GBCA Live Girls: 2025 Top Performers

GBCA Live Girls: 2025 Top Performers

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Hannah Morris2025 6-3 C Hannah Morris – Tri-Cities
One of the biggest stock risers at GBCA Live, Hannah Morris thoroughly impressed me as a sleeper that has a chance to explode over the next 12 months. Morris battled through setbacks early in her career with a pair of ACL tears but returned to action this past season to contribute 5.5 points, 6.8 rebounds and 1.3 blocks per game. With how well she played this weekend, I wouldn’t be surprised if Morris was able to nearly double her output her senior season. Tri-Cities was a pleasant surprise at GBCA Live with Morris the anchor. In their lone loss of the event, a 36-32 opening defeat against South Paulding, Hannah posted 11 points, 11 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 steals and 2 blocks. Morris plays with great physicality but is more than just a bruiser. She uses powerful post moves and is adept at bumping defenders backwards before going up to score. Morris scored with a drop step middle and would face up before making a move with her elbows flared wide. If she didn’t have the angle she wanted, Morris would coolly kick the ball back out and repost. Hannah showed touch with her ability to hit the turnaround jumper and score overtop of the defense after high-pointing rebounds. She went 4-6 from the foul line in the two games I saw, the second a 42-35 victory against Whitefield Academy in which Morris racked up 11 points, 14 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal and 2 blocks. Hannah should start popping up on college radars. Based on the landscape of recruiting and the level of other bigs that are picking up offers, I feel like Morris is a quality fit for smaller D-I schools. She is big, physical and what separates her from some other posts, is that she is productive and has a polished offensive game. I am a fan of Hannah Morris.

Chloe Van Dyke
2025 6-0 W Chloe Van Dyke – South Paulding
Versatility is a hallmark of Chloe’s game. The soccer standout has terrific agility and athleticism for her size. Chloe can play all over the floor but primarily serves as a playmaking wing. She does a good job as a drive-and-kick creator, able to find her shooters in the corner. Chloe is a threat to go coast-to-coast once clearing rebounds, using her speed to beat defenders down the floor. Van Dyke has a bit of a long shooting motion, bringing the ball to her ear, but she is a competent shooter that makes enough threes to keep the defense honest and is comfortable pulling up from 15-feet. Van Dyke’s presence is felt defensively with her ability to guard on the perimeter and in the paint. She anticipates passes well and does a good job contesting shots in the paint. Against Tri-Cities, Chloe recorded 7 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks. Chloe nabbed her first offer from Reinhardt in May. D-II programs have been tracking her progress as well.

Cameron Wade2025 5-7 G Cameron Wade – Archer
I thought Cameron Wade was a breakout performer at GBCA. A 4.2 GPA student who shines as a track and field star, Wade’s speed and agility immediately stood out on the hardwood in a 56-42 loss to Carrollton. Cameron found consistent success as a penetrator, using a blinding first step to get downhill. Wade’s quickness got her to the foul line routinely, shooting 5-9 from the stripe. Cameron netted a pair of threes en route to a game-high 19 points, 5 rebounds and 2 steals. Although Wade’s name wasn’t in the roster packet, her name still managed to circulate amongst college coaches in attendance once identified.

Mearah Whitehead2025 5-8 G Mearah Whitehead – Archer
It’s been about a year since I’ve last seen MeMe play. When I last saw her, Whitehead was still a hard-playing hustling off-guard. On Thursday, I saw that same motor, but much more natural decision making as a point guard. I loved how Mearah was able to balance her scoring while still managing to create for others. She was quick to attack the hoop with floaters and played well off of Cameron Wade. I think the tandem in the backcourt has a chance to be among the best 1-2 punches in Gwinnett County this upcoming season. Whitehead finished with 11 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal against Carrollton. I wouldn’t be shocked if D-II schools start bidding for Whitehead while D-I programs track the situation closely.

2025 6-0 PF Jasmine Baxter – Langston Hughes
Jacksonville State offered right after GBCA Live. Baxter is one of the strongest, most physical players in the state. She blends her toughness with a high skill level, able to score with her back to the basket using a variety of moves. Jasmine uses shoulder fakes down low before finishing with either hand. Her range has grown over the course of her career, stepping out to hit a straightaway three in a 33-32 win over Norcross. Baxter finished with 12 points, 6 rebounds and 1 block battling against the Blue Devils’ intimidating frontcourt. Schools looking for toughness and offense inside should check in with Jasmine.

Janaye Walker2025 6-3 C Janaye Walker – Baldwin
The sign of a legitimate prospect is that they improve each year. There is always some sort of skill that needs refinement or added to a player’s game. What Janaye Walker did on Thursday left me incredibly impressed. The Bravettes beat Cherokee Bluff 49-25 – not an upset by any means – but how Janaye was able to dominate the game was in a manner in which I haven’t seen from her in my three-plus years watching Walker develop. Of course, Janaye was unstoppable inside as an offensive rebounder and powerful finisher but it was her jump shot that should have rung alarm bells with college coaches in attendance as she hit six outside shots including three three-pointers, one via pull-up. Walker shot each shot in rhythm with confidence as she racked up 19 points, 10 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal. I’ve long been curious to see how Janaye could take her game to the next level. At her size with her elite rebounding and battering low block scoring, adding three-point range brings Walker’s arsenal and more importantly recruiting upside to a whole different level.

Emma Lightsey
2025 5-5 SG Emma Lightsey – White County
The sharpshooter did exactly what she does best against Carver-Columbus, punishing the Tigers as she got open looks against the press. Emma cashed in on four three-pointers on her way to finishing with a game-high 18 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal in a 47-36 victory. Lightsey has one of the quickest triggers in the state. She enjoyed a breakout junior season averaging 16.4 points on 31% three-point shooting, knocking down 114 shots from beyond the arc. Lightsey gets it out of her hands quick both off the catch and off the dribble. She implements quick sidestep dribbles to let defenders fly by before shooting and has deep range over screens. Emmanuel and Coastal Georgia have both offered. Truett-McConnell, Young Harris, North Georgia and Columbus State were courtside for her performance against Carver-Columbus.

Kylie Watkins
2025 6-0 F Kylie Watkins – White County
I’ve always been a fan of Kylie Watkins’ game. The wiry forward finds ways to consistently produce. Against Carver-Columbus Watkins filled up the box score with 14 points, 12 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals and 8 blocks. As I do with almost every evaluation of her over the past three-plus years, her attribute of stick-to-itiveness is always apparent when I watch Kylie play. Her length and timing in the paint allows her to high-point rebounds and swat away shots. Concern about her physical strength playing at the next level is one of the few things holding back Watkins from vacuuming in offers. Her skill as a face-up four with the ability to shoot the three and do damage from the high post gives her versatility on offense. Kylie finishes well with both hands inside and has proven she can score And-1s through contact. Emmanuel offered in April.

2025 6-1 C Lydia Wolfe – Jackson County
Back after taking a year off from basketball, Wolfe has been getting back into game shape and improving each time out. Lydia has a nice skill set that she is starting to implement with more consistency. Her three-point shot is a burgeoning weapon, hitting a triple against Tucker. In her first three games, Lydia went 7-8 from the foul line and scored a pair of And-1s. Quickening her footwork, being ball strong and exploding up to finish against smaller defenders will help Wolfe raise her stock with college coaches. She averaged 7 points, 6.5 rebounds, 0.7 assists, 1 steal and 0.3 blocks per game. As the lone senior on the Jackson County roster, Wolfe’s vocal leadership and passion are positives for the program.

Jesstynie Scott
2025 5-8 PG Jesstynie Scott – Sumter County
A face guard slowed down Jesstynie Scott for one half of action against Jackson County before breaking through after halftime to score 10 of her game-high 15 points to pair with her 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 steals and 1 block in a 33-25 victory. The do-everything guard is the heart and soul of Sumter County. Scott can probably stand to be more selfish and hunt shots more frequently but the D-I prospect is a true point guard that refuses to force the issue and instead makes it a point to get others involved. Jesstynie has great speed with the ball and bursts out of the pack in transition. She finishes with both hands as a crafty downhill scorer. If Jesstynie can shoot the mid-range and three-pointer (33%) with consistency, more and more schools will jump in the mix. East Tennessee State is the latest to offer the high character playmaker.

Jermiya Winston2025 5-9 W Jermiya Winston – Rome
Virginia State and Morgan State have both offered this offseason. Jermiya is an aggressive, high-motor athlete that can play either the two or the three. Winston excels at getting to the basket off the dribble but can also pour in jumpers from the mid-range with the three-ball also in her back pocket. The triple jump track and field star uses her length and leaping ability to make plays on defense, shooting into passing lanes and rotating over to block shots from behind. In a 41-35 loss to Southwest DeKalb, Winston posted 16 points, 6 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 steals while handling a face guard.

Aubree Langley2025 5-9 F Aubree Langley – Coahulla Creek
Langley is a steady forward with a soft touch. Aubree can score inside and out with her jump shot. She is efficient in the short corner and gets a lot of good looks out of Coahulla Creek’s dribble-drive offense. Langley went 3-4 from the foul line and finished with 11 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal and 2 blocks in a 46-22 win over Jackson County. Also a volleyball standout, D-III and NAIA schools may want to track her development.

Kenzie Wyman2025 5-8 G Kenzie Wyman – Lassiter
Every time Kenzie suits up, she manages to put a serious dent in the box score. The stat sheet stuffer recorded 11 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 steal in a gritty 29-25 win over Columbia. Wyman can play all across the perimeter. She spent a lot of time running the point as Lassiter’s top decision maker. Wyman’s court vision and sharp passes are among her strongest traits. Kenzie’s vocal leadership really stands out. She’s a constant encourager whose love for the game is exuded each play. The lefty is a good outlet passer, showcasing her strength which gives her great versatility. D-II and D-III programs have been monitoring the high academic prospect. Her perimeter defense will likely determine which level she plays at. Schools have noted they like the way she shoots the ball. Against Columbia, Kenzie knocked down a pair of threes – one a pull-up and the other a step-back.

Mackenna Nix
2025 5-11 F Mackenna Nix – Temple
As she is accustomed to doing, both on the hardwood and in the weight room, Mackenna Nix did the heavy lifting in a 27-18 win over Collins Hill, netting 16 points, 12 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals and 4 blocks with UNC Asheville, Oglethorpe and Young Harris in attendance. Nix is a physical powerhouse that rips down rebounds and draws fouls. She shot 7-10 from the foul line. Mackenna comes away from games black and blue with the hustle she brings and the amount of times she is on the floor. Aside from her aggressive physicality, Nix also can beat opponents with her pure skill. She goes coast-to-coast after collecting rebounds and can also open up the floor with her three-point shot, a weapon which has steadily improved each season. Nix is a tone setter with her toughness, playing through pain as she battled through a swollen finger. Mackenna is looking for the right fit, somewhere where she can flourish and have her school paid for. D-II, D-III and NAIA schools have all offered the combo-forward.

Carly Miller2025 5-7 G Carly Miller – Wilcox County
Sleeper alert. I couldn’t believe Carly only averaged 4.4 points per game this past season after watching her erupt against Taylor County for 17 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals and 1 block in a 54-33 blowout. Miller looks the part. She is an athletic guard with a pretty jump shot, something you often don’t find at the Class A D-II level. Miller poured in three threes, hit a one-dribble pull-up and netted a baseline jumper. I would like to see more of Miller. If she can replicate her output against Taylor County throughout her senior season, she could find herself on a college roster one day.

2025 5-10 W Parris Parham – Bradwell Institute
Schools are starting to buzz about Parris Parham, the physical All-State wing who averaged 19.1 points, 8.9 rebounds, 2.2 assists, 2.3 steals and 1.6 blocks while shooting 54-158 (34%) from three as a junior. As the stat line tells you, Parham does a lot on the floor. She’s a tough-nosed player that does damage inside and out. Against Hillgrove on Friday morning, it was Parham’s playmaking that sparked her offense. Parris created off the dribble and found her teammates with one-handed wrap around assists while driving baseline. Following a two-point first half with her team down 15-12, Parham ramped it up and finished with 13 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals and 4 blocks as the Tigers won 32-27. She sank a pair of threes and got to the foul line, going 5-6. Parris has versatility on both sides of the ball and can play either forward position. D-I schools are tracking her while D-II programs should go ahead and make her a priority before it is too late.

Amilya Taft2025 6-3 C Amilya Taft – Creekview
The Anderson-commit had one of the best performances of her career and certainly the best I have witnessed in person, dominating the interior against Wesleyan in a 63-21 destruction. The Grizzlies established Taft early and often, force feeding her on high-low looks. Taft deftly maneuvered around the hoop with reverses and left-handed layups. Amilya hit a short turnaround jumper and scored on three putbacks. She did a terrific job of burying her man underneath the rim for easy catch and finish buckets. When catching on the block, Amilya was patient and did well finding cutters. Taft recorded 21 points, 8 rebounds, 1 assist and 3 steals. She looked much quicker with the ball from when I last saw her and played with conviction in the paint.

J'Bionna Robinson2025 5-8 CG J’Bionna Robinson – Morrow
I really liked how J’Bionna played in a 42-36 win over Greenforest.  Robinson is a big guard with great balance. She keeps her head up when attacking the defense and is able to craftily finish in traffic against length with both hands. Robinson gets the ball moving from side to side with her sharp passes. When she calls her own number, J’Bionna can drop in floaters or get to her one-dribble pull-up. Morrow went 20-23 from the foul line in the win, Robinson accounting for a perfect 4-4. JB has been on college radars since her freshman year. The latest schools to offer are Little Rock and William & Mary.

2025 5-0 PG Janiya McCoy – Greenforest
Known for her scrappy on-ball pressure defense, Janiya instead stood out with her offense at her new home in Greenforest after transferring from Southwest DeKalb. McCoy used her jitterbug quickness to split traps and make plays downhill as a drive-and-kick facilitator. Once she beat the defense, McCoy found success vacuuming up backline defenders and dropping off assists to her bigs. When she looked to score herself, Janiya loved getting to her floater and mixed in a three-ball. McCoy finished with 7 points, 1 rebound and 5 assists in a close loss to Morrow.

Annarose Tyre
2025 5-8 PG Annarose Tyre – Lambert
Annarose has started to see a serious uptick in her recruitment. Coastal Georgia and Berry offered at the conclusion of GBCA Live while North Greenville, Sewanee and Columbus State all offered prior. Tyre is a big-time competitor. Annarose is a swift driver that has a knack for drawing fouls and converting at the line. She has deep three-point range off the catch and off the dribble. Against Murray County, Tyre tallied 16 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal, hitting a pair of threes and going 6-6 from the foul line. Tyre does everything you could want from a lead guard. Expect more D-II offers to trickle in.

Londyn Walker2025 5-8 PG Londyn Walker – Milton
The All-State guard plucked a Jacksonville offer at the start of 2024. Londyn is a bowling ball downhill with advanced court vision. Her move to Milton unlocked her potential, seeing her thrive as a playmaker. In a 40-28 win over Stockbridge, Walker posted her usual robust stat line with 11 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists. Londyn got to the hoop and utilized her floater in traffic. The consistency of her outside shot will help determine what type of offers she will get. She sank a corner three in the win. More D-I and D-II bids should be in Londyn’s future.

2025 5-9 W Kahli Ingram – Stockbridge
Schools should be aware of Kahli Ingram, especially D-II programs. Kahli is an athletic guard that can do a lot on the floor. While she is a good slasher that can hang to finish in traffic, what really impresses me is Kahli’s outside shot. She creates separation and is able to consistently get to her spots with her pull-up jumper. Against Milton, Ingram hit a pull-up turnaround jumper, a mid-range shot off the bounce and sank a three. Kahli totaled 13 points, 5 rebounds, 1 steal and 1 block. With CJ Wilson graduated, look for Ingram to assert herself as Stockbridge’s go-to guy.

Shaniya Sanders
2025 5-11 W Shaniya Sanders – Josey
Saving the best for last, GBCA Live closed with a bang as Shaniya Sanders caught fire in front of a handful of college coaches, West Georgia and Central Georgia Tech included. Sanders buried five threes, hitting from the corner and top of the key, nailing shots off the catch, on pull-ups and step-backs. With her size, Sanders is a tough-shot maker as she displayed on Saturday. Her pull-up jumper was impressive against Etowah, sinking a total of six jump shots as she finished with a game-high 20 points, 10 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal and 1 block. Mix in Sanders’ athleticism and length, Shaniya is a valuable versatile swingman. It was a loud stock-up performance and a reminder for college coaches to never leave an event early.

Taylor Davis2025 5-10 W Taylor Davis – Etowah
An interesting late addition to some recruiting lists, Taylor Davis checks some boxes that small schools could find attractive. At 5-foot-10, Davis has good size and length. She is an effective three-point shooter and against Josey, showed the ability to hit floaters in the lane. Taylor guards the post as Etowah’s tallest player, giving her versatility and switchability on defense. Davis netted three threes and had 14 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist in the final game of the event. D-III and NAIA programs could see value in Taylor’s game.