the Year: Micah Smith, Sandy Creek, Jr.
Freshman of the Year: Manny Green, Cedar Grove
Best Scorer: Jadon Yeh, White County, Sr.
Best Shooter: Brent Bowman, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.
Best Rebounder: James Leach, Beach, Sr.
Best Passer: Vonte Newell, Monroe Area, Jr.
Best Shot Blocker: Zakariyya Dwight, Crisp County, So.
Most Underrated: Cal Faulkner, Lumpkin County, So.
Most Improved Team: Cedar Grove 20-10 (Improved from 4-16; State Runner-Up)
Most Improved: Zakariyya Dwight, Crisp County, So. (Improved from 1.2 ppg/0.5 rpg/0 apg/0.2 spg/0.2 bpg to 11.5 ppg/6.9 rpg/1.0 apg/1.0 spg/3.0 bpg)

G – Antonio Baker, Johnson-Savannah, Sr.
G – Jadon Yeh, White County, Sr.
W – Shamarrie Hugie, Beach, Sr.
W – Micah Smith, Sandy Creek, Jr.
F – Antoine Lorick, Cross Creek, Sr.

G – Amari Brown, Sandy Creek, Jr.
G – Brent Bowman, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.
W – Manny Green, Cedar Grove, Fr.
W – AJ Dent, Thomasville, Sr.
F – Jeremy Anderson, Monroe Area, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Vonte Newell, Monroe Area, Jr.
G – Jaylen Adside, Cedar Grove, Sr.
G – Josh Kavel, Wesleyan, Jr.
G – Jai’on Burns, Dougherty, Jr.
G – Vic Newsom, Sandy Creek, Sr.
G – Josh Mickell, Douglass, So.
G – Kemarion Alston, Upson-Lee, Sr.
G – Joshua Quarterman, Johnson-Savannah, Jr.
W – Tre Winters, Adairsville, So.
F – Tahj Johnson, Hart County, Sr.
C – Jackson McVey, Gilmer, So.

Class AA

Coach of the Year: Joey Thacker, Providence Christian (27-5; State Runner-Up; Graduated two D-I signees; Region 8 Tournament Champs; 333 3PTM)
Player of the Year: Khalon Hudson, Westside-Augusta, Sr.
Freshman of the Year: Moustapha Diop, Walker
Best Scorer: Albert Wilson III, North Cobb Christian, Sr.
Best Shooter: Samuel Thacker, Providence Christian, Jr.
Best Rebounder: Khalon Hudson, Westside-Augusta, Sr.
Best Passer: Houston Henry, Union County, So.
Best Shot Blocker: Terrell Wright, Columbia, Sr.
Most Underrated: Keyni Crawford, Putnam County, Sr.
Most Improved Team: North Murray 23-4 (Improved from 7-19; Sweet 16)
Most Improved: Eli Underwood, Union County, Sr. (Improved from 4.0 ppg/4.0 rpg to 15.0 ppg/13.0 rpg/53% FG)

G – Eren Banks, Putnam County, Sr.
G – AuMauri Tillman, Westside-Augusta, Sr.
G – Qurahn Anderson, Windsor Forest, Sr.
F – Khalon Hudson, Westside-Augusta, Sr.
F – Albert Wilson III, North Cobb Christian, Sr.

G – Samuel Thacker, Providence Christian, Jr.
G – Jalexs Ewing, Westside-Augusta, Sr.
W – Cedric Taylor, Drew Charter, Sr.
F – Tycen McDaniels, Spencer, Sr.
C – Terrell Wright, Columbia, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Heaven Carson, Dodge County, Jr.
G – Landon Bonner, Putnam County, Jr.
G – Lavonta Ivery, Thomson, Jr.
G – Nook Prigeon, Tattnall County, Sr.
G – Kymel Williams, Athens Academy, Jr.
W – Devin McClain, Providence Christian, Sr.
W – Thomas Malcolm, Providence Christian, Sr.
W – Brandon Pope, Sumter County, Sr.
F – Steven Moore, South Atlanta, Sr.
F – Jakenes Heard, Model, Sr.
C – Jeremias Heard, Model, Jr.

Class A D-I

Coach of the Year: Bob Martin, King’s Ridge (23-10; State Champs as four-seed; Beat four ranked teams in state playoffs)
Player of the Year: Micah Tucker, Mt. Pisgah, So.
Freshman of the Year: Aiden Aponte, Galloway
Best Scorer: Lamarius Jackson, Social Circle, Sr.
Best Shooter: Isaac Martin, King’s Ridge, Sr.
Best Rebounder: Xavier Shegog, Mt. Vernon, Jr.
Best Passer: Isaac Martin, King’s Ridge, Sr.
Best Shot Blocker: Deshawn Davis, Savannah, So.
Most Underrated: AJ Vinson, Social Circle, Sr.
Most Improved Team: Savannah 21-8 (Improved from 8-15; Sweet 16)
Most Improved: Reynolds Escher, St. Francis, So. (Improved from 4.9 ppg/2.3 rpg/1.0 apg/1.0 spg to 16.4 ppg/6.8 rpg/3.9 apg/2.6 spg)

G – Micah Tucker, Mt. Pisgah, So.
G – Lamarius Jackson, Social Circle, Sr.
G – Alfonzo Ross, Woodville-Tompkins, Sr.
F – Micah Hoover, King’s Ridge, Sr.
F – Xavier Shegog, Mt. Vernon, Jr.

G – Isaac Martin, King’s Ridge, Sr.
G – Jackson Bell, Mt. Bethel, Sr.
F – Grant Randall, Mt. Pisgah, Sr.
F – Anfernee Hanna, Tallulah Falls, Sr.
C – Keith Williams, Mt. Vernon, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – D’Marion Floyd, Darlington, Jr.
G – Jackson Morris, Commerce, Sr.
G – Reynolds Escher, St. Francis, So.
G – James White, Mt. Bethel, Sr.
G – Zak Thomas, King’s Ridge, Sr.
G – Alexander Banks, Temple, So.
G – Thrasher Wilkins, Athens Christian, So.
W – Javaun Pittard, Oglethorpe County, Jr.
W – Kenan Orlovic, Paideia, Sr.
W – Dennis Scott III, Mt. Vernon, Jr.
W – Maki Joyner, Savannah, So.

Class A D-II

Coach of the Year: Xavier Whipple, Wilkinson County (26-6; State Champs; Outright Region 5 Champs)
Player of the Year: Jax Abernathy, Christian Heritage, Jr.
Freshman of the Year: Tamari Curry, Washington-Wilkes
Best Scorer: Jax Abernathy, Christian Heritage, Jr.
Best Shooter: Jax Abernathy, Christian Heritage, Jr.
Best Rebounder: Elyiss Williams, Charlton County, So.
Best Passer: Elijah Coleman, Portal, Jr.
Best Shot Blocker: Elyiss Williams, Charlton County, So.
Most Underrated: Zane Floyd, Towns County, Jr.
Most Improved Team: Telfair County 21-6 (Improved from 9-15; Sweet 16; Region 4 Regular Season Champs)
Most Improved: Jakobe Mobley, Montgomery County, So. (Improved from 2.8 ppg/2.2 rpg/0.6 apg/0.1 spg to 14.7 ppg/4.7 rpg/1.4 apg/1.2 spg)

G – Elijah Coleman, Portal, Jr.
G – Deonte Lowe, Hancock Central, Sr.
G – Jax Abernathy, Christian Heritage, Jr.
F – Derrick Lester, Macon County, Sr.
C – Elyiss Williams, Charlton County, So.

G – Justin Stanley, Wilkinson County, Sr.
G – Jasiyah Suber, Calhoun County, Jr.
G – Jarvis Wright, Charlton County, So.
G – Joseph Thomas, Portal, Jr.
C – DK Manyiel, Greenforest, Sr.

Honorable Mention
G – Jalen Hall, Dooly County, Jr.
G – Antonio Scott, Telfair County, Jr.
G – Frankie Raines, Macon County, So.
G – Landen Quimbley, Mitchell County, Jr.
W – Dexter Holloman, Chattahoochee County, Sr.
F – Kwaveon Hill, Wilkinson County, Sr.
F – RJ Winegarner, Fulton Leadership Academy, Jr.
F – Zyjuan Gray, Manchester, Sr.
F – Amir Jackson, Portal, Jr.
C – Amir Boyce, WD Mohammed, Sr.
C – Gai Chol, Greenforest, Sr.

Sandy’s Spiel Spring Showcase Boys Evaluations

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The Sandy’ Spiel Spring Showcase sold out for a second consecutive year, hosting 53 prospects from all across the state of Georgia who were looking to improve their game and boost their exposure before diving into travel ball. Schools from multiple levels were in attendance at Chestatee High School to evaluate prospective student-athletes. With the help of our established eight-coach staff, here are our player evaluations sorted by team.


Daryus Bryant2025 6-2 G Daryus Bryant – Manchester – Elite Hoopers
Great athlete. Extremely active. Used his speed and bounce to track down blocks. Was able to get downhill and finish through contact. Made good decisions. Showed the ability to hit the three. Difference maker on both ends of the floor.

Huey Blalock2026 5-8 PG Huey Blalock – Rabun County – Georgia Generals
Shifty little guard with a mature feel. Pass-first playmaker sees the floor and delivers accurate bounce passes. Utilizes crossover well, but must make sure he gets somewhere with it. Freezes defenders with head fakes. High IQ. Good three-point shooter but may need to quicken his release. One of North Georgia’s most impactful freshmen this season.

Jordan Smith2026 5-10 G Jordan Smith – North Cobb Christian – TDBA
High motor. Good shooter that also made plays off the dribble as a distributor. Did a good job finishing at the rim over length. Brought consistent effort as an on-ball defender.

Bryson Vincent2026 5-9 PG Bryson Vincent – ACE – Macon Bucks
Quick and active. Good decision maker that limited turnovers. Made plays in the open floor, able to get to the rim or drive-and-kick. Helps stretch the floor with his three-point shot. Found his niche in camp as a guy willing to do the little things. Led ACE in scoring at 10.4 points per game.

Kasen McCarty2023 6-1 W Kasen McCarty – East Carter (MO) – SEMO Select
Physical wing that did a lot of his work in the paint. Strong body. Carves out space inside using his shoulders. Battled for every rebound. Finishes in traffic. Helped protect the rim as a shot blocker and would run the floor for transition points. Moves well without the ball. Can play multiple positions and outworks most opponents.

Cameron Stephen2025 6-3 G Cameron Stephen – Putnam County – Game Elite 16U 3SSB
High ceiling bucket getter. Wiry. Great athlete. Effortless three-point shot with deep range, able to create with quick combination dribbles. Gets downhill in a blink. Finishes above the rim. Sees the floor when attacking the hoop and can hit open teammates. Used his length as an aggressive on-ball defender. Earned high marks as one of camp’s very best players. Explosive stock-rising season ahead.

Garrison Evans2023 6-6 F Garrison Evans – Oconee County – Classic City Ballers
Agile. Runs the floor and can snap off a eurostep. Great length. Can meet opponents at the rim while protecting the hoop. Holds switchability, able to defend screens and guard on the perimeter. Competitive rebounder that can finish through bumps.


Tahshaun Frasier2024 6-0 PG Tahshaun Frasier – Bradwell Institute – South Georgia Elite
Elite student with 4.7 GPA. Strong all-around floor game. Uses a quick crossover to get downhill. Finishes with both hands. Very good leaper. Scores the ball on perimeter from mid-range and three-point line.

Michael Polke2025 5-11 G Michael Polke – Toombs County – Hoyas
Opened up camp knocking down three after three. Scrappy defender. Moves feet well when guarding the ball. Springy enough to block shots at the rim. Knows how to find spaces in the defense and get to the hoop.

Justin Payne2024 5-10 PG Justin Payne – North Oconee – No ID
Graded out as one of camp’s best point guards. Played with a great motor. Scored with his jump shot but was also able to find points in the paint. Handled the ball exceptionally well. Got to his spots. Filled it up from three.

Ethan Hughes2023 6-2 G Ethan Hughes – Lyndon Academy
Moves well without the ball. Starts his shot at his waist. Is a good jump shooter when given time and space. Good athlete. Can slice to the rim and sneak in for rebounds. Shows savvy with his back-tip rebounds. Great student with 4.2 GPA, 30 ACT and 1300 SAT.

Braylon Hayes2024 5-10 PG Braylon Hayes – Richmond Hill – Team Intensity
Strongly built pass-first guard. Made good decisions in transition, finding the open man. Physical defender. When he wanted to, he could put his head down and get to the basket. Good teammate.

Kolby Watson2025 6-3 W Kolby Watson – Banks County – Stamp Squad
Not many shot the ball better. Swingman has solid size and can play the two-guard or small-ball stretch-four. Knockdown shooter from all levels. Willing to take smaller defenders into the post. Good footwork. Utilized a reverse pivot into a fadeaway. Has good awareness. Takes his time to gather himself in transition to make sure he doesn’t get stripped from behind when going up for layups. Three-level scorer is deceptive with the ball. Got to a quick pull-up push floater. Continuing to add more speed to his game and creativity as a ball handler will help. Big-time shot maker averaged 15.6 points and 3.7 rebounds as a sophomore. Great future. Near the top of camp’s biggest stock-risers.

Maddox Young2025 6-0 G Maddox Young – Union County
Physical defender. Does the dirty work well. Will chase opponents through screens. Quality outside shooter that can finish at the rim with either hand. Great glue guy that can still hurt you with his offense. Smart player and a sneaky good rebounder.

Noah Hutchinson2023 6-6 F Noah Hutchinson – Oconee County – Classic City Ballers
Tore up camp last year with his outside shooting and managed to wow again this year, hitting his outside shots but showcasing much improved athleticism as he led all campers with the most dunks. Has become an above the rim player. Is more of a threat off the dribble, able to beat defenders to the hoop. Quicker off the floor than last year. Terrific jump shooter that piles in threes. A true stretch-four. Should be a no-brainer priority at the D-III level. Warren Wilson College has offered.


Messiah Walker2024 5-11 PG Messiah Walker – Putnam County – Middle GA Magic
Bouncy. Gets good lift on jump shot. Great communicator. Leads team well. Likes to facilitate and makes good decisions.

Grant Robich2027 5-8 PG Grant Robich – North Cobb Christian – Atlanta Celtics 3SSB 2027
Heady playmaker. Small but sees the floor incredibly well. Plays with tremendous energy. Gets after it on defense. Craftily changes speeds and implements fakes. Can get to his mid-range pull-up. Extremely impressive first impression as the youngest player in camp. Love his future.

Bentley Huff2026 6-1 SG Bentley Huff – Franklin County – Upward Stars
Loves the three-point shot. Will space the floor. Has length and could potentially squeeze out another inch or two. Understands the game. Facilitates well.

Jasiyah Suber2024 6-2 G Jasiyah Suber – Calhoun County – GA Thunder
Lefty. Explosive driver. Three-level scorer. Has a smooth pull-up game. Creates his own offense. High energy. Active defender. Can play on and off the ball. Has experience playing in up-tempo offense. One of the 229’s best players.

Matthew Stennis2023 6-1 G Matthew Stennis – New Hope (MS) – Magic City Pelicans
Impressed with his toughness. Well-built guard uses his strength to get downhill. Nice burst to the rim. Finishes through contact. Gets two feet in the paint frequently. Solid outside shooter can hit the three and get to his spots in the mid-range. Physical on-ball defender.

Tobi Ijiwoye2023 6-3 F Tobi Ijiwoye – Fayette County
Plays with terrific energy. Smooth active athlete. Plays bigger than his size. Elevates very well. Cleans up the glass and can push the ball coast-to-coast. Sharp eurostep. Adding a consistent mid-range jumper would be a major boon. Finishes around the rim. Handles well as a tweener. Locks up as an on-ball defender. Capable of guarding 1-5.

Christopher Perry2026 6-6 W Christopher Perry – Bradwell Institute – South Georgia Elite
Long lefty oozes upside. Scores inside and out. Confident jump shooter. Can wreck games on defense with his shot blocking and ability to blow up screens and defend all over. Athletic three-level scorer with a strong floor game. Will be a stat sheet stuffer for the next three seasons. Averaged 8.4 points, 4.4 rebounds, 1 steal and 1.3 blocks as a freshman. Should have a D-I future.


Kohlmin Nelson2025 5-7 PG Kohlmin Nelson – Bradwell Institute – South Georgia Elite
Has speed in the open floor. Smart without the ball, will cut baseline for scoring opportunities. Breaks down defenders off the dribble and gets to his spots. Stingy defender can guard either spot in the backcourt.

Carter Turnbow2025 5-9 PG Carter Turnbow – Allatoona – Dawgs Elite
Sharpshooter off the catch. Spaces the floor. Changes speeds with hesitation moves. Crafty ball handler gets into the lane and plays off two feet. Has upside as a playmaker.

Jeremiah Phillips2024 5-10 CG Jeremiah Phillips – Berkmar
Physically strong guard that has been in the weight room. A threat to score from beyond the arc. Turns corners well and gets low on drives. Is an active defender that can frustrate opponents.

Cameron Ogletree2025 5-10 G Cameron Ogletree – Heard County – YSE
Downhill distributor. Sucks in the defense before dropping off for layups. Did a good job of finishing in traffic. Is a patient scorer that waits for plays to develop before making his move.

Jaylin Harper2025 5-10 G Jaylin Harper – Putnam County – Central Georgia Empact
Quick guard. Wiry and lean. Is effective in transition and will eurostep past defenders with ease. Helps stretch the floor with his outside shot. Has a compact base on his jumper. Is a willing defender.

Landen Pitts2023 6-3 W Landen Pitts – Allatoona – SEBA FCI Warriors
Long and athletic. Very active on both ends of the floor. Jumps into passing lanes and earns deflections with his wingspan. Has a quick first step downhill. Can hang in the air when finishing around the basket. Is a blossoming three-level scorer with an improved three-point shot. Identifies mismatches and exploits them. Will go into the low post. Defends every position on the court. Holds a 4.2 GPA and 1220 SAT.

Dontae Crowder2025 6-4 W Dontae Crowder – Christian Heritage – AOT
Strong, well-built wing. Really opened up his game as a do-everything player at camp. Showcased his versatility as an inside-out player that can serve time at every position. Excelled at collecting rebounds and pushing the ball coast-to-coast. Finishes through contact well. Hit mid-range jumpers off the dribble. Has an intriguing long-term ceiling.


Landon Bonner2024 6-0 G Landon Bonner – Putnam County
Shifty, explosive driver. Has no issue creating separation on the perimeter. Crafty finisher. Does a good job of getting to spots in the mid-range. Three-level scorer can be a microwave. Averaged 19.4 points and 5.7 rebounds during breakout junior season.

Harper Ford2026 5-10 G Harper Ford – Athens Christian – Classic City Ballers
Quick with the ball. Will need to great stronger, but has commendable functional strength. Was able to get to the rim and finish with a floater. Held his own against more physical guards. Saw the floor well.

Caden Watson2026 6-1 G Caden Watson – Banks County – Georgia Generals
Likes the three-point shot. Helps space the floor with his range. Has length and may grow a little more. When ran off the line, showed the calmness to put the ball on the deck and get to the hoop.

Charlie Dunbar IV2025 6-4 F Charlie Dunbar IV – Thomas County Central – Team GA Magic
Effective offensive rebounder. Has a really good frame that will continue to add muscle. Looks and plays like an upperclassman. Was comfortable stepping outside to shoot the short corner and mid-range jumper. Did a good job of handling pressure. Intelligent player and a strong student with a 4.08 GPA.

Hunter Amick2024 6-4 W Hunter Amick – Brookwood – Hoop Atlanta
Was one of camp’s top performers. Played with a terrific motor. Strong, tough-nosed wing provided production inside and out. Attacked off the dribble as a scorer and distributor. Absorbed contact at the rim. Had a nose for the ball as a rebounder. Nailed threes when open. Scored at all three levels. Has value in small-ball lineups with his ability to play/defend multiple positions.


Thrasher Wilkins2025 6-0 G Thrasher Wilkins – Athens Christian
Really impressed with his IQ and understanding of the subtleties of the game. Has great footwork. Loves to pump fake and get to his one-dribble pull-up. Head fakes help freeze defenders temporarily. Very good shooter that can hit the step-back three, able to create space off the bounce. Has poise under pressure. Effective defender contests shots very well. Rock-solid young guard that will win a lot of games over his career.

Gavin Beatty2023 5-10 G Gavin Beatty – Lyndon Academy
Three-point shooter that spaced the floor. Would occasionally make a move to the rim and could finish with tough reverse layups. Willing passer. Communicated well with his teammates.

Quincy Anderson2026 6-2 G Quincy Anderson – Thomas County Central – Xtreme Pressure
Lanky athlete that plays above the rim. Shoots the three well. When he decided to get downhill, he could finish with authority. His leaping ability and length give him upside as a perimeter defender.

Mason Lewis2024 6-4 G Mason Lewis – Woodland-Stockbridge – AE5
Stood out as one of camp’s top overall performers. Physically punishing swingman shined with the ball in his hands. Showcased lead guard skills, seeing the floor and attacking from all spots. Embraces contact on drives. Has a smooth all-around floor game. Was in charge of nearly every fastbreak. Uses his pivot well inside. Routinely got to his pull-up jumper. Can be an intense defender but can’t take plays off. Really strong rebounder. Should start popping up on college radars. 3.7 GPA student averaged 16.4 points, 5.9 rebounds and 2 assists per game.

Carshik Hall2023 6-4 F Carshik Hall – Groves – Coastal Bulls
Tough guy that does the dirty work. Rebounds and scores on putbacks and dump-offs. Will finish with dunks. Is a threat to drive baseline. Steps outside to shoot the mid-range jumper. Strong defensive presence.

Dream Freeman2026 5-10 G Dream Freeman – Clarke Central
Sturdy freshman plays hard. Provides a lot of effort and toughness. Uses his strength to mix it up on the glass and defensively. Was a likeable teammate.


Kamyias Jackson2025 6-0 G Kamyias Jackson – Thomas County Central – GA Suns
Spindly guard with length. Brought a high motor to camp. Took pride in his defensive effort. Helped run the offense. Was able to play on and off the ball. Was at his best when making quick decisions.

Turtle Arzuaga2026 5-6 PG Turtle Arzuaga – Carver-Atlanta – HR Elite
4.3 GPA. Turtle was the first at camp. Crafty lefty was the smallest player in the gym, but still found ways to be productive. Got to his push floater out of spin moves and could kiss shots off the glass from tough angles. Shot the ball well from beyond the arc. Willing distributor. Played with a joy for the game.

Khari Manning2023 6-0 G Khari Manning – Groves – Coastal Bulls
Tough. Plays very hard on both ends of the floor. Really tried to standout with his on-ball pressure and overall defensive instincts. Runs the floor and fills lanes. Streaky shooter with a quick first step to the hoop.

Antonio Johnson2023 6-2 G Antonio Johnson – Mundy’s Mill – Unit Elite
Bowling ball of a guard. Powerful downhill driver. Finishes through contact extremely well. Physicality overwhelmed most who tried to prevent him from getting to his spots. Southpaw is a tough isolation cover. Uses his body to spin off defenders. Is a capable three-point shooter. Strong rebounder plays bigger than his size.

Issa Barnes2026 5-11 G Isaa Barnes – Norcross – Brotherhood Elite
Built like a linebacker. Brought toughness and energy. Had a few nice dribble moves to get by defenders. Likes to spin in traffic. Will knockdown the corner three. Bodies up well as a perimeter defender.

Jaydon Cole2025 6-2 G Jaydon Cole – King’s Ridge – TSF 2025
One of the best shooters in the 2025 class. Not just an off the catch sniper. Got to his mid-range jumper off the dribble. High IQ. Processes what the defense is trying to do and can dissect them with his pocket passing. Crafty defender. State champ with 4.0 GPA.


Hampton Ford2024 6-0 G Hampton Ford – Athens Christian – Classic City Ballers
Lefty has a smooth game. Dangerous perimeter scorer that can energize an offense with his quick ball handling and playmaking. Shifty driver. Mentally tough.

Ethan Parker2024 5-11 G Ethan Parker – Dawson County – North GA Elite
Picked up to defend full court. Sneaks in to steal inbound passes. Has an easy flow to his game, able to get into his three-point shot with no effort. Sneaky athletic. Does the dirty work, willing to draw charges. Unselfish mindset.

Kaleb Crawford2024 6-0 G Kaleb Crawford – Putnam County – JC Ducks
Hard playing southpaw. Brings toughness to the table as a defender. Blocks out and gets on the floor. His motor helped him stand out.

Jamal Jackson2024 6-0 PG Jamal Jackson – Bradwell Institute – South Georgia Elite
Tight handle in traffic. Knows how to use his strength to find advantageous situations. Makes plays for others as he gets into the teeth of the defense. Helped set the tone defensively with his ability to cut off drives and recover.

J'Mari Greene2026 6-0 G J’Mari Greene – Putnam County – Team Georgia Magic
Showed flashes of his upside. Young guard likes to plant his foot and get to the hoop. Doesn’t get much lift on his jump shot. Provided effort on defense with his speed.

Keyni Crawford2023 6-3 W Keyni Crawford – Putnam County – JC Ducks
Was a breakout star performer at camp last year and was great again this Sunday. Unsigned senior is a serious sleeper. Wired to score. Has major length. Smooth, easy game. Drills threes, gets to his spots in the mid-range and explodes toward the rim. Earned rave reviews from coaches as being one of the best players in camp. Three-year starter averaged 13 points, 4.7 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals per game his senior season. 3.1 GPA and 19 ACT. Could be a player that is a steal after a year or two at the JUCO level.

Jaydon Bone2025 6-1 G Jaydon Bone – ELCA – Team EYA
Good size for a lead guard. Finishes through contact. Very confident player with a high upside. Attacks in a variety of ways. Can be a difference maker on defense. Creative ball handler. Will have a big impact in his debut season in the GHSA.

Sandy’s Spiel Spring Showcase Girls Evaluations

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The Sandy’ Spiel Spring Showcase sold out for a second consecutive year, hosting 80 prospects from all across the state of Georgia who were looking to improve their game and boost their exposure before diving into travel ball. Schools from multiple levels were in attendance as NAIA, D-III and D-II programs traveled to Chestatee High School to evaluate prospective student-athletes. With the help of our established eight-coach staff, here are our player evaluations sorted by team.


Lucy Hood2024 5-9 PG Lucy Hood – Rabun County – Southeast All-Stars
First Team All-State playmaker looked to facilitate throughout camp. Deferred for most of the day but picked up her offense as camp wore on. Is a talented drive-and-kick passer. Can play both guard spots. Has an accurate jump shot with three-point range. Improved this year as a downhill scorer. Has room to become even more of an aggressive driver, but has to be careful not to push off and over extend her off arm against tight ball pressure. Has developed into a strong on-ball defender with quick hands. Pokes away steals. Needs to make sure she doesn’t get too overly aggressive and pick up silly fouls far away from the hoop. Earned her first D-I offer from Western Carolina last month.

Jenai Mumphery2027 5-6 G Jenai Mumphery – Tri-Cities – NSG Wolfpack
Was mightily impressive as one of camp’s youngest players. Rising freshman quickly turned heads with her three-point shot. Lefty has great form on her jumper and buried multiple threes throughout the day. Did the little things well, like jab-stepping immediately on the catch to freeze her defender for a split second to gain extra inches of space before firing. Runs the floor well and isn’t afraid to put the ball down and get to the rack. Quick ball handler will continue to improve as she gets stronger. Could make a significant impact at the varsity level from Day 1.

Trinity Hill2023 5-5 G Trinity Hill – Tift County – Porter Sports
Sticky on-ball defender. Doesn’t bite on head fakes or combo dribbles. Defensive-minded stopper. Has room for refinement offensively when it comes to making plays off the dribble and shooting from the perimeter. Active player on both ends of the floor.

Madison McLane2024 5-9 SG Madison McLane – Hart County
Sharpshooting swingman can play either the 2 or 3. Could serve as a small-ball stretch-four in spurts. Understands where she is best at offensively as a floor spacer, but can occasionally sneak in for offensive rebounds and points in the paint. Providing physicality when she’s around the basket will help her expand her value.

Riley Simmons2024 6-0 F Riley Simmons – Cherokee – Wood Elite
As she did last year, Riley Simmons scorched the nets again from the opening moments of camp, immediately sinking a three in her first game which was a sign of things to come. Knockdown shooter is a premier stretch-four. Hit multiple threes throughout camp and played with great confidence. Once she opened up the defense she was able to showcase her improved off the bounce game, getting to the rim using spin moves. Did a good job getting on the offensive glass and finishing in traffic. Three-level scorer is a major mismatch offensively. D-II programs should start getting involved. Could be a significant stock-riser this offseason with a productive year of travel ball.

Breelyn Wood2025 5-8 W Breelyn Wood – Tallulah Falls – SBC
Versatile combo-forward that can play both on the wing and on the block. Athletic build with long arms. Capable of defending multiple positions in the frontcourt. Alters shots and can get into passing lanes. Showcased an up-and-under move. Adding a consistent mid-range shot will open up more scoring chances. Solid future.

Athena Vachtsevanos2025 5-9 G Athena Vachtsevanos – North Hall – SI Max
Wiry guard has a good feel for the game. Bit of an unorthodox shot, but is a dangerous three-point shooter that can fill it up. Plays hard on both ends of the floor. Aggressive defender and a crafty slasher. Has been adding lean muscle to her frame. Elite student. 4.42 GPA.

Makayla Roberson2026 5-9 G Makayla Roberson – River Ridge – FBC Blitz
Lockdown defender. Got to showcase her creativity with the ball, shining as a drive-and-kick distributor while also using a tight spin move to free herself downhill. Finishes with both hands. Has proven over the course of her first year to be a timely three-point shooter that doesn’t shy away from big shots. Likes the corner three. High IQ state champ makes winning hustle plays. Will be a D-I player.

Jayda Clark2027 5-9 W Jayda Clark – Parkview – Queens of Basketball
Long wing that can play spurts on the perimeter and in the post. Finished bunnies inside. Understood how to use her length defensively. Holds upside as a switchable defender. Adding strength will help her rebound in traffic. Has a developing offensive game.

I'ziah McCutchins2024 5-2 PG I’ziah McCutchins – Trion – Wood Elite
Smart playmaking guard plays with toughness. Will go coast-to-coast in a blink and can finish against length at the rim. Sees the floor well. Good decision maker in transition. A threat to score with her three-point shot. Heady defender both on-ball and off. All-State selection.


Courtney Davis2024 5-5 G Courtney Davis – Fannin County – Peak Performance
Back-to-back Region 7-AA Player of the Year and Second Team All-State selection. Great shooter with deep range. Loves to drill threes overtop of high ball screens. Crafty slasher that knows how to use her body and draw fouls. Strong decision maker. Plays under control. Enjoys the game and plays with an understood confidence. High IQ scrappy defender. Averaged 20 points per game and shot 40% from three as a junior. Has been in contact with D-II programs and below.

Abby Samples2024 5-8 SG Abby Slaton – Dawson County – North GA Magic
Three-point sniper. Has added more to her game. Can get to spots in the mid-range and will attack in spurts as a slasher. Long arms. Growing as a defender both on the ball and off. Emerged down the stretch this season as Dawson County’s most trusted go-to scorer.

Hannah Harris2024 5-6 PG Hannah Harris – Cherokee – North GA Magic
Has had a strong offseason already. Plays with pace. Quick with the ball in her hands but will slow down defenders with hesitation moves to get them off balance. Likes to get to her right hand, but will mix it up with her left and can finish with both. Takes great pride in her defense. Provides infectious energy with how she moves laterally as an on-ball defender. High character vocal leader. Plays with joy and excitement. Has really found her identity over the past 12 month.

Emma Lightsey2025 5-5 PG Emma Lightsey – White County – Peak Performance
Good three-point shooter that can score in bunches once her first shot drops. Pushed the ball up the floor with improved speed. Continuing to improve as a creator, both as a facilitator and downhill driver will broaden her offense. A consistent floater will be a great weapon. Has the endurance to cover ground in the full court press and stick with most guards. Provides a great attitude in the locker room.

Paris Shelton2025 5-3 G Parish Shelton – Tri-Cities – NSG Wolfpack
Compact southpaw. Good athlete. Plays with speed and is confident with the ball. Will go behind the back and attempt to make flashy passes. Does a nice job handling pressure. Listens well. Streaky outside shooter that defenses have to respect.

Kymora Smith2025 5-8 G Kymora Smith – Morgan County – The Basketball Academy
Did the little things well. Wiry guard plays with a lot of energy. Doesn’t give up on plays and will chase down blocks. Made an impact on defense. Drew a charge. Hustler is a great team player. Makes winning plays.

Desiree Davis2025 5-11 F Desiree Davis – Wesleyan – Dream Team
Mismatch with her physicality. Scores on the low block and gobbles up rebounds but is skilled enough to play on the perimeter and take her man off the dribble. Throws her body around and scores through contact. Utilizes a floater. Tweener with an interesting high-level skill set.

Alyssia Bandele2026 5-5 G Alyssia Bandele – Tri-Cities – NSG Wolfpack
On the smaller side but showcased great toughness. Had composure with the ball. Coachable young player. Quickness as a decision maker will improve with age. Wasn’t afraid to mix it up defensively.

Martin Davis2026 5-8 G Martin Davis – Glynn Academy – ECU
Played multiple positions on the perimeter. Has a smooth feel to her game. Has a nose for the ball on defense, able to jump into passing lanes. High academic 4.0 student was one of Class 6A’s most impactful freshmen averaging 12.8 points, 4.3 rebounds, 2.2 assists and 3.7 steals per game. Good player to keep an eye on over the next three years.

Kalynn Watkins2027 5-8 W Kalynn Watkins – White County – L.E. Elite
Doesn’t have the length of her sister but is an interesting long-term prospect. Started to get comfortable once she adjusted to the pace of camp. Helps out as a rebounder and is able to defend different spots. Will be able to provide useful minutes early on in her career as she develops an aggressive mindset. Was a good team player that was responsive to coaching. Scored in the post.


Azarriah Brown2024 5-3 PG Azarriah Brown – Putnam County
Really fast with the ball. Playmaker has a good handle, using her crossover to beat defenders. Pass-first mindset. Typically makes good decisions. Has a chance to hunt her offense a little more. Effective in an up-tempo 94-foot game. Footspeed can pester opposing ball handlers.

Morgan Chester2024 5-11 F Morgan Chester – Dawson County – Peak Performance
Great defender with major versatility. Moves her feet well when guarding on perimeter and is an impactful shot blocker. Finishes off possession by securing rebounds. Double-double threat. Strong frame that can add even more muscle in college. Can hit the mid-range jumper and will attack off the dribble from time to time. Effective in the high post. Has nice footwork on the low block. A great priority target for all non D-I schools.

Kyia Barrett2024 5-11 PG Kyia Barrett – Habersham Central – Southeast All-Stars
Dominated at camp last year and did so again this go-round. Long guard cuts up defenses as a scorer and facilitator. Smooth downhill with effortless handle. Crossover leaves defenders in the dust and will eurostep through traffic and finish through contact. Shifty playmaker scores with both hands. Sees the floor in transition. Really loads up on her three-point jump shot with deep knee bend and wide base. Great length helps her swallow up smaller guards and shut down passing lanes. Holds an offer from Anderson. All-State guard should be on Low Major D-I and High D-II radars.

Kylie Watkins2025 6-0 F Kylie Watkins – White County – L.E. Elite
Highly skilled forward blocks a ton of shots. Knows how to defend without fouling. Walls up and doesn’t swat down. Sticks with plays and will alter multiple shots in a single possession. Runs the floor well. Shot the three with consistency. Can do damage in the high post as a passer or shooter. Will put the ball on the floor to get to the rim. Utilizes pivot very well on the block.

Brea Batts2024 5-6 G Brea Batts – Peach County
Was effective in pick-and-roll game. Looked to drive-and-kick. Provides size and physicality which help her play bigger than her height and defend larger players.

Ellison Steinhauer2026 5-9 G Ellison Steinhauer – Pickens – Georgia Flames
Heady high IQ guard. Vastly mature understanding of the game for a freshman. Easy to tell she’s the daughter of a long-time head coach. Always finds herself in the right place at the right time. Nose for the ball. Good decision maker doesn’t force things. Quick release on three-point shot and will attack downhill if ran off the line. Unselfish passer. Uses her length to rebound and defend. Has a high floor.

Jonna Snelling2026 5-6 G Jonna Snelling – Tucker – GA Pearls
Solid on-ball defender. Sneaky good at getting to the rim as a slasher and also as an offensive rebounder. Has an athletic build. Can play with quickness.

Taylor Clark2027 5-7 G Taylor Clark – Commerce – Dream Team Elite/Lady Huncho
Wiry lefty has speed with the ball. Heat-seeking missile that knows how to get to the rim and draw fouls. Active defender converts turnovers into transition layups. Adding a consistent outside shot and implementing her right hand more often will help her reach her ceiling. Was an offensive force playing up at the JV level. Will make an immediate impact as a Day 1 starter at Commerce.

Adelyn Thompson2027 5-5 G Adelyn Thompson – Rabun County – North GA Magic
Incoming freshman warmed up as camp went on. Had some nice touch passes, identifying the open man before the ball even came to her. Has a strong build, especially her upper body which she can use to shake off defenders when attacking off the dribble. Capable three-point shooter. Playing with confidence and adjusting to the speed of the varsity game with be big. Has a bright future and should be next in a long line of college-bound Rabun County guards. Should see significant time in the backcourt early on in her career as a rotational piece.

Zara Gosse2027 5-11 PF Zara Gosse – North Hall – North GA Magic
Physical post presence. Understands how to use her body. Seals hard and has good footwork. Drop step can clear out space. Should draw a ton of fouls over the course of her career. Has been in the weight room and trimmed up her strong build. Playing in multiple showcase camps over the past two years has shown. Game has slowed down for her. Will be a very good high school player and one of Hall County’s top bigs sooner rather than later.


Jakiyah Butts2023 5-2 PG Jakiyah Butts – Monroe Area – Outkast
Plays with great speed. Really likes to go coast-to-coast in transition. Will pull-up for the jumper and is a willing passer to those who run the floor with her. Scrappy on-ball defender. Slashing is her strongest area, but is a competent three-point shooter that will knockdown open looks. Scored over 1,000 points in her career.

Kindra Coker2024 5-2 PG Kindra Coker – Dawson County – FBC EOTO
Gnat of an on-ball defender. Takes away air space and is quick to get on the floor and dig out steals. Very coachable. Vocal leader both on the floor and on the bench. Sparkplug lefty has deep three-point range, able to pull-up or shoot it off the catch. Has improved her ball handling vs. pressure. Holds a 4.2 GPA.

Amber Watkins2024 5-8 W Amber Watkins – Oglethorpe County – Pistols
Strong guard that can find points on the wing or around the hoop. Will take smaller opponents into the post. Uses her strength to her advantage. Runs the floor and will power through contact inside. Knows how to draw fouls. Can shoot the corner three. Rebounds well for her height. Has a versatile game which allows her to play multiple positions depending on matchups.

Sophia Pearl2025 5-7 PG Sophia Pearl – River Ridge – Team Tre
All-State selection and state champ has really grown in Year 2. Has become a very shifty playmaker with a confident tight handle. Now accustom to battling on-ball pressure and splitting traps. Deft footwork on display with combination dribbles and her patented spin move. Scores in transition. Capable of taking over games with her floater and three-point shot, but still likes to get others involved first. Smooth offensive game and will scratch and claw on defense – sneaky quick laterally to stay in front and cut off drives. Took some hard spills but kept getting back up and brushed off any dings. Holds multiple D-I offers, her latest from Georgia Southern. Has cemented herself as one of Georgia’s best 2025 guards.

Kaleigh Beaver2025 5-11 PF Kaleigh Beaver – Towns County
Really impressed with her athleticism and frame. Has terrific hands. Snatches passes and rebounds with one and two hands. Plays even bigger than her size. Length and quickness off the floor allow her clean up with putbacks. Moves well. Will attack with the dribble at times. Protects the rim on defense. Intriguing sleeper prospect with a chance to blossom over her final two years. Small schools will want to take notice.

Justus Fitzgerald2025 6-0 F Justus Fitzgerald – Roswell – Team Huncho
Blessed with great size and wide shoulders. Can impose her will on the backboards when she wants to. Physical. Is comfortable handling the ball in the full court. Showcased impressive passing in transition, looking up the floor to outlet to streaking teammates.

Maddie Siuta2026 5-10 W Maddie Siuta – Dawson County – North GA Magic
Turned heads at camp with her well-rounded offensive game. Stop-and-pop three-point shooter was nailing threes off the bounce. Has the size to play both inside and out, able to create mismatches. Has room to grow as an off-ball scorer; moving without the ball will help her find more open spaces in the defense. Multiple camp coaches highlighted Siuta as one of their top stock-risers from Sunday.

Kayla Wilkins2026 5-8 F Kayla Wilkins – Athens Academy – Classic City Ballers
Made her presence felt on the offensive glass. Young forward plays much bigger than her size. Uses her body well when positioning herself for garbage points. Stepped outside multiple times to shoot the baseline jumper. Conditioning will help her stay on the floor longer, but when she was out there, she was effective.

Sophia Louis-Pierre2027 5-11 W Sophia Louis-Pierre – Capstone Academy – Team Elite
Long swingman has intriguing long-term upside. When she ran the floor, she was rewarded with easy buckets. Holds major value on the defensive side of the ball. Great switchability. Will be a factor offensively with her ability to attack inside and out.

Syriana Childers2028 5-2 G Syriana Childers – Parkview – Queens of Basketball
Camp was a valuable experience for Syriana, one of the smallest and youngest players in attendance. Seeing the speed of the game will only benefit her in the future. The rising eighth grader got good reps against aggressive on-ball defense. Childers didn’t try to do too much and provided effort on defense and ball movement on offense.


Denver Arnold2023 5-7 PG Denver Arnold – Valdosta – Porter Sports
One of just a few unsigned seniors in camp, Denver Arnold was great. She provided uncomfortable on-ball pressure defense and was tough to guard on offense. Arnold lit it up with her three-point shot, hitting jumpers off the dribble and with great consistency. She was among the very best shooters in camp. When she got downhill, Arnold was a smart decision maker as she found the open man. Coming all the way up from Valdosta, Denver was one of camp’s brightest standouts. She holds an offer from Henry Ford College. Arnold would be a great late pick up for NAIA/D-III/JUCOs.

Janiah Borders2024 5-8 F Janiah Borders – Madison County – CCB
Physical. Has a strong frame and knows how to use it in the paint. Bangs for rebounds and has a consistent motor. Her toughness allows her to play bigger than her height. She can defend 3-5.

Brianna Pelote2024 6-2 C Brianna Pelote – Woodville-Tompkins – Celtics
One of the best kept secrets in Georgia. Made a statement last year at camp and was outstanding again this year. Truly elite shot blocker. Gobbles up everything that comes her way and blocks shots without having to jump. High-level rebounder is a vacuum inside. Defensive ace is a load on offense as well. Stepped outside to hit the mid-range jumper and corner three. Strong with her back to the basket. Uses an under control drop step and also implements a crisp up-and-under. Pelote once again drew rave reviews as being polite and coachable. Holds a 3.5 GPA. Pelote is a slam dunk at the D-II level. While she is a solid post scorer, if for some reason her offensive game doesn’t translate to college, her floor is still so high with how elite of a rim protector she is. If she continues to improve, there is no reason why Pelote can’t develop into a double-double machine in college and be near the top of the conference in blocked shots. Buy stock now.

Emeri Billings2025 5-3 PG Emeri Billings – Jefferson – L.E. Elite
A full-year of starting at the varsity level has done Billings good. Looks much more confident against pressure. Continuing to cut down on her turnovers as her decision making improves. Comfortable leading a team. Fit in tight passes to streaking teammates. Supplied pesky on-ball defense and ran the floor in transition.

Amelia Brown2025 5-7 SG Amelia Brown – South Forsyth – Georgia Flames
Knockdown three-point shooter when feet are set. Still getting stronger as a ball handler but liked what she did in short bursts, able to get to her spots in the mid-range. Getting to the hoop more often will loosen up the defense. Made great decisions with the ball.

Kayla Cleaveland2025 6-0 F Kayla Cleaveland – River Ridge – Southeast All-Stars
All-State, State Champion and now a certified D-I prospect with an offer from Georgia Southern, it was a breakout sophomore season for Kayla Cleaveland. Stock-riser. Major competitor even with foot not quite at 100%. Quick instincts. First to rebounds and loose balls. Runs the floor extremely well and finishes with both hands on the move. Pushes the ball in transition. Loves her mid-range jumper from the wing and pops out to the three-point line. Will bang down low for tough buckets. Steady defender. Major mismatch with her inside-out game. 4.0 GPA. Winner. Will be a popular recruit among Mid-Major programs over the next two years.

Aja Vickers2025 5-10 C Aja Vickers – Tri-Cities – NSG Wolfpack
Enforcer in the paint that will not back down. Rebounds with strength and will rip away 50/50 balls. Plays bigger than her size. Finishes layups. Coachable.

Laura Frances Willis2026 5-8 G Laura Frances Willis – North Oconee – 3SSB Team Elite Hubbard 16U
Garnered rave reviews. Had a tremendous camp – a top stock-riser. Very good outside shooter has added significantly to her game. Looked great off the dribble, slicing up the defense. Played with pace as she got the rim in transition. Three-level scorer and burgeoning playmaker. Has a chance to enjoy a breakout sophomore season and emerge as one of the 2026 class’s most well-rounded scorers. 4.2 GPA student may force her way onto college radars sooner than expected.

Francesca Jones2026 5-4 G Francesca Jones – Veterans
Long and athletic for her size. Takes the mid-range jumper and can get to the rim. Has the tools to become a reliable defender in due time. Was a good teammate that was receptive to coaching.


Addison Hoard2024 5-7 CG Addison Hoard – Banks County – FBC EOTO
Has become a very good ball handler against pressure. Shoots the three off the catch and off the dribble. Has knack for finding her way to the rim and is a crafty finisher with scoop layups. Two-way player provided consistent perimeter defense for the duration of camp.

Dakota Phillips2024 5-8 PG Dakota Phillips – Hart County – Southeast All-Stars
Incredibly strong guard that will power her way though rim protectors. Uses a spin move to get into the teeth of the defense. Plays off two feet around the rim. Understands how to use her body to finish. Found her stroke from the three-point line as camp went on and can get to spots in the mid-range. Well-rounded. Won’t take long for her to become an effective collegiate defender. Boasts a 4.2 GPA.

Gaby LoPresti2024 5-9 W Gaby LoPresti – North Cobb Christian – FBC Dynasty Elite
Elite student with a 4.3 GPA and 28 on Pre-ACT. Steadily improves each time I see her. Strong bodied wing has the frame to shrug off defenders and get to where she wants to go. Likes to use rocker dribble and hesitation moves on perimeter to get defenders off balance. Sturdy rebounder. Is able to defend bigger players inside.

Carley Segars2024 6-1 C Carley Segars – Banks County – FBC EOTO
Great size. Is starting to drift out to the three-point line more often and can hit the mid-range jumper. Unlocking an aggressive mindset and physicality in the paint will allow her to reach her ceiling. Flashes nice back to the basket moves. Is a threat to get on the offensive glass and finish with the ball high.

Jaden Young2025 5-7 G Jaden Young – Morgan County – The Basketball Academy
Noted as a diamond in the rough. A sneaky good player starting to really impress coaches. Finishes with both hands around the basket. Can play off two feet inside while gathering herself. Has a soft mid-range jumper. High motor and a great teammate. Was passive at times not looking for her own offense. Solid rebounder and defender. Soccer standout is a star in the classroom with a 4.6 GPA. Young guard on the rise.

Eva Bishop2025 5-10 PF Eva Bishop – Dawson County – FBC EOTO
Quickly blossoming into one of North Georgia’s best post players. Physical presence with skills to match. Scores with a variety of low block moves as she uses her strength to power through contact. Has developed ball skills on the perimeter and will step outside to shoot the jumper. Competes on the defensive end. Cleans up the glass. Really good prospect to keep an eye on who also dominates in the classroom with a 4.16 GPA.

Aziza Smith2025 5-8 F Aziza Smith– Parkview – Queens of Basketball
Started off camp strong in drill work. Did well working in the post stations. Has versatility as a combo-forward that can play inside and out. Shined on the wing. Contributed on the glass and showcased defensive switchability.

Kendall Drayton2026 5-5 G Kendall Drayton – Woodward Academy – Team Elite Hubbard
Received high marks on her long-term potential. Was able to sink a handful of threes and showcased speed in transition, able to finish on the move. As she grows and gets stronger, Drayton will become a dynamic guard.

Rabun Tucker2026 5-3 G Rabun Tucker – Shiloh – Queens of Basketball
Young guard was able to hang with tough competition relying on her athleticism. Was able to help handle the ball in spurts. Compact frame. Moved her feet on defense to cut off driving lanes.

Michel Robbins2027 5-7 G Michel Robbins – Jefferson
Major potential. Wiry and athletic. Listed at 5-foot-7 but feels taller with her length and quickness. Hit mid-range pull-ups. Did a good job slashing to the rim. Fed the post. Should see varsity minutes in Year 1. Looks like she will thrive in the full-court press.


Brelan Sieveking2024 5-5 PG Brelan Sieveking – Towns County
All-State selection. Quick-twitch guard. Head fakes and gets downhill in a blink. Gets the ball up the floor in a hurry. Good feel for the game. Crafty as a scorer and playmaker. Sinks the mid-range pull-up. Plays hard.

Jasmine Perez2024 5-6 CG Jasmine Perez – Centennial – Atlanta Cagers
High academic 4.5 GPA student. Three-level scorer with a creative handle. Changes speeds well. Attacks the rim and draws fouls while also implementing a sharp pull-up. Reliable effort as an on-ball defender.

Sally Bullard2024 5-7 W Sally Bullard – Athens Academy
Physical wing that can play inside and out. Tough finisher with scoop shots. Attacks the glass with great vigor. Will shoot from the perimeter and draw out the defense.

Skyler Brady2025 5-7 G Skyler Brady – Jefferson – L.E. Elite
Has gotten stronger in 12 months. Can play either on or off the ball. Cuts well without the ball. Plays hard. Athletic enough to jump into passing lanes and blow by defenders with downhill drives. Can fill it up from the three-point line. Softball standout emerged as a leader on the hardwood her sophomore season, averaging 10.9 points per game.

Kenzie Weyer2025 5-10 W Kenzie Weyer – Lambert – Team Tre
Does a good job using her length to finish at the rim with either hand. Uses a floater in traffic. Size on the perimeter makes her an attractive prospect, especially considering how well she can shoot from beyond the arc and her mobility. Solid rebounder. Versatile defender that guards different spots.

Bayleigh Winkler2025 5-11 PF Bayleigh Winkler – Murray County – FBC Tipton
Polished low block scorer. Works the pivot with confidence and patience. Highly skilled finisher with both hands. Will put the ball on the floor and attack the rim. Rebounds in traffic. Stepped outside to shoot the three. Versatile post trending in the right direction.

Kennedi Benton2025 5-4 G Kennedi Benton – Parkview
Has strength packed on her frame. Doesn’t get pushed around. Physical rebounder for her size. Handles the ball well and is a threat to let it fly from the three-point line.

Jonnya Snelling2025 5-6 G Jonnya Snelling – Tucker – Queens of Basketball
Attacks the hoop by using her body to back down defenders and spin off them. Scrappy defender did a nice job guarding the post when matched up inside. Hit some outside shots throughout camp.

Leslie Bradley2026 5-6 G Leslie Bradley – North Oconee – FBC EOTO
I liked how hard she pushed the ball up the floor. Looked comfortable and confident setting up offense and handling pressure. Got to her floater when she had two feet in the paint. Has good form on her outside shot. Has a chance to develop into a well above-average three-point shooter. Played with energy on both sides of the ball.

Martha Vachtsevanos2026 5-6 G Martha Vachtsevanos – North Hall – SI Max
Gets after it on defense. Might not be the biggest guard, but attacks ball handlers with her activity. Scores in bunches with her three-point shot. Effort is never an issue. Rapidly improving young guard who is an ace in the classroom with a 4.33 GPA.


Anna Rodriguez2024 5-5 PG Anna Rodriguez – Lambert – Georgia Queen Elite
Pass-first guard plays with poise. Recognizes the hot hand and puts her teammates in spots to succeed. Found her offense as camp went on. Scored on runners, floaters and knocked down threes. Solid on-ball defender with effort. Floor general.

Lucy Ray2024 5-8 W Lucy Ray – Gilmer – North Georgia Summit
Positionless player provided production inside and out. Will shoot the three. Uses her body to shield defenders when driving to the rim. Like her aggressiveness when it comes to attacking rebounds. Has a soft touch from the mid-range. 1260 SAT.

Sophia Riblet2024 5-7 G Sophia Riblet – Gilmer
Understands the game. Sees plays develop with her court vision. Is still growing as a playmaker and outside shooter. Brings energy on defense and will score in transition. Is an eager learner that loves the game. Very coachable. Scored a 1240 on SAT.

Kendall Banks2025 5-7 G Kendall Banks – Alcovy – Triple Threat All-Stars
Athletic guard with a strong frame and good shoulders. Uses her strength to attack downhill and get to the rim. Excelled as a drive-and-kick playmaker. Is a solid outside shooter. Has a chance to become a very good on-ball defender.

Hannah Lopez2025 5-6 PG Hannah Lopez – Denmark – Georgia Queen Elite
Super smooth and super polished. Offense comes easy. Breaks down defenders with crossovers and seamlessly transitions into her three-point shot. Great scorer off the dribble can also get points with her floater. Mentally tough. Has played internationally with the Philippines. Surefire college player with a high-level skill set. One of camp’s top guards.

Ansley Moore2026 5-4 G Ansley Moore – Athens Christian
Plays with fire and energy. Extremely vocal. Likes to attack downhill with scoop layups. Has upside as a drive-and-kick playmaker. Earned positive marks as a leader that is passionate about the game and has a desire to get better. Has a chance to really take off with more seasoning as an outside shooter and ball handler. Was one of Georgia’s more impactful freshmen this season.

Stephanie Schott2026 6-0 F Stephanie Schott – St. John Bosco Academy – Team Tre
Active forward ran the floor hard and got on the glass. Kept rebounds high as she converted putbacks. Liked to take turnaround jumpers out of the post. Plays hard and is selfless teammate. Strong communicator. Has tools to work with over the next three years.

Marlene Mbilima2026 6-3 C Marlene Mbilima – Athens Christian
Congo-native is still learning the game and adapting to the speed. Flashes an extremely high upside. Elite length and mobility. Alters shots inside and rebounds at a high level. Shows quality footwork in the low post and is getting more consistent with her moves. Plays with balance, not frail toward contact. Had a nice spin move into a short-range jumper. Tried to showcase her outside shot, taking multiple mid-range jumpers and even a three. Not quite a weapon just yet, but she did sink a baseline jumper with good form. With constant work over the next three years, Marlene has a chance to blossom into one of the state’s better bigs. College ball is in her future.

Aurora Agner2028 5-0 G Aurora Agner – Parkview – Queens of Basketball
Was overmatched in terms of size, but the tiny guard brought great effort and energy. Hustled the entirety of camp. Worked on ball skills in station work and implemented what she learned in our game setting. Had a positive attitude throughout camp and was a good teammate.

Liyat Techilo2028 5-4 G Liyat Techilo – Parkview – Queens of Basketball
Has raw skill that will continue to improve as she gets more reps. Nice athleticism from the guard position. Was able to get in on the action defensively. Fit in well on the perimeter. Very coachable.

Lydia Robillard2030 5-5 G Lydia Robillard – Decatur – Queens of Basketball
The youngest player in camp, Lydia got invaluable court time playing with and against some of the top high school players in the state. Robillard is a long-term project, but she already has long arms and projects to be an impactful defender. As she gets more comfortable playing with older girls, her aggressiveness will increase. Lydia Robillard is a name we may be hearing a lot of over the next seven years.

PRO Spring Showdown Girls Top Performers

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2025 6-1 PF Jessica Fields – Mt. Paran
Georgia’s top-ranked sophomore and elite shot blocker, Jessica Fields came to camp soon after winning her second-straight state title and dominated like she did in the big game, blocking every shot around her area and finishing consistently through contact inside while managing to step out to hit the mid-range when needed. Fields is a blue-chipper with High Major offers. Her wing span and instincts blocking shots can’t be taught. As long as she stays out of foul trouble, Fields is often the most influential player on the floor. She can almost win games by herself with how well she can lock down 10-feet from the rim and in defensively.

Hannah Harris2024 5-6 PG Hannah Harris – Cherokee
I absolutely loved what I saw out of Hannah Harris on Sunday. The junior was a bundle of energy, talking non-stop on the floor and even on the bench. Her emotional play was infectious as she hyped up teammates. Harris played with great pace, pushing the ball with speed and delivering pocket passes on the money to streaking teammates. When left open on the perimeter, Hannah sank the three but never settled, doing a good job getting her feet in the paint on drives. What impressed me most was deep into camp in her final game of the day, Harris revved up her play to another level, defending on-ball with great vigor as she eliminated any airspace for her opposing ball handler. It was a great day of action for Harris. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her. She is a tone setter.

Ava Andrews2025 6-1 W Ava Andrews – North Paulding
Andrews stands out with her height, length and athleticism, but she is really turning into a full-time wing as her jump shot was as good as I’ve ever seen it on Sunday. Andrews nailed jumper after jumper, stroking it from the mid-range and extending her range in spurts to the three-point line. Ava has one of the highest ceilings in her class. She has such great tools to work with. Andrews can be a nightmare to keep off the glass with her quick second leaps and can wreck games defensively with her ability to shoot into passing lanes, block shots and in general guard almost every position on the floor. D-I offers aren’t far away.

Graycen Ehlen
2025 6-0 W Graycen Ehlen – Walton
I think more and more people are starting to take notice of Graycen Ehlen, a player whose praises I’ve been singing since I first saw her about a year ago. Ehlen immediately passes the eye-test with her size and athleticism. She’s strong enough to play inside, score on the block and rebound in a crowd, but she’s also skilled enough to push the ball in transition and handle full-time on the perimeter. Graycen’s versatility can lead to mismatches for opponents. She shoots the three well and can get downhill with power. I really like what she can do defensively, guard a post player one possession then move her feet to stay in front of smaller guards on the perimeter the next trip down. Ehlen gives me some Kayla Cleaveland type vibes at times. If Graycen continues to develop, I would be shocked if she doesn’t end up with a handful of D-I offers, I think she is that good.

Riley Simmons2024 6-0 F Riley Simmons – Cherokee
Riley warmed up as camp went on, finding her stroke from the mid-range. Simmons had a strong junior season, stepping up as a second-option behind Toni Warren. She played a great game against Lovejoy at the Sandy’s Spiel Showdown after Warren went down with an injury. Riley’s an interesting prospect with her size, strength and shooting touch. She’s effective on the offensive glass and is a real threat in pick-and-pop situations with her three-point range. Continuing to make plays off the dribble will be big for her; she shined in that area against Lovejoy. Simmons is one of the best stretch-fours in Georgia’s 2024 class.

Courtney Davis2024 5-5 G Courtney Davis – Fannin County
If you go under the screen against Courtney Davis, you know what’s coming. The high-octane scorer won her second-straight Region Player of the Year award after netting 20 points per game. I love Davis’ toughness and willingness to step up in big moments. She battled an MCL sprain this season and didn’t miss a beat. She has deep three-point range off the dribble and can blow by defenders downhill once she gets an angle. Davis does a good job drawing fouls and is solid finisher in traffic.

Gracie Byford
2025 5-5 G Gracie Byford – Villa Rica
Coaches and media in attendance quickly took notice of Gracie Byford’s game. The sharpshooter is a playmaker off the dribble. She’s got wiggle to her game, able to get defenders off balance before pulling up for threes. When Byford is really cooking, she can get to her floater and mix in mid-range pull-ups. Gracie can score in bunches and does so with a stoic demeanor.

Kylie Watkins2025 6-0 F Kylie Watkins – White County
Kylie Watkins’ length made an impact on the defensive end of the floor, blocking shot after shot. Kylie does a good job of walling up and not swatting down for any cheap fouls. She’s capable of defending on the move and recovering if someone gets by her. Watkins did a nice job scoring in the paint as she absorbed contact.

Kayla Cleaveland2025 6-0 F Kayla Cleaveland – River Ridge
One of the first names a college coach brought up to me when I walked in the gym was Kayla Cleaveland. One of the state’s biggest stock risers this season, the state champ was back in action two days after hoisting the trophy. What stands out about Cleaveland aside from her game is her character and toughness. She battled a foot injury nearly all season long but didn’t let it slow her down as she grinded her way into being available as much as possible. She reinjured her foot in the state title game after an early seven points but once again showed her mettle as she returned to play and finished with 15. When breaking down her game, the lefty is a true three-level threat. She loves her 15-footer from the elbow, a shot she has perfected. What really impresses me is how well Cleaveland runs the floor and can catch and finish all in one motion with either hand while moving at a rapid pace. Kayla is the real deal with her versatility. Georgia Southern offered after the state title game, marking her first D-I bid.

Arianna Hill2026 6-0 C Arianna Hill – Toombs County
Arianna Hill really caught my eye. The young post has a strong frame and flashed quality footwork with her back to the basket. Hill scored on drop steps and didn’t flail away from contact. Hill is an effective rebounder and a defensive presence in the paint. I think she could be a major player in Region 3-2A and develop into one of the better big girls in the classification.

Tracy Wakefield
2028 5-6 G Tracy Wakefield – Marietta
2028 is a long way away, but Tracy Wakefield and a bunch of other current Marietta middle schoolers have a chance to be flat out special. The youngster had no problem fitting into camp on Sunday as she stripped the nets from deep and had an impressive eurostep through traffic for one of the toughest hoops of the day. Wakefield could log varsity minutes right now. As she continues to add to her game, her confidence will grow concurrently. I’m excited for Tracy Wakefield’s future.

Amaya Harris
2025 5-6 G Amaya Harris – Hillgrove
Harris is a tough cookie in the backcourt. Amaya is a strongly built guard that can shift directions and score in different ways. She’s a skilled finisher, but will also beat defenses with her stop-and-pop game. Amaya is a stingy defender that can help guard 1-3.

Londyn Walker
2025 5-8 G Londyn Walker – Wesleyan
One of the strongest players in camp, Londyn Walker is a battering ram when she puts her head down and attacks the rim. Walker is a powerful player, strong in the weight room which allows her to play much bigger than her size. She can outmuscle opponents for rebounds and has no problem absorbing contact for And-1 finishes. With her strength, Walker holds value defensively as she can hold her own when switched onto bigger oppnents.