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Matthew McAuley
2025 5-10 PG Matthew McAuley – Allatoona
With the game on the line, Matthew McAuley showed his mettle hitting a sudden-death corner three to lift Allatoona past Whitewater 53-50 in the first game of the day. McAuley accounted for 15 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals. The undersized guard is a heady playmaker whose best offense comes vis his jump shot. Matt netted three three-pointers in the win and showed some wiggle downhill, finishing tough layups in traffic.

Dean Soulsby2025 6-2 SG Dean Soulsby – Allatoona
The three-point marksman was dialed in, drilling four of Allatoona’s 10 threes against Whitewater. Dean has deep range. He scores off the catch from beyond the arc and has enough creativity to get his shot off the dribble. Soulsby tallied 12 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals. He’s one of the best shooters in the state.

Seyi Daramola
2025 6-5 PF Seyi Daramola – Whitewater
Seyi is going to see his stock rise his senior season. The bouncy, high-energy forward will anchor the Wildcats this year. Daramola is a quick second leaper – a great offensive rebounder. Seyi has a quick first step, attacking the defense off the dribble from the high post and wing. His ability to play above the rim allows him to get to balls before opponents with his long arms and anticipation. Seyi scored on three putbacks against Allatoona and finished with 18 points, 9 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal and 1 block. D-III and NAIA programs should take a long look at the burgeoning big man. Listed at 6-foot-5, Daramola plays much bigger than his size and holds important value defensively as a rim protector and someone that can switch out onto guards.

Brent Bell2026 6-5 SG Brent Bell – Darlington
All signs point to Brent Bell having a monster final two seasons. He was outstanding against Wesleyan, dumping in 26 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steal in a 66-34 win. Bell’s efficiency and multi-level scoring was impressive. Brent sunk three three-pointers and bullied his way to the basket with physical drives, backing down his man, creating contact and finishing with either hand. At a legit 6-foot-5, Bell has all the tools to become a solid D-II prospect with the upside to potentially earn D-I interest. Buy stock now before the bell rings.

Christian Teasley2026 6-2 G Christian Teasley – Darlington
Christian will see plenty of opportunities to positively impact the Tigers this upcoming season. Teasley looks the part with the ball in his hands. He makes quick moves and can get his shot off the dribble. Teasley shoots the three well and has creativity attacking the basket, implementing spin moves and using his wiry strength to score through contact. Against Wesleyan, Teasley hit a pair of threes en route to posting 17 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 steals.

2028 5-8 G Michael Weyer – Wesleyan
Though he was the smallest on the floor in most situations, Michael Weyer played without fear. The little guard stood out with his outside shot, knocking down threes and even mixing in floaters in the lane. As Weyer grows and gets more reps at the varsity level, expect his contributions to increase. With his three-point shot, Weyer could see important minutes early on in his career.

2025 6-4 G Grant Schelhammer – Wesleyan
With key seniors graduating, Grant Schelhammer could slide into a key role his final season. The long-armed lefty has good size on the perimeter. He can shoot the three and make plays off the bounce. Where I think Schelhammer’s greatest value lies is his versatility on defense. He has the length to affect offensive players both in the paint and on the perimeter. Against Darlington, Grant tallied 10 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists.

Jahmar Maurice2028 5-11 G Jahmar Maurice – Furtah Prep
Jahmar lived up to the hype against ML King, erupting for 26 points, 8 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 steals and 1 block. The ballyhooed freshman is a fast-twitch athlete who is always in attack mode. Maurice gets downhill at will with sharp agility. He snaps off eurosteps with ease and can hang in the air to drop in his floater. When Jahmar gets out in transition, he is extremely difficult to catch. He explodes to the rim with speed and elevates to finish through defenders. Adding a consistent outside shot will make Maurice even scarier and could push him to the top as one of the best 2028s in Georgia. Maurice netted a corner three and went 2-5 from the line. His dynamic athleticism and knack for getting to the rim makes him one of the impactful freshmen in the state.

Emontae Gourdine2026 5-9 G Emontae Gourdine – ML King
The southpaw lit it up in a 54-52 loss to Furtah Prep, sinking four threes and two mid-range jumpers. Emontae hit two corner threes off the catch and was able to get to his sweep spots in the mid-range on pull-ups. When he found himself in the paint, he deftly maneuvered with floaters and step throughs. Gourdine dropped 24 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal. He is a sneaky good guard to keep an eye on moving forward.

Caleb Samples2025 6-6 W Caleb Samples – Union Grove
D-II schools should get familiar with Caleb Samples. The inside-out combo-forward has size, athleticism and skill. Over his two games against Southwest-Macon and St. Francis, Samples averaged 17.5 points, 6.5 rebounds and 1.5 assists while hitting three three-pointers and five jumpers. Caleb got to work in the post as well, utilizing hook shots, post turnarounds and dunks. Samples took his man off the dribble from the wing and was able to hit tough shots from 15-feet. When Caleb cleared defensive rebounds, he looked to push in transition. Samples is an intriguing tweener that can be used in a variety of ways.

Chris Wray2027 6-3 W Chris Wray – Union Grove
The breakout star from camp who came in as a somewhat unestablished prospect was Chris Wray. The 3&D wing was outstanding in the corners with his floor spacing ability. Wray drilled 11 threes in two games, averaging 18 points, 5 rebounds and 1.5 assists. Chris did well defensively using his long arms to help guard on the perimeter before rotating down for rebounds. The catch-and-shoot specialist provides a new dimension to the Union Grove offense.

Chase Dupree2026 6-3 G Chase Dupree – Southwest-Macon
Chase is a pure scorer. Dupree who holds D-I offers, is skilled in isolation situations. He creates space off the dribble for his jump shot but also can serve as a facilitator, patient in the pick-and-roll as he lets his diver break through the first line of defense before putting passes on him for easy layups. Chase’s athleticism allows him to get lift on his jump shot which in turn gives him clean looks at the rim. Dupree drilled three three-pointers and hit a pair of mid-range pull-ups to supplement his floaters and slams. In Southwest-Macon’s 53-52 win over Union Grove, it was Dupree who it the game-winning pull-up jumper. His comfortably with the ball in his hands exudes great confidence to make plays. Dupree poured in 25 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals and 1 block. Chase did not disappoint in my long-awaited first look.

Reynolds Escher2025 6-1 G Reynolds Escher – St. Francis
Reynolds is tough as nails. One of the state’s most consistent seniors, Escher is a bulldog on offense from 15-feet and in. He craftily uses his strength and deft footwork to maneuver his way to the hoop. Escher hits pull-up jumpers and does a really good job getting shifty with hesitation moves to get defenders off balance before seeking contact to get to the foul line. Developing a consistent three-point shot will elevate Escher on recruiting boards. In a 68-57 win over Union Grove, Reynolds nearly recorded a triple-double as the do-everything leader compiled 16 points, 14 rebounds and 9 assists.

2026 6-3 SG Deniz Ozbek – St. Francis
I really like what Deniz does off the ball. He’s a strongly built shooting guard that spaces the floor with his three-point shot, a perfect fit playing next to Reynolds Escher. Ozbek strokes it from deep off the catch and can put the ball on the floor in spurts when needing to free himself. Deniz cashed in on five threes as he finished with 19 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist against Union Grove. Ozbek is trending up heading into his final two seasons.

Malik Gillespie2026 6-0 G Malik Gillespie – Houston County
Georgia State and Arkansas-Pine Bluff have both offered the hard-playing guard. With the violent athleticism and relentless effort of Malik Gillespie, at first look the polished playmaker may seem like primarily a downhill slasher, but Gillespie has a legit well-rounded game. Malik shoots the ball well off the dribble from the mid-range and three-point line. He has a nice in-between game from about 10-feet, capable of dropping in floaters. I love his agility, quick to change direction and dart around. His explosive leaping ability helps him finish at the rim and his second jump lets him clean up any misses. In a 63-62 loss to LaGrange, Malik filled up the box score with 19 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists, 4 steals and 1 block. Gillespie is one of Middle Georgia’s elite.

Kameron Plummer2025 6-1 PG Kameron Plummer – Houston County
Wiry with wide shoulders, Kameron Plummer has a nice frame for a lead guard. The pass-first playmaker has the length to impact games in different ways. His wingspan is in play when guarding on the perimeter, quick to deflect passes and force turnovers. Plummer uses his frame when getting to the hoop, able to create separation. Kam rebounds well and will initiate fastbreaks by pushing the ball. Plummer had 14 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 steals and 1 block against LaGrange, hitting a pair of threes and scoring on two putbacks.

BJ Wortham2025 6-0 G BJ Wortham – LaGrange
In a balanced Granger attack, BJ went for 13 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal and 2 blocks to help LaGrange rally past Houston County. Wortham attacked the hoop with both hands. BJ went coast-to-coast and in the halfcourt was able to hit shots from the perimeter with three-point range. His activity level on defense shined as BJ closed out possessions with rebounds and defensive stands.

2025 6-4 W Torian Reeves – LaGrange
The viral dunking sensation proved he was more than just an athlete in a narrow win against Houston County. The jumping jack tallied 10 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal and 2 blocks. Reeves hit a mid-range jumper off the catch and created off the bounce, netting a pull-up. With his length and leaping ability, Torian got to the rim by using hesitations moves. His physical tools project Reeves to be an above average defender who can help guard 1-5.

Qwes Williams2025 6-7 W Qwes Williams – East Coweta
On a roster loaded with size and athleticism, Qwes stood out with his versatility. Williams can serve time between the three and the four. He has the quickness and ball skills to get downhill from the wing and can also hit shots from the perimeter. Williams sank a three against Pierce County. Qwes’ defense was a difference maker in the 53-42 win as he guarded inside and out which led to a balanced stat line of 7 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks. College programs should be in touch with the intriguing Indian.

Nigel Brown2026 6-3 G Nigel Brown – Pierce County
Nigel Brown stepped up with Joe Drew absent due to football. Nigel has nice size at the guard position, a stout 6-foot-3 with muscle. He is a solid slasher that can finish against length. Brown is a competent jump shooter from 15-feet and has a chance to grow his range to the three-point line. Nigel scored a game-high 12 points vs. East Coweta.

2026 6-3 G Jared White – Heritage-Conyers
Scoring is in Jared White’s blood. The younger brother of James White (New Orleans), Jared has a knack for putting points on the board. Jared has a stronger frame than his brother at the same age, equipped with some weight which helps him when attacking the hoop. Jared peppered the defense on Sunday with his jump shot. He can go on personal scoring runs with his three-point shot. He has deep range, scoring off the catch and off the dribble.

2025 6-1 G Nick Durham – Alcovy
The wired-to-score lefty is the unquestioned go-to guy for Alcovy. Nick can get his shot off from all three levels. He utilizes the triple-threat upon the catch, jab stepping defenders as he sets them up for moves. Durham is a sneaky good playmaker that can deliver sharp passes to open teammates once the defense collapses on him. Nick is in line for an All-State caliber year and is a stock riser moving forward.

Sandy’s Spiel Tip-Off Classic Boys Top Performers

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Putnam County 73
Union County 70

Landon Bonner2024 6-0 G Landon Bonner – Putnam County
Trailing Union County 59-46 heading into the fourth quarter, I knew and of course Landon Bonner knew that the game was far from over. Bonner erupted for 19 points in the final stanza, stunning the Panthers for a 73-70 win. Continue reading Sandy’s Spiel Tip-Off Classic Boys Top Performers

CTC Comeback: Boys Evaluations

Please visit @CTCAthletics on Twitter and on Instagram for highlights from Sunday’s event.

Off The Dribble HypeSouth Media Network provided film for every game. You can view the replay HERE.

Team 1

2021 6-3 PG Micah Bell – Chapel Hill – GPA: 3.0
A late arrival to camp, Micah Bell brought fireworks with him when he arrived. The wiry guard was electric when getting downhill, using a graceful glide to the hoop and elite bounce to finish at the rim. Bell had monster dunks that had defenders clearing out of the way to live to see another day. Bell’s athleticism and wingspan help him defend at a high level. He moves his feet easily and can jostle free steals. Bell has received D-I interest and offers over the course of his career. He’s a no-brainer High Major D-I athlete. He will have to prove he can consistently shoot from the perimeter in able to reach his high ceiling; he has a bit of a slow release with a hitch. Once he gets his jumper fine-tuned, Bell could make an immediate impact at the next level.

JoJo Bell
2022 6-2 SG JoJo Bell – Central-Carrollton – SEBA FCI Warriors – GPA: 3.95
Joseph Bell brought energy on the floor and on the bench. While on the floor, Bell used his length and athleticism to attack the hoop. On the bench, he’s vocal in support of his teammates. Bell has all the tools to become a nice sleeper out of West Georgia. He gets in passing lanes and uses his springy legs to rebound in traffic. He did his best work when he was able to get downhill and elevate. Bell plays bigger than his size thanks to his motor and leaping ability. He was one of camp’s breakout performers.

Amarion Jackson
2021 5-11 PG Amarion Jackson – Camden County – Team Sky Priority – GPA: 3.0
Some players just say they want to play college basketball while others actively go out and make it happen. Amarion Jackson made the five-hour drive from Kingsland to be able to participate at camp and he was the first one at our door ready to check-in. It was a business trip for Jackson and he did just that – get to business. Jackson is a strong bodied guard with a tough demeanor. He did a nice job attacking the basket where he could take bumps getting to the hoop. Jackson finished at the rim but didn’t force anything, often looking to make the extra pass first before calling his own number. He hit a few threes on the day and provided playmaking and good on-ball defense. Jackson visited Gordon State on Monday.

Dean Soulsby
2025 5-11 G Dean Soulsby – Allatoona – NME Elite – GPA: 3.5
Dean Soulsby provided court vision, rebounding and timely shot making playing against the big boys. The rising freshman fit in well and quickly found his niche within the team. He drilled a three-pointer and picked up a handful of assists.

Jeremy Sams
2022 6-2 W Jeremy Sams – Veterans – Georgia Rebels – GPA: 3.2
We really liked how Jeremy Sams played. Coming from Middle Georgia, Sams brought toughness to the table. He was an inside-out presence that was able to collect rebounds and push in transition. Sams is capable of playing 2-4 with his strength and quickness. He finished with both hands at the rim and made some good decisions off the dribble as a passer.

Caleb Whitlock
2023 6-7 C Caleb Whitlock – Central-Carrollton – GPA: 2.5
Whitlock was a big body that caused issues on the offensive glass. He was able to high point rebounds and earn multiple attempts at the rim. As camp went on, he got more comfortable with the pace of play. He still needs refinement with his footwork and conditioning but for a sophomore, there is plenty to work with.

Blake McAlister
2022 6-1 G Blake McAlister – Allatoona – PSB ATL – GPA: 4.0
Blake McAlister was one of the most consistent players in camp, averaging 9.5 points per game over the span of four 20-minute games. McAlister is a well-rounded scorer. He’s really good at getting to the basket, but he also hit a three in every single game. Blake was able to start his own fast breaks and push the tempo. He showed off a nice floater when getting inside.

Tyler Cash

2023 5-9 G Tyler Cash – Allatoona – GPA: 3.2
Tyler Cash played the role of set up man. He was a facilitator on the perimeter that didn’t need to hunt his offense in order for the team to be successful. Cash didn’t force the issue and was patient as a ball handler and scorer.

Team 2

Eric Howard
2022 6-0 PG Eric Howard – Marietta – Lights Out Ballers – GPA: 3.0
One of the best rebounding guards in the state, Eric Howard and his bouncy aggressive style earned rave reviews from the staff. Howard plays with major energy. When he wanted to, he could get to the rim at will where he would explode to the hoop and finish over the defense. Howard is still developing his true point guard skills. His outside shot and ability to change speeds are room for growth. If he can add an in between game with some pull-ups and floaters, Howard could be deadly. The one thing you can count on when it comes to Howard is his effort. He’s shown flashes of putting together a breakout campaign and now heading into his senior season, expect him to leave everything on the floor.

Micah Norris
2023 6-4 W Micah Norris – Forest Park – Swain Basketball
The big strong swingman hit some pull-up jumpers throughout camp. He has a chance to be a strong player in due time. Norris can get to the basket and absorb contact while doing so. Defensively, he’s solid enough to help defend multiple spots. He could turn into a mismatch problem with his inside-out capabilities.

EJ Holland
2022 5-6 PG EJ Holland – Rome – Clock Tower Hoopers – GPA: 3.5
Though undersized, EJ Holland was a scrappy defender and overall coachable player. He was at his best when he was able to scorch the nets from deep. Holland is a good shooter that has to be accounted for at all times. He had some nice drives to the hoop where he dropped in floaters over shot blockers.

Kellen Phillips
2025 5-7 G Kellen Phillips – Allatoona – Impact-White – GPA: 4.0
Kellen Phillips found himself in the right spot on defense multiple times. He understood rotations and when the ball came his way he had active hands to get deflections. His offense came on mid-range jumpers.

James Burns
2025 6-2 F James Burns – Central-Carrollton – Georgia Travelers – GPA: 4.0
Another young player who got invaluable experience at camp, James Burns quickly asserted himself as the team’s garbage guy. He did the dirty work as he crashed the glass hard and blocked out. As the day went on, his synergy with the team improved. As he got more comfortable, Burns opened up his offense with drives to the hoop.

Marquise Morrison
2021 5-11 G Marquise Morrison – McEachern – ATL Elite – GPA: 2.8
Marquise Morrison played within himself and served as a steady ball handler. He pushed the tempo when needed and set up his teammates. Morrison knocked down some shots from the perimeter and did a good job driving and kicking.

Jay Harding
2023 5-9 G Jay Harding – Central-Carrollton – GPA: 3.9
Jay Harding shot the ball with confidence as he helped space the floor. When playing on the perimeter, he would sneak in for offensive rebounds to earn second chances for his team. He did a nice job defensively whenever left on an island.

Kolton Drummond
2022 5-10 G Kolton Drummond – Bowdon – GPA: 4.02
The toughness of football standout Kolton Drummond was on display. He rebounds well for a guard, using his strong body to clear out space. Drummond was one of the better shooters at camp, drilling five threes over his four games. He moved well without the ball and drew the attention of the defense at all times.

Jaylen Harris
2021 6-3 SG Jaylen Harris – Kell
One of the best available unsigned guards in the state, Jaylen Harris brought his alpha dog mentality to camp. He’s tough as nails and scores from three levels. Harris drilled five triples as he spaced the floor with great range. Once defenders got up on him, he was able to use his physicality to blow past them as he embraced contact at the rim. Harris could be a 3&D guy at the next level. College coaches have inquired about him dating back to the state championship.

Team 3

Authur Johnson
2023 5-8 PG Authur Johnson – Bowdon – GA Bisons – GPA: 3.1
Authur Johnson was electric. The Class A-Public All-State guard made a believer out of everyone in attendance as he dropped in six threes over his first three games and left defenders in the dust when they tried to check him. Authur is a pitbull of a player. Though small, he’s strapped with muscle and competes on both ends. The lefty is a shifty playmaker with a creative handle. He knows how to snake his way into the lane and uses hesitation dribbles to freeze the defense. Johnson finishes with nifty scoop layups and can deliver dimes with one hand off the bounce. Authur was one of the toughest players to defend at camp. He is trending in the right direction.

Carrieun Mathis
2021 6-6 F Carrieun Mathis – South Paulding – GPA: 3.0
The first camper of the day was able to sneak into the gym before registration started. We didn’t hold it against him but we let him know we needed a big performance. Carrieun was able to deliver as he used his length and diverse skillset to influence each game. The lanky lefty can play inside and out. He swatted six shots over his first three games and was camp’s top rim protector. He needs to add some weight in order to muscle his way around the rim at the next level, but his activity on the glass and his ability to step outside and shoot the three bodes well.

Kervens Yacinthe
2021 6-5 W Kervens Yacinthe – Paulding County
A prolific scorer, the All-State bucket-getter did just that at camp. The southpaw splashed in a handful of threes before getting downhill. Yacinthe excels at getting to his left hand and playing the angles off the glass. He’s a great isolation scorer that doesn’t need space to put points on the board. He will need to make sure he plays lower to the ground to keep his dribble tight when facing tough defenders. Kervens is a college-ready scorer. He has the physical tools to become a solid defender over time.

Brandon Davis
2024 5-2 PG Brandon Davis – Hiram – Georgia Hornets – GPA: 4.0
The smallest player in camp, Brandon Davis held his own with the big boys. He served as a ball handler and passer that got the ball in the right spots. Davis didn’t take a ton of shots, but he was able to cash in from the three-point line when open. His energy was a positive.

Landen Pitts
2023 6-1 G Landen Pitts – Allatoona – GPA: 4.2
Landen Pitts played the role of swingman on his team. He showed the ability to shoot the three and had the toughness to score at the rim. Pitts played bigger than his listed size. He has nice length and was able to block a handful of shots.

Jackson Rose
2025 5-10 G Jackson Rose – Central-Carrollton – GPA: 4.0
Jackson Rose provided some high IQ for his team. He got to his spots and was ready whenever the ball went his way. Jackson has a nice perimeter jumper. Rose did a good job rebounding in spurts.

Elias Harrison
2023 5-8 PG Elias Harrison – Banneker – Swain Basketball – GPA: 3.5
Defense was Elias Harrison’s calling card. With plenty of scorers and shooters on the roster, Harrison stuck out with his on-ball intensity. He was able to get up in opponents and make them uncomfortable.

Max Young
2024 6-1 G Max Young – Central-Carrollton – GPA: 3.9
Max Young understands the importance of spacing on offense. He found his niche in the corner, as he opened up the floor for ball movement. Young remained shot ready and buried a couple threes on the day.

Team 4

Daethan Harris
2023 5-9 PG Daethan Harris – Jones County – GPA: 4.0
It comes as no surprise that Daethan Harris is a floor general. The son of Coach Buck Harris, Daethan is an extension of the coaching staff on the floor both literally and figuratively. When he pushes the ball, he always keeps his head up to scan the floor. Harris can make textbook pocket passes on the money. When the ball isn’t in his hands, he does a nice job cutting. He showed some range on his three-pointer as he hit a few off the dribble.

Jack Hewitt
2022 6-3 SG Jack Hewitt – North Cobb Christian – SEBA FCI Warriors – GPA: 3.9
The smooth lefty was at his best when getting downhill. Jack has a nice glide to the hoop with sneaky athleticism. He hit a few threes and finished through contact to convert multiple And-1s. He brought energy on defense. With his size and length, he got into passing lanes and also helped out on the glass. He could be a prospect that D-III programs will be fighting over this time next year.

Kaeden Twiggs
2021 6-4 G Kaeden Twiggs – Fannin County – GPA: 3.57
A lot of eyes were on Kaeden Twiggs on Sunday. Oglethorpe honed in on the North Georgia standout and he was able to show some flashes of what made him an All-Region player. Twiggs has very good size for a guard/wing. He has a quick first step and can explode downhill. He had a few eye-catching reverse finishes that showcased his skill. Continuing to hit shots from the perimeter will help Twiggs fully round out his offensive arsenal.

Cayden Charles
2022 6-2 G Cayden Charles – Allatoona – SEBA FCI Warriors – GPA: 3.7
What stands out most about Cayden Charles is his two-way efficiency. He’s a very good on-ball defender with length and on offense, he can get to the basket with his long strides. Charles grew into the role of defensive stopper his junior season and now will be asked to score more. Cayden is a quality finisher with a solid outside shot. He may need to fine tune his ball handling some more, but he’s improving each time we see him.

Chase Tyler
2024 6-2 W Chase Tyler – Hiram – Georgia Hornets – GPA: 3.8
We need to bring out our measuring stick for Chase Tyler. Listed at 6-foot-2, Tyler is as long and lean as they come, all arms and legs. For a young player, Tyler is an interesting prospect that looks like he will grow even more. He hit shots off the dribble, from the mid-range and scored on takes to the basket. His range extends out to the three-point line but most of his damage was done inside the arc. Chase has upside on defense. He can guard multiple positions and can pick up deflections with his wingspan. Stay tuned for his development.

Karson Baldwin
2024 5-8 G Karson Baldwin – Columbus – GPA: 3.0
Karson Baldwin found a fit as a ball handler on his team. He was able to keep the offense flowing and didn’t worry about hunting his own shot. When he did look to score, he used pretty floaters to drop in buckets over the defense.

Landyn Murphy
2025 5-6 PG Landyn Murphy – Jonesboro – Georgia Jayhawks – GPA: 3.7
The first thing that stood out about Landyn Murphy was his high, rain-bringing jumpers. His arc was always scraping the ceiling and would be nothing but net from three. Murphy was a smart player. His lack of size didn’t hinder him from probing the defense. When he got in the lane, he used a tear drop to score in traffic.

Brian Bain
2022 5-7 PG Brian Bain – Central-Carrollton – SEBA FCI Warriors – GPA: 3.9
The aggressiveness of Brian Bain caught our staff’s attention. He’s a tough guard that will get on the floor for loose balls. He plays an in-your-face style of defense and has a burst of speed when the ball is in his hands. He pushes well in transition and gets to the rim. Bain can pull-up short for floaters or use his athleticism to finish through contact. Brian has good bounce and is a reliable playmaker.