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PRO Fall Fastbreak Boys Top Performers

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Jaeden Burns2024 6-4 F Jaeden Burns – Warner Robins
Keep an eye on Jaeden Burns his senior season. The rangy combo-forward brings great energy on both sides of the ball. He is a versatile defender that can guard on the perimeter and in the post. Burns has a quick second leap when rebounding. His activity on the backboards earns second chances.

2024 6-4 F Markelle Jones – Dougherty
Jones is a defensive ace. Listed at 6-foot-4, he plays bigger with his wingspan and timing off the ground. The lefty changes shots routinely and crashes in for rebounds. Markelle is agile enough to attack from 15 feet. Jones averaged 10.8 points, 6.6 rebounds, 1.1 steals and 2.9 blocks as a junior.

Brent Williams2026 6-7 PF Brent Williams – Loganville
Williams is a bit of a throwback post. While he can play above the rim and shoot the three, the lefty does some of his best work with his back to the basket. Quickening his post moves and overall agility will help at the next level, but the skill set is a well-rounded one for a big man his age.

Hunter Amick2024 6-4 W Hunter Amick – Brookwood
The fruits of Hunter Amick’s labor are about to show his senior year. Since the Sandy’s Spiel Spring Showcase, Amick has put in the work necessary to become a legitimate college prospect. It’s easy to harp on his athleticism and effort, but Hunter’s ball skills have improved as well. The versatile swingman is becoming a playmaker off the dribble. He’s a steady slasher and an improving jump shooter.

Chasion Williams2025 6-5 F Chasion Wilson – Lake Worth Community
Chasion Wilson makes this list Every. Single. Time. The high-flyer from Florida is exciting to watch as he routinely leads all campers in dunks when he shows out at PRO events. Wilson’s ability to get downhill and elevate above others is impressive. Growing his perimeter skill set will allow him to unlock new heights.

Grant Jackson2024 6-6 F Grant Jackson – Valdosta
Count on Grant Jackson to explode past the numbers he put up as a junior, averaging just 1 point and 1.7 rebounds per game. I came away impressed with what Grant was able to do at the four-spot. Jackson was able to score in the paint, gathering himself with balance and exploding to the rim. He made good decisions out of the high post as a passer.

Tahai Morgan2024 6-0 PG Tahai Morgan – Lanier
Entering camp as the most established prospect, Boogie wasted no time getting to work. The three-level scorer changed speeds exceptionally well, throttling up with bursts to the basket to leave defenders in the dust. Morgan is a crafty finisher. Not only can he score through the trees from tough angles, he can chop down the lumber with highlight jams. Brevard College offered last month.

Amari Morgan2025 6-5 W Amari Morgan – Lanier
Amari checks a lot of boxes. Morgan has very good size on the wing and is an explosive athlete that glides to the rim. The junior is knocking on the door of producing a breakout campaign, especially if he starts knocking down outside shots consistently.

Benjamin Harper2024 6-3 W Benjamin Harper – Veritas Classical
Harper turned some heads with his flowing locks but more substantially his skill. Harper is an athletic swingman that explodes to the rim. He hangs in the air for tough finishes and showed on Saturday the ability to get to his spots in the mid-range. His subtle yet smooth game can catch opponents off guard from all levels.

Stefan Todorovic2024 6-3 SG Stefan Todorovic – Furtah Prep
Give Stefan some space and he will make you pay. Todorovic is a physically strong guard with college-ready size. He can bury teams with catch-and-shoot threes. As he gets more comfortable with the speed and athleticism of the American game, expect Stefan to find success consistently.

Bryson Henry2025 6-5 F Bryson Henry – Valdosta
Another potential long-term hidden gem for small programs, Bryson Henry made an impact in the paint with his scoring touch and rebounding. Henry has a pretty baby hook in the middle of the lane which is tough to defend.

Brayden Holiday2026 6-1 PG Brayden Holiday – Mountain View
Holiday has the ball on a string. He does a nice job balancing his scoring with his facilitating. Expect Holiday to see some minutes in Year 2, but really take off as a junior once a large 2024 class graduates. He feels like the type of guard that can see an offense run through him consistently, serving as a point producer.

PRO Summer Madness Boys Top Performers

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Jay Johnson
2024 6-3 W Jay Johnson – Warner Robins
Schools will want to check in with Jermarquis Johnson. Jay is a multidimensional wing that can play either on or off the ball. He makes things happen as a playmaker, serving as a big guard. Johnson sees the floor exceptionally well. When he attacks the rim, he’s a threat to thread the needle to an open teammate. If he finds a mismatch, Johnson will go on the block and post up. The toolsy swingman is an explosive leaper that rises up to rebound at a high level and provides versatility on defense. Johnson’s smooth game and propensity for filling up the box score will surely draw the attention of multiple college programs.

Isaiah Camon
2025 6-1 G Isaiah Camon – Lanier County
The talk of camp was the lefty from Lakeland. Camon, a First Team All-Region selection this past season, is an electric scorer from the mid-range. Isaiah assaults defenses with his pull-up jumper, loving to go left and stop on a dime when getting to his spots. He is a microwave scorer that pours in points in bunches.

Frank Jackson
2026 6-4 G Frank Jackson – Paideia
Frank Jackson is the definition of a “big guard”. The rising sophomore shrugged off defenders when getting to the rack to score through contact. Jackson loves getting downhill and can make a difference on the glass, but Frank’s three-point shot is what really helps him keep defenses off balance. He does a nice job creating separation on the perimeter and using his size to shoot over top of contests. At 6-foot-4 Jackson holds great value defensively and can hold his own when switching onto larger opponents.

Jakari Byrd
2025 6-5 F Jakari Byrd – Colquitt County
It didn’t take long for Jakari Byrd, a regular at PRO camps, to make his presence felt on Sunday. The powerful forward scored inside and out, dominating on the offensive glass and running the floor for easy buckets. Jakari had a strong baseline drive through contact and stepped outside to hit a three. The lefty is a workhorse around the basket and has started to expand his range. Stay tuned.

Quintes Yarbrough2024 6-3 W Quintes Yarbrough – Devyne Stephens
Yarbrough is a power perimeter player. He likes to use his strength to barrel his way to the bucket. His physicality helps him be an effective rebounder and a multi-positional defender.

Brent Williams
2026 6-7 PF Brent Williams – Loganville
Brent has an old school post game. He knows where his bread is buttered and that is on the block. Williams has great size and a sturdy enough frame to battle for post position and score through bumps inside. The lefty likes to get to his hook shot in the lane. Williams runs the floor in transition and will occasionally handle the ball up top. He works the baseline well on drives and can step out to the three-point line from time to time.

Brayden Holiday
2026 6-0 G Brayden Holiday – Mountain View
There was a lot to like about Brayden’s showing on Sunday. First off, he’s active. Holiday was always buzzing around the ball. He swooped in for rebounds and was effective when defending one-on-one. I was really impressed with his ability to finish. He used euro-steps to get to his floater and could squeeze through the defense for tough layups, using the perfect amount of English to kiss the ball off the backboard. Brayden also knocked down a few threes on the day. The Mountain View backcourt is in good hands.

Richard Dunston
2024 5-9 PG Richard Dunston – Meadowcreek
Dunston served as a pass-first playmaker. He had the ball on a string as he manipulated the defense and found the open man. Richard packed a punch as a scorer himself, getting to his spots in the mid-range and stretching out the defense with his three-point shot.

Tre Winters2025 6-4 W Tre Winters – Adairsville
With his size and athleticism, Winters has a tantalizing future at the next level. He was able to shoot gaps on defense and turn errant passes into breakaway slams. In the halfcourt, Tre was smooth getting to the rim for finger rolls and displayed advanced court vision with his ability to hit the open man.

2024 6-3 G Tim Smith – Central Gwinnett
Wiry and wired to score, Smith put up points from all angles on Sunday. He buried threes off the catch and off the dribble. He used a sharp crossover to plant his foot and get into the paint where he finished above the rim.

Zakariyya Dwight
2025 6-5 W Zakariyya Dwight – Crisp County
The Class 3A Most Improved Player turned heads with his high-flying play and interesting skill set. Dwight has great size as a swingman and the springs to live above the rim. Aside from his highlight dunks, Zakariyya uses his bounce when rebounding and altering shots defensively; he is capable of defending inside and out. While his dunks get the headlines, Dwight is also a solid outside shooter that can cash in corner threes. Only a rising junior, Zakariyya has a chance to climb up recruiting boards quickly.

Chasion Wilson2025 6-5 F Chasion Wilson – Lake Worth
Wilson always brings a high motor with him to camp. The Florida-native runs the floor and gets on the offensive glass for putbacks. He finishes with dunks. Chasion can help defend 3-5.

Hunter Amick
2024 6-4 W Hunter Amick – Brookwood
I would be surprised if Hunter Amick doesn’t have a breakout senior season. He has been consistently good throughout the offseason. He plays extremely hard. Hunter is a very good athlete with a quick second leap when rebounding. He’s able to attack off the dribble and finish at the basket. Amick has really grown as a playmaker. He pushes the ball well and can whip in one-handed passes on the move. His ability to clear rebounds and ignite fastbreaks keeps opponents on their heels as they must transition to defense quickly to keep pace with Amick in the open floor.

Kameron Plummer
2025 6-1 G Kameron Plummer – Houston County
It didn’t take long to identify Kameron Plummer’s money move. His sweet spot is the pull-up jumper from the mid-range. When Plummer was able to get into rhythm and attack with one or two dribbles, he was automatic. The long-armed youngster earned an offer from Voorhees after camp.

Joshua Goode2024 6-4 SG Joshua Goode – New Creation Christian
One of, if not the best three-point shooter in camp was Joshua Goode. He was lethal when left with space, especially making a home in the corners. A certified zone buster, Goode did more than just stroke it from deep. He was able to put the ball on the floor and hit tough floaters in traffic. The big guard has value at the next level with his shot making ability from the perimeter.

Cameron Stephen2025 6-3 G Cameron Stephen – Shiloh
An offseason move from Putnam County to Shiloh will likely put Cameron Stephen more in the spotlight. The rising junior is a smooth three-level scorer with an electric burst to the rim. He breaks down defenders when getting downhill and has an easy glide to the rim. Stephen’s ability to score off the dribble with his perimeter shot causes scouting problems for opponents. He can beat defenses in so many different ways. He is a stock riser.