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GBCA Live Boys: 2025 Top Performers

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Cedric Taylor2025 6-10 F Cedric Taylor – ELCA
Still somehow a sleeper, Cedric Taylor’s move to the GHSA will afford him many more eyeballs and opportunities to play at the next level. At 6-foot-10, it’s hard to imagine schools aren’t familiar with the Swedish’s forward’s game. Continue reading GBCA Live Boys: 2025 Top Performers

GBCA Live Top Performers

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Maki Joyner2025 6-4 G Maki Joyner – Savannah
Staying till 9 PM on Friday night for a side court game between Savannah and Columbia was worth it, not only for me but for the colleges still in attendance. Maki Joyner shined in a 46-39 loss and picked up a Kennesaw State offer afterwards, his second offer of the month just days after securing an East Carolina bid. Continue reading GBCA Live Top Performers