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Sandy’s Spiel Spring Showcase Boys Evaluations

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The Sandy’ Spiel Spring Showcase sold out, hosting 73 prospects from all across the state of Georgia who were looking to improve their game and boost their exposure before diving into travel ball. With the help of our esteemed eight-coach staff, here are our player evaluations sorted by team.



Jagger Whitty
2028 5-11 G Jagger Whitty – Griffin – Triple Double
Smooth release on three-point shot. Willing to pull up from deep in transition. Sees the floor well as a lead guard. High effort level on defense late into camp, closing out hard to contest three-point shots. Should add immediate value to a varsity roster with his skill as both an on and off-ball guard.

Bahji Daniel
2026 5-9 G Bahji Daniel – Spalding – BBallers Elite
Sparkplug with high energy. Uses a quick burst to the basket. Explosive finisher gets good elevation. Scores at the rim with both hands. Was able to keep the defense honest with his three-point shot. Could turn up the heat as an on-ball defender and turn over opponents.

Cameron Ogletree
2025 5-11 G Cameron Ogletree – Heard County – YSE
Did the dirty work as a glue guy. Dove on the floor for loose balls. Ignited fastbreaks with his outlet passing. Continuing to improve his ability to finish at the rim through contact will bode well for his development. Plays under control with the ball. Limits turnovers.

Teagan Houser
2026 5-10 G Teagan Houser – Coahulla Creek – Underdogs
Solid athlete, agile with the ball in his hands. Remained active away from the ball, sneaking in for rebounds when not blocked out. Adding some more weight to his frame will help him defensively and as a penetrator on offense. Showed a crafty finishing package when he was able to get to the hoop and found the open man off the dribble. Helped space the floor with his jumper.

Princeton King
2025 6-0 G Princeton King – Wilson Academy – Team Forest
Made his presence felt defensively. Was aggressive when trapping the ball and was able to dig out steals. Quick laterally and a good leaper with quality wingspan for his size. Wasn’t afraid to attack downhill, seek contact and finish through it. Had enough one-on-one skill to create space on the perimeter to get clean looks from the mid-range and beyond.

Justin McMillian
2025 6-2 G Justin McMillian – Tattnall County – Tattnall Chiefs
Epitome of a big guard. Was physically overpowering at times. Used his strength to go into the post, identifying mismatches and exploiting them. Scored with his back to the basket and worked hard on the offensive glass for putbacks. Knocked down a few threes throughout camp. Adding to his left hand and his overall handle will help open up his game. Received high marks for his great attitude and coachability.

Ryland Chambers
2027 6-1 G Ryland Chambers – Union County – Ga Kings
Reliable hustler that got on the floor. Attacked the basket with his left hand. Becoming more of a fast-twitch athlete. Range is growing on his jump shot. Sees the floor well and makes good decisions with the ball. Helped rebound and defend bigger players.

Thrasher Wilkins
2025 6-1 G Thrasher Wilkins – North Oconee
Athleticism has really improved, becoming a much bouncier player with the capability of playing above the rim. Uses his newfound hangtime when attacking the basket, hanging in the air to make decisions. Did a nice job of sucking in the defense before dropping off assists. Continuing to improve as a ball handler against pressure. Made an impact with his ability to block shots. Shoots the ball well from the mid-range.

Maddox Young
2025 6-1 G Maddox Young – Union County – NGE
Can always count on him to play hard. Slashes to the basket and will attack the offensive glass. Filled the lanes in transition. Utilized a step-through floater in traffic. Rotated over to block some shots and is a steady defender. Hit some threes but needs to become more consistent from distance. Has a chance to grow as a playmaker downhill.


MJ Jinks
2027 5-5 G MJ Jinks – Tattnall County – Tattnall Chiefs
Little guard got valuable reps with varsity level players. Got more comfortable with the pace of play as the day went on. Stood out with his hustle. Provided good effort defensively and was a team player that shared the ball on offense.

Jy'Son Mallard
2027 5-11 G Jy’Son Mallard – Long County – Georgia Bombers
Lanky guard starting to find his identity. Made plays on defense, blocking shots as a one-on-one defender. Brings toughness to the floor. Worked his way onto the offensive glass for putbacks and hit a few threes on the day.

Samuel Ginn
2028 5-5 G Samuel Ginn – Harvester Christian – ALLIN Brotherhood
Even though he was the smallest player on the floor, Ginn competed at a high level. Knocked down some perimeter jumpers and attacked off the dribble with a baseline floater. Used a spin move to break free of his defender. Was a scrappy defender and tried to mix it up whenever he could.

Brody Carruth
2025 6-0 G Brody Carruth – East Jackson – SW Stamp Squad
Well-rounded wiry playmaker. Used his length to finish at the rim. Got downhill as a drive-and-kick creator. Has a smooth feel to his game. Handles pressure well while seeing the floor. Did a nice job on defense, able to switch off his man and keep ball handlers in front.

Joe Drew III
2025 6-3 W Joe Drew III – Pierce County – SPB
Impressive physical athlete. Plays very hard. Gets on the glass to find garbage points. Dangerous slasher finishes with both hands. Earned the review as being a “Draymond-esque” type player due to his grittiness as a defender. Wide receiver is someone you want to go to war with.

Hayden Collins
2027 6-0 G Hayden Collins – Wilkinson County – Team Culture
The skinny goggled guard showed off his shot making on the perimeter, hitting a handful of threes throughout camp. Defensively, his quickness and activity level earned him high grades.  As he adds muscle to his frame, expect Hayden to become more effective as a driver.

Zi'on Thomas
2027 6-3 W Zi’on Thomas – Long County – Skills Sports Academy
Explosive athlete with a high ceiling. Threw down dunks and netted corner threes. Came on strong to close his freshman season. Adding to his arsenal as a ball handler will help him get to the rim consistently. Can live off hustle plays for now. Has a soft touch around the basket. Has all the tools to really blossom over his next three seasons. Sneaky good prospect out of Ludowici.

Jason Welborn
2026 6-2 G Jason Welborn – Decatur
Nice skill level. Wiry guard created offense with one-dribble step-back jumpers. Strong finisher in traffic with an explosive downhill attack that results in slams. Boasts a mature, well-rounded floor game. Gets others involved and is an active participant on defense. Flashed his high upside throughout camp.

Zyi'Air Holt
2026 6-1 W Zyi’Air Holt – Long County – Georgia Bombers
3&D mold. Knocks down corner threes and is a versatile and physical defender. Plays bigger than his size. Good reach to contest shots. Active rebounder. Does a good job finding the open man.

Kingston Whitty
2026 6-1 G Kingston Whitty – Lovett –Team Huncho 3SSB
Fills it up from the perimeter. Compact shooting form. Nails pull-up threes and gets to his spots in the mid-range. Wired-to-score. Can be shifty with the ball when attacking the hoop. Will use his shoulder to power into defenders. Sneaky explosive, able to elevate to the rim when finishing in a crowd. Was one of camp’s most well-rounded guards.


Corderra Williams
2025 5-7 G Corderra Williams – Westover – Georgia Thunder 17U
Aggressive on-ball defender loves to lock down opponents. Uses his speed and active hands to frustrate ball handlers. Reliable ball handler himself. Does a good job getting penetration. Is a pass-first facilitator. Rotates down to rebound amongst the trees.

Cason Reed
2028 5-10 G Cason Reed – Banks County – Georgia Generals
Knocked down corner threes and made the extra pass along the perimeter. Moves well without the ball and gets his feet set on the catch. Has some wiggle downhill, able to get to his floater in traffic.

Dorian Watkins
2025 5-10 G Dorian Watkins – West Laurens – Dubtown
Emerged as one of the best shooters in camp. Sprayed threes from the corner and from the wing. Understood what his strengths were and played into them. Also stood out as a defender that was able to protect his yard.

Jaylon Seymour
2025 6-0 G Jaylon Seymour – Providence Christian
Showcased versatility as he was able to play on and off the ball. With the ball in his hands, Seymour created well for others. He kept the ball moving and saw the floor well. He made others around him better with his unselfish play. Jaylon packed a punch on offense with his scoring touch, drilling multiple mid-range jumpers. Seymour defended on the perimeter and held his own when stuck guarding on the low block.

Emanuel Befekadu
2024 6-0 G Emanuel Befekadu – Meadowcreek – No Excuses
I liked the pace that Befekadu played at. The veteran guard got the ball up the floor quickly and was constantly surveying the floor for his open shooters. Emanuel got praise for being his team’s floor general with his communication. He displayed toughness and physicality as a defender.

Whitfield Hyde
2025 6-7 W Whitfield Hyde – Hoop Atlanta
Whitfield was among camp’s breakout stars. The 6-foot-7 rising senior was lights-out from distance, piling in threes throughout the day. At his size, Hyde’s shot was challenging for anyone to contest. He is a zone buster with his ability to shoot from the corners. He used his length to attack the offensive glass for putbacks and blocked a handful of shots. Hyde is an early candidate to see his stock soar his senior season.

Luke Lawson
2026 6-7 F Luke Lawson – North Oconee
Did what you would want from a post player – block shots and rebound. Lefty played with a high motor. Knocked down multiple 15-footers. Ran the floor for putbacks. Showcased blossoming ball skills, grabbing rebounds and pushing in transition as a distributor.

Tallie Webber
2026 6-3 G Tallie Webber – Grace Christian
Big guard with length. Well-rounded scorer. Filled the lanes in transition. Finished with his left hand. Found success as a slasher, able to score over top of smaller defenders. Holds upside on defense, able to guard multiple positions with his switchability.

Kai McAfee
2024 6-2 G Kai McAfee – Lithonia – Atlanta Heat
Got to his spots in the mid-range. Was able to get all the way to the hoop, finishing with both hands. Three-level scorer kept the defense off balance. Got into the paint and was able to dish to open teammates. Wasn’t shy about doing the dirty work as a rebounder and defender.

Cole Berry
2026 6-1 G Cole Berry – ELCA – HLHK
Sturdy frame. Plays bigger than his size thanks to his strength and vertical leap. Battles for rebounds and can guard both on the perimeter and in the paint. Hit shots from all over the floor. Fits in the ELCA mold of being a do-everything guard.


Bryson Vincent
2026 5-9 PG Bryson Vincent – ACE
Love the improvement from last year to this year. Used his low center of gravity to turn corners and attack the hoop. Consistently was able to penetrate. Mixed in some pull-up jumpers. Quick, active and was able to make the right reads. Looked comfortable with the ball in his hands.

Ryan Strickland
2027 5-10 G Ryan Strickland – Monroe Area
Came out of the gates strong, playing with energy as he scrapped his way for putbacks. Understands his role and immediately races down to the corners in transition for three-point looks. Played within himself and made good decisions with the ball. Adding strength will help him as an individual defender. Was starting to find his groove before a foot injury cut his day short.

Keyon Calhoun
2027 5-10 G Keyon Calhoun – Tattnall County – Tattnall Chiefs
Bowling ball of a guard was tough getting downhill. Used his physicality to ward off defenders. Knocked down some threes from the corner. Stayed in attack mode. Rebounded well from the backcourt. Strong enough to block out bigger players.

Juan Hawes
2027 6-0 G Juan Hawes – Paulding County – NME
Lanky guard proved to be a hard worker. Active on both ends of the floor. Had a nice handle and a quick first step. Was able to get to the basket and holds upside as a drive-and-kick facilitator.

Jacob Batusic
2027 6-0 G Jacob Batusic – Lanier Christian
Made his mark with his outside shooting. Competed well defensively. Liked to back down his man when handling the ball on the perimeter. Working on a sharp crossover when facing up his man will allow him to make quicker moves downhill. Holds promise as a guard that can play both on and off the ball.

John Morris II
2027 6-7 F John Morris II – Tri-Cities – Running Rebels
Flashed upside in our one-on-one station. Big lefty knocked down a three and used his size to overpower defenders on his way to the hoop. Needs to quicken his feet, but was still very effective on the block, scoring with his back to the basket. Scored through contact. Has long-term potential out of the screen game, both in the pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop.

Trip Griffith
2025 6-5 F Trip Griffith – Monroe Area – Classic City Ballers
Explosive leaper with quick second jump. Cleans up misses extremely well. Scores through contact. Will take his man off the dribble from the high post. Extending his range to 15-feet and beyond would be huge for his game. Workhorse never takes a play off. One of Georgia’s elite double-double producers and most improved players.

Payton Waters
2025 6-3 W Payton Waters – Mt. Zion-Carrollton – BTA Basketball
Elite motor. Plays extremely hard. Very athletic wing that loves to attack downhill. Battles on the backboards and gets on the floor for loose balls. Finishes through contact. Has improving range on his jumper. Impactful player on both ends of the floor. Tone setter.

Levi Slaten
2024 6-2 SG Levi Slaten – Oconee County – Classic City Ballers
Catch-and-shoot threat from the corners. Plays under control and can work his way to the rim. Implements one and two-dribble pull-ups. Provides offensive production from all three levels. 4.0 GPA student scored a 1260 on the SAT.


Birdy Cunningham
2024 5-11 G Birdy Cunningham – East Jackson – Riggs
Big body guard absorbs contact when getting downhill. Uses his strength to get two feet in the paint before kicking out to shooters. Hustles in for putbacks.

JD Ellis
2025 5-11 G JD Ellis – North Murray – NG Pink Panthers
Knockdown shooter buried threes from the corner. Sees the floor well. Delivers bullet corner-to-corner skip passes for open threes. Has room to improve his left hand. Does the little things well and provides consistent effort on both sides of the ball.

Fabian Bailey
2027 5-10 G Fabian Bailey – Thomson – TM ELITE
Brought energy on defense as a pesky on-ball defender. Used his quickness to create for others when getting downhill. Has some craftiness to his game when it comes to beating his first defender off the bounce. Knocked down shots out of the pick-and-roll.

Savon Kelly
2026 6-3 F Savon Kelly – Columbus – Columbus Wolves
Physical combo-forward uses his muscle inside. Carves out space and can finish through fouls. Has a soft touch from the free throw line. Left hand still in the process of development. Was able to play above the rim. His activity on defense led to blocked shots.

Cullen Marti
2025 6-6 PF Cullen Marti – Coahulla Creek – Colts
Marti was one of the premier breakout stars of camp. The big bodied post had an advanced skill set. Not only could he bang down low and score with his back to the basket with up-and-unders and drop steps, but Cullen stepped outside and drained three after three, showcasing his stretch-forward arsenal. Marti did a great job scoring through contact with a soft touch and was unmovable off the block once he got position for post feeds and rebounds. While Marti primarily played below the rim and has room to grow athletically, the rising senior likely boosted his stock better than anyone else in camp. D-III and NAIA programs will want to evaluate.

2026 6-3 G Brandon Nelson – Gainesville
Overall, one could argue that Brandon Nelson was the top player in camp. Nelson was silky smooth getting to his pull-up jumper, peppering defenses from the mid-range and three-point line. When Brandon took shots, he made them – very rarely missing. He displayed athleticism as a downhill driver, finishing at the rim with authority. Nelson made the game look easy with his easy approach. Year 3 will be big for Brandon.

Kenari Harris
2025 6-2 G Kenari Harris – Calhoun County – Georgia Thunder
Wiry high-energy guard can play 1-3. Did a good job getting downhill and scoring through contact. Earned multiple second chance opportunities with his hustle, scrapping for rebounds and winning loose balls. With his length and athleticism, has a chance to be an above average perimeter defender.

Marquez Coffey
2024 6-0 G Marquez Coffey – Lithonia
Good outside shooter with a pretty release. Drained threes from the corner and wing. Could get physical when attacking the paint. Crafty finisher in traffic. Three-level scoring threat that also got others involved.


Michael Polke
2025 5-10 PG Michael Polke – Toombs County – Tattnall Chiefs
Tough-nosed on-ball defender. Quick instincts when shooting into passing lanes. Doesn’t have to score much to positively impact games. Very strong with the ball. Tends to be a pass-first creator. Found his offense on drives. Hit the three-ball overtop of screens. High motor lead by example type of point guard.

Jaiden Thomas
2025 5-11 G Jaiden Thomas – First Preparatory Christian
Entered camp as a relative unknown coming from the GIAA but left Sunday as one of the top guards in attendance. Took full advantage of the stage showcasing his high-level shot making ability. Dynamic isolation scorer that went to work in the mid-range on pull-ups. Created just enough separation to hit step-backs. Three-level scorer used his athleticism to get downhill and played a physical brand of basketball while doing so. Effective on-ball defender.

Tyler Blake
2026 5-7 G Tyler Blake – Fannin County
Used his lack of height to his advantage, utilizing a lightning quick low crossover to breakdown defenders. Had the ball on a string, going behind the back while weaving through the defense. Shifty playmaker read the defense well. Maintained a high level of activity as a pesky on-ball defender.

Nolan Roberts
2027 5-7 G Nolan Roberts – Lanier Christian
Looked to get others the ball as a distributor before hunting his own offense. Didn’t force things and was able to find the open man. Used both hands well. Very coachable.

David Boman
2025 6-0 G David Boman – White County – Metro Elite Basketball Club
Strong frame. Combo-guard can play with or without the ball. Knockdown three-point shooter with great form. Made plays off the dribble, attacking baseline before dishing for open layups and corner threes. Sneaky good explosion to the rim. Received praise as a 3&D guard.

Kolby Watson
2025 6-4 G Kolby Watson – Banks County – Stamp Squad
Sizeable shooter has seen his frame fill out over the years. Has a sturdy build which he can use to go post up smaller guards or back down defenders on the wing until he gets to a comfortable spot for his turnaround jumper. Deadly catch-and-shoot threat. Capable of making plays off the bounce when ran off the line. With his size and strength, he can help defend 1-4 on switches. Foot speed has been improving. One of the best shot makers in Northeast Georgia.

Cade Marti
2026 6-3 W Cade Marti – Coahulla Creek – Colts
Wiry swingman has impressive length. Good three-point shooter that can go on hot streaks. Understands defensive rotations. With his length, holds versatility as a defender. Can come over from the weakside to block shots.

Jake Mihalick
2026 6-7 F Jake Mihalick – Lanier Christian – Hoop Atlanta
Stretchy combo-forward played inside and out. Finished around the rim with dunks. Shoots the three well. Scored with his back to the basket with baby hooks and turnaround jumpers. Increasing his strength will help him long-term when it comes to playing inside, but has an exciting skill set especially as a catch-and-shoot option.

Matthew Clausen
2025 6-3 W Matthew Clausen – North Oconee
Drilled pull-up threes and got into the paint and finished with floaters. Has good length on the perimeter. Can play either the 2 or 3 and can guard different spots. Has improved his creativity with the ball, able to turn corners and kick to open shooters. High academic student holds a 100.5 GPA and tallied a 1400 on the SAT.

Austin Gerard
2027 5-8 G Austin Gerard – Lanier Christian
Scored in transition and showed toughness when it came to getting to the rim. Finished through contact very well for his size. Has a quick first step and a crafty handle, able to go behind the back to lose defenders. Smart player plays with energy.


Eric Love2026 6-0 G Eric Love – Valdosta – Team Georgia Magic
Shifty playmaker used his speed to get to his spots. Knocked down pull-up jumpers in transition and used two-dribble attacks to net mid-range shots. Hit multiple threes throughout the day. Finished at the rim, using changes of speed to beat defenders. Had good reads as an outlet passer to spark fastbreaks.

Tylen Metcalf2027 5-11 G Tylen Metcalf – Woodland-Carterville – Team Scoot
On the smaller side physically, the svelte young guard showed well on Sunday with his skill. Slick ball handler was hard to stay in front of. Looked good as a drive-and-kick playmaker. Used his speed in transition to score coast-to-coast with his left hand. Broke traps with his quickness. Provided reliable energy, diving on the floor for loose balls.

Dedrick Griffin
2025 5-6 G Dedrick Griffin – Toombs County – Pirates
Provided great eye contact with the coaches. Was one of the first players to get on the floor anytime there was a 50/50 ball. Showed attention to detail, quick to run back in transition defense. Stuck out with his willingness to do the little things.

Caden Watson
2026 6-3 G Caden Watson – Banks County – Georgia Generals
Has been in the weight room since last year. Knockdown shooter was more of a slasher on Sunday, using an improved handle paired with clean footwork to get to the rim. Made a difference on defense with his active hands, stripping opponents of the ball when going up for shots inside.

Austin Waters
2025 6-3 W Austin Waters – Mt. Zion-Carrollton – BTA Basketball
Much like his twin brother, will run through a brick wall. Elite effort and energy. Springy athlete scores on putbacks and short drives. Gets after it as an on-ball defender. Competitive and athletic enough to guard 1-5 if need be. Scored around the rim with duck in buckets. Made winning plays throughout the day, highlighted by stepping in to draw a charge in transition. Tough kid.

Braedyn Gillespie
2025 6-0 G Braedyn Gillespie – Tucker – Generation 2k
Southpaw was a binge scorer, one of the very best players in camp. Lights-out three-point shooter netted long balls in bunches. Did it off the catch and plenty off the dribble. Mixed it up as an on-ball defender and played with pace in transition.

Caleb Paige
2027 6-3 G Caleb Paige – Providence Christian – Georgia Stars
Intriguing long-term upside. Very good size and length in the backcourt. Fluid athlete eases into his pull-up jumper. Sees the floor well, delivering accurate bounce passes in transition and able to float in the air before dropping off dimes in the halfcourt. Uses his hangtime to get clean looks at the basket as well. High IQ playmaker. Good things happened when the ball was in his hands. He can play either guard position and is a valuable defender with his wingspan.

AJ Brown
2026 6-1 G AJ Brown – Elbert County
Great rebounder for his size. Didn’t give up on any plays. Lanky guard attempted to draw charges. Willing to defend any position needed for his team. Found his offense on putbacks and hit some floaters throughout the day. Nice touch from 10-feet and in. Ran the floor well.


Joshua Merrill
2025 5-9 G Joshua Merrill – Bremen
Lefty had a knack for slicing through the defense and finishing in traffic. Quick first step got him to the hoop routinely. Knows how to finish amongst size. Made an impact as an on-ball defender, turning ball handlers multiple times.

LaFrance Ballard
2026 5-9 G LaFrance Ballard – Kell – Formula Elite Academy
Scrappy defense on and away from the ball. Had some nice looks in transition. Solid athlete was able to mesh well with others in the backcourt.

Jer'Meer Hatcher
2026 6-0 G Jer’Meer Hatcher – Thomson – E1D1
Strongly built guard brough toughness on defense. Played bigger than his size, especially when it came to rebounding. Hustled at all times and never let offensive players get any type of rhythm. Pushed the ball in transition and made good decisions in the open floor. Shot some mid-range pull-ups and was able to garner the defense’s attention before swinging the ball for better looks.

Jaylon Davis
2027 6-4 W Jaylon Davis – ACE
Tweener of a forward that can play inside and out. Wide receiver is a strong athlete. Gets a lot of points off hustle. Ball skills will need to tighten up over time, but is still effective as a downhill attacker that can clear rebounds and go coast-to-coast. Threat to score from the high post. Will use the one-dribble pull-up to score in the mid-range. Legitimate upside. Just scratching the surface of his potential.

Dayden Rogers
2026 6-3 G Dayden Rogers – Banks County – Georgia Generals
Big guard is a three-level scorer. Lefty loves to stroke the corner three. Showed off his individual creativity in our one-on-one station, able to get defenders leaning before spinning back for turnarounds.  Finished well in the paint. Has good athleticism to work with over the next two years.

Jase Dixon
2025 6-3 W Jase Dixon – Veterans – Team OSA (One Step Away)
Can be used in a variety of ways. Strongly built athlete saw time in the high post, able to catch and shoot from the elbow. Had good moments as a physical rebounder. Attacked from the top of the key and got downhill on the left side, finishing with a right-hand scoop. Mixed in some threes and pull-up jumpers. Was tough to cut off once he got a head of steam.

Andrew Batusic
2026 6-0 G Andrew Batusic – Lanier Christian
Scrappy guard got after it on defense. Saw the floor well as a distributor. Able to probe the defense before hitting the open man. Made some plays as a slasher before hurting his ankle.

Brice Proctor
2025 6-4 F Brice Proctor – Providence Christian – dor5 Elite
Big body bully-ball tweener. Overpowers defenders in the low post but has good guard skills to create on the perimeter. Breaks down his man and can finish with a finger roll. Hit shots from the three-point line and nailed pull-ups from the mid-range. Impressive footwork for his size to couple with his decision making.

Zakhar Valasiuk2024 6-3 G Zakhar Valasiuk – Tallulah Falls
Scored a 21 on the ACT and a 1040 on the SAT. Impressed with his improved playmaking ability. Big guard got downhill and patiently made his moves, bumping off defenders as he got to his spots. Used spin moves to free himself in traffic and played off two feet. Delivered some no-look passes and cashed in on three-point attempts.

Sandy’s Spiel Spring Showcase Boys Evaluations

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The Sandy’ Spiel Spring Showcase sold out for a second consecutive year, hosting 53 prospects from all across the state of Georgia who were looking to improve their game and boost their exposure before diving into travel ball. Schools from multiple levels were in attendance at Chestatee High School to evaluate prospective student-athletes. With the help of our established eight-coach staff, here are our player evaluations sorted by team.


Daryus Bryant2025 6-2 G Daryus Bryant – Manchester – Elite Hoopers
Great athlete. Extremely active. Used his speed and bounce to track down blocks. Was able to get downhill and finish through contact. Made good decisions. Showed the ability to hit the three. Difference maker on both ends of the floor.

Huey Blalock2026 5-8 PG Huey Blalock – Rabun County – Georgia Generals
Shifty little guard with a mature feel. Pass-first playmaker sees the floor and delivers accurate bounce passes. Utilizes crossover well, but must make sure he gets somewhere with it. Freezes defenders with head fakes. High IQ. Good three-point shooter but may need to quicken his release. One of North Georgia’s most impactful freshmen this season.

Jordan Smith2026 5-10 G Jordan Smith – North Cobb Christian – TDBA
High motor. Good shooter that also made plays off the dribble as a distributor. Did a good job finishing at the rim over length. Brought consistent effort as an on-ball defender.

Bryson Vincent2026 5-9 PG Bryson Vincent – ACE – Macon Bucks
Quick and active. Good decision maker that limited turnovers. Made plays in the open floor, able to get to the rim or drive-and-kick. Helps stretch the floor with his three-point shot. Found his niche in camp as a guy willing to do the little things. Led ACE in scoring at 10.4 points per game.

Kasen McCarty2023 6-1 W Kasen McCarty – East Carter (MO) – SEMO Select
Physical wing that did a lot of his work in the paint. Strong body. Carves out space inside using his shoulders. Battled for every rebound. Finishes in traffic. Helped protect the rim as a shot blocker and would run the floor for transition points. Moves well without the ball. Can play multiple positions and outworks most opponents.

Cameron Stephen2025 6-3 G Cameron Stephen – Putnam County – Game Elite 16U 3SSB
High ceiling bucket getter. Wiry. Great athlete. Effortless three-point shot with deep range, able to create with quick combination dribbles. Gets downhill in a blink. Finishes above the rim. Sees the floor when attacking the hoop and can hit open teammates. Used his length as an aggressive on-ball defender. Earned high marks as one of camp’s very best players. Explosive stock-rising season ahead.

Garrison Evans2023 6-6 F Garrison Evans – Oconee County – Classic City Ballers
Agile. Runs the floor and can snap off a eurostep. Great length. Can meet opponents at the rim while protecting the hoop. Holds switchability, able to defend screens and guard on the perimeter. Competitive rebounder that can finish through bumps.


Tahshaun Frasier2024 6-0 PG Tahshaun Frasier – Bradwell Institute – South Georgia Elite
Elite student with 4.7 GPA. Strong all-around floor game. Uses a quick crossover to get downhill. Finishes with both hands. Very good leaper. Scores the ball on perimeter from mid-range and three-point line.

Michael Polke2025 5-11 G Michael Polke – Toombs County – Hoyas
Opened up camp knocking down three after three. Scrappy defender. Moves feet well when guarding the ball. Springy enough to block shots at the rim. Knows how to find spaces in the defense and get to the hoop.

Justin Payne2024 5-10 PG Justin Payne – North Oconee – No ID
Graded out as one of camp’s best point guards. Played with a great motor. Scored with his jump shot but was also able to find points in the paint. Handled the ball exceptionally well. Got to his spots. Filled it up from three.

Ethan Hughes2023 6-2 G Ethan Hughes – Lyndon Academy
Moves well without the ball. Starts his shot at his waist. Is a good jump shooter when given time and space. Good athlete. Can slice to the rim and sneak in for rebounds. Shows savvy with his back-tip rebounds. Great student with 4.2 GPA, 30 ACT and 1300 SAT.

Braylon Hayes2024 5-10 PG Braylon Hayes – Richmond Hill – Team Intensity
Strongly built pass-first guard. Made good decisions in transition, finding the open man. Physical defender. When he wanted to, he could put his head down and get to the basket. Good teammate.

Kolby Watson2025 6-3 W Kolby Watson – Banks County – Stamp Squad
Not many shot the ball better. Swingman has solid size and can play the two-guard or small-ball stretch-four. Knockdown shooter from all levels. Willing to take smaller defenders into the post. Good footwork. Utilized a reverse pivot into a fadeaway. Has good awareness. Takes his time to gather himself in transition to make sure he doesn’t get stripped from behind when going up for layups. Three-level scorer is deceptive with the ball. Got to a quick pull-up push floater. Continuing to add more speed to his game and creativity as a ball handler will help. Big-time shot maker averaged 15.6 points and 3.7 rebounds as a sophomore. Great future. Near the top of camp’s biggest stock-risers.

Maddox Young2025 6-0 G Maddox Young – Union County
Physical defender. Does the dirty work well. Will chase opponents through screens. Quality outside shooter that can finish at the rim with either hand. Great glue guy that can still hurt you with his offense. Smart player and a sneaky good rebounder.

Noah Hutchinson2023 6-6 F Noah Hutchinson – Oconee County – Classic City Ballers
Tore up camp last year with his outside shooting and managed to wow again this year, hitting his outside shots but showcasing much improved athleticism as he led all campers with the most dunks. Has become an above the rim player. Is more of a threat off the dribble, able to beat defenders to the hoop. Quicker off the floor than last year. Terrific jump shooter that piles in threes. A true stretch-four. Should be a no-brainer priority at the D-III level. Warren Wilson College has offered.


Messiah Walker2024 5-11 PG Messiah Walker – Putnam County – Middle GA Magic
Bouncy. Gets good lift on jump shot. Great communicator. Leads team well. Likes to facilitate and makes good decisions.

Grant Robich2027 5-8 PG Grant Robich – North Cobb Christian – Atlanta Celtics 3SSB 2027
Heady playmaker. Small but sees the floor incredibly well. Plays with tremendous energy. Gets after it on defense. Craftily changes speeds and implements fakes. Can get to his mid-range pull-up. Extremely impressive first impression as the youngest player in camp. Love his future.

Bentley Huff2026 6-1 SG Bentley Huff – Franklin County – Upward Stars
Loves the three-point shot. Will space the floor. Has length and could potentially squeeze out another inch or two. Understands the game. Facilitates well.

Jasiyah Suber2024 6-2 G Jasiyah Suber – Calhoun County – GA Thunder
Lefty. Explosive driver. Three-level scorer. Has a smooth pull-up game. Creates his own offense. High energy. Active defender. Can play on and off the ball. Has experience playing in up-tempo offense. One of the 229’s best players.

Matthew Stennis2023 6-1 G Matthew Stennis – New Hope (MS) – Magic City Pelicans
Impressed with his toughness. Well-built guard uses his strength to get downhill. Nice burst to the rim. Finishes through contact. Gets two feet in the paint frequently. Solid outside shooter can hit the three and get to his spots in the mid-range. Physical on-ball defender.

Tobi Ijiwoye2023 6-3 F Tobi Ijiwoye – Fayette County
Plays with terrific energy. Smooth active athlete. Plays bigger than his size. Elevates very well. Cleans up the glass and can push the ball coast-to-coast. Sharp eurostep. Adding a consistent mid-range jumper would be a major boon. Finishes around the rim. Handles well as a tweener. Locks up as an on-ball defender. Capable of guarding 1-5.

Christopher Perry2026 6-6 W Christopher Perry – Bradwell Institute – South Georgia Elite
Long lefty oozes upside. Scores inside and out. Confident jump shooter. Can wreck games on defense with his shot blocking and ability to blow up screens and defend all over. Athletic three-level scorer with a strong floor game. Will be a stat sheet stuffer for the next three seasons. Averaged 8.4 points, 4.4 rebounds, 1 steal and 1.3 blocks as a freshman. Should have a D-I future.


Kohlmin Nelson2025 5-7 PG Kohlmin Nelson – Bradwell Institute – South Georgia Elite
Has speed in the open floor. Smart without the ball, will cut baseline for scoring opportunities. Breaks down defenders off the dribble and gets to his spots. Stingy defender can guard either spot in the backcourt.

Carter Turnbow2025 5-9 PG Carter Turnbow – Allatoona – Dawgs Elite
Sharpshooter off the catch. Spaces the floor. Changes speeds with hesitation moves. Crafty ball handler gets into the lane and plays off two feet. Has upside as a playmaker.

Jeremiah Phillips2024 5-10 CG Jeremiah Phillips – Berkmar
Physically strong guard that has been in the weight room. A threat to score from beyond the arc. Turns corners well and gets low on drives. Is an active defender that can frustrate opponents.

Cameron Ogletree2025 5-10 G Cameron Ogletree – Heard County – YSE
Downhill distributor. Sucks in the defense before dropping off for layups. Did a good job of finishing in traffic. Is a patient scorer that waits for plays to develop before making his move.

Jaylin Harper2025 5-10 G Jaylin Harper – Putnam County – Central Georgia Empact
Quick guard. Wiry and lean. Is effective in transition and will eurostep past defenders with ease. Helps stretch the floor with his outside shot. Has a compact base on his jumper. Is a willing defender.

Landen Pitts2023 6-3 W Landen Pitts – Allatoona – SEBA FCI Warriors
Long and athletic. Very active on both ends of the floor. Jumps into passing lanes and earns deflections with his wingspan. Has a quick first step downhill. Can hang in the air when finishing around the basket. Is a blossoming three-level scorer with an improved three-point shot. Identifies mismatches and exploits them. Will go into the low post. Defends every position on the court. Holds a 4.2 GPA and 1220 SAT.

Dontae Crowder2025 6-4 W Dontae Crowder – Christian Heritage – AOT
Strong, well-built wing. Really opened up his game as a do-everything player at camp. Showcased his versatility as an inside-out player that can serve time at every position. Excelled at collecting rebounds and pushing the ball coast-to-coast. Finishes through contact well. Hit mid-range jumpers off the dribble. Has an intriguing long-term ceiling.


Landon Bonner2024 6-0 G Landon Bonner – Putnam County
Shifty, explosive driver. Has no issue creating separation on the perimeter. Crafty finisher. Does a good job of getting to spots in the mid-range. Three-level scorer can be a microwave. Averaged 19.4 points and 5.7 rebounds during breakout junior season.

Harper Ford2026 5-10 G Harper Ford – Athens Christian – Classic City Ballers
Quick with the ball. Will need to great stronger, but has commendable functional strength. Was able to get to the rim and finish with a floater. Held his own against more physical guards. Saw the floor well.

Caden Watson2026 6-1 G Caden Watson – Banks County – Georgia Generals
Likes the three-point shot. Helps space the floor with his range. Has length and may grow a little more. When ran off the line, showed the calmness to put the ball on the deck and get to the hoop.

Charlie Dunbar IV2025 6-4 F Charlie Dunbar IV – Thomas County Central – Team GA Magic
Effective offensive rebounder. Has a really good frame that will continue to add muscle. Looks and plays like an upperclassman. Was comfortable stepping outside to shoot the short corner and mid-range jumper. Did a good job of handling pressure. Intelligent player and a strong student with a 4.08 GPA.

Hunter Amick2024 6-4 W Hunter Amick – Brookwood – Hoop Atlanta
Was one of camp’s top performers. Played with a terrific motor. Strong, tough-nosed wing provided production inside and out. Attacked off the dribble as a scorer and distributor. Absorbed contact at the rim. Had a nose for the ball as a rebounder. Nailed threes when open. Scored at all three levels. Has value in small-ball lineups with his ability to play/defend multiple positions.


Thrasher Wilkins2025 6-0 G Thrasher Wilkins – Athens Christian
Really impressed with his IQ and understanding of the subtleties of the game. Has great footwork. Loves to pump fake and get to his one-dribble pull-up. Head fakes help freeze defenders temporarily. Very good shooter that can hit the step-back three, able to create space off the bounce. Has poise under pressure. Effective defender contests shots very well. Rock-solid young guard that will win a lot of games over his career.

Gavin Beatty2023 5-10 G Gavin Beatty – Lyndon Academy
Three-point shooter that spaced the floor. Would occasionally make a move to the rim and could finish with tough reverse layups. Willing passer. Communicated well with his teammates.

Quincy Anderson2026 6-2 G Quincy Anderson – Thomas County Central – Xtreme Pressure
Lanky athlete that plays above the rim. Shoots the three well. When he decided to get downhill, he could finish with authority. His leaping ability and length give him upside as a perimeter defender.

Mason Lewis2024 6-4 G Mason Lewis – Woodland-Stockbridge – AE5
Stood out as one of camp’s top overall performers. Physically punishing swingman shined with the ball in his hands. Showcased lead guard skills, seeing the floor and attacking from all spots. Embraces contact on drives. Has a smooth all-around floor game. Was in charge of nearly every fastbreak. Uses his pivot well inside. Routinely got to his pull-up jumper. Can be an intense defender but can’t take plays off. Really strong rebounder. Should start popping up on college radars. 3.7 GPA student averaged 16.4 points, 5.9 rebounds and 2 assists per game.

Carshik Hall2023 6-4 F Carshik Hall – Groves – Coastal Bulls
Tough guy that does the dirty work. Rebounds and scores on putbacks and dump-offs. Will finish with dunks. Is a threat to drive baseline. Steps outside to shoot the mid-range jumper. Strong defensive presence.

Dream Freeman2026 5-10 G Dream Freeman – Clarke Central
Sturdy freshman plays hard. Provides a lot of effort and toughness. Uses his strength to mix it up on the glass and defensively. Was a likeable teammate.


Kamyias Jackson2025 6-0 G Kamyias Jackson – Thomas County Central – GA Suns
Spindly guard with length. Brought a high motor to camp. Took pride in his defensive effort. Helped run the offense. Was able to play on and off the ball. Was at his best when making quick decisions.

Turtle Arzuaga2026 5-6 PG Turtle Arzuaga – Carver-Atlanta – HR Elite
4.3 GPA. Turtle was the first at camp. Crafty lefty was the smallest player in the gym, but still found ways to be productive. Got to his push floater out of spin moves and could kiss shots off the glass from tough angles. Shot the ball well from beyond the arc. Willing distributor. Played with a joy for the game.

Khari Manning2023 6-0 G Khari Manning – Groves – Coastal Bulls
Tough. Plays very hard on both ends of the floor. Really tried to standout with his on-ball pressure and overall defensive instincts. Runs the floor and fills lanes. Streaky shooter with a quick first step to the hoop.

Antonio Johnson2023 6-2 G Antonio Johnson – Mundy’s Mill – Unit Elite
Bowling ball of a guard. Powerful downhill driver. Finishes through contact extremely well. Physicality overwhelmed most who tried to prevent him from getting to his spots. Southpaw is a tough isolation cover. Uses his body to spin off defenders. Is a capable three-point shooter. Strong rebounder plays bigger than his size.

Issa Barnes2026 5-11 G Isaa Barnes – Norcross – Brotherhood Elite
Built like a linebacker. Brought toughness and energy. Had a few nice dribble moves to get by defenders. Likes to spin in traffic. Will knockdown the corner three. Bodies up well as a perimeter defender.

Jaydon Cole2025 6-2 G Jaydon Cole – King’s Ridge – TSF 2025
One of the best shooters in the 2025 class. Not just an off the catch sniper. Got to his mid-range jumper off the dribble. High IQ. Processes what the defense is trying to do and can dissect them with his pocket passing. Crafty defender. State champ with 4.0 GPA.


Hampton Ford2024 6-0 G Hampton Ford – Athens Christian – Classic City Ballers
Lefty has a smooth game. Dangerous perimeter scorer that can energize an offense with his quick ball handling and playmaking. Shifty driver. Mentally tough.

Ethan Parker2024 5-11 G Ethan Parker – Dawson County – North GA Elite
Picked up to defend full court. Sneaks in to steal inbound passes. Has an easy flow to his game, able to get into his three-point shot with no effort. Sneaky athletic. Does the dirty work, willing to draw charges. Unselfish mindset.

Kaleb Crawford2024 6-0 G Kaleb Crawford – Putnam County – JC Ducks
Hard playing southpaw. Brings toughness to the table as a defender. Blocks out and gets on the floor. His motor helped him stand out.

Jamal Jackson2024 6-0 PG Jamal Jackson – Bradwell Institute – South Georgia Elite
Tight handle in traffic. Knows how to use his strength to find advantageous situations. Makes plays for others as he gets into the teeth of the defense. Helped set the tone defensively with his ability to cut off drives and recover.

J'Mari Greene2026 6-0 G J’Mari Greene – Putnam County – Team Georgia Magic
Showed flashes of his upside. Young guard likes to plant his foot and get to the hoop. Doesn’t get much lift on his jump shot. Provided effort on defense with his speed.

Keyni Crawford2023 6-3 W Keyni Crawford – Putnam County – JC Ducks
Was a breakout star performer at camp last year and was great again this Sunday. Unsigned senior is a serious sleeper. Wired to score. Has major length. Smooth, easy game. Drills threes, gets to his spots in the mid-range and explodes toward the rim. Earned rave reviews from coaches as being one of the best players in camp. Three-year starter averaged 13 points, 4.7 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals per game his senior season. 3.1 GPA and 19 ACT. Could be a player that is a steal after a year or two at the JUCO level.

Jaydon Bone2025 6-1 G Jaydon Bone – ELCA – Team EYA
Good size for a lead guard. Finishes through contact. Very confident player with a high upside. Attacks in a variety of ways. Can be a difference maker on defense. Creative ball handler. Will have a big impact in his debut season in the GHSA.