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PRO Spring Showdown Girls Top Performers

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Madison Moody
2026 5-5 G Madison Moody – Cherokee
The stop-and-pop microwave scoring of Madison Moody was on full display at Clayton State. Moody burns the nets with her three-point shot. She is accurate both off the catch and off the dribble. Madison is a very good athlete who gets good lift on her jumper. She plays with balance and is a threat to go on scoring binges once she sees one shot drop. Madison implements deep floaters and is a good outlet passer who ignites fastbreaks. Don’t be surprised if Moody explodes her junior season, emerging as Cherokee’s number one scoring option.

Leah DeWitt
2028 5-7 G Leah DeWitt – Marietta
As camp wore on, Leah DeWitt got stronger. SEC schools are already recruiting the dynamic guard that can both score and pass at an elite level. Leah sees the floor exceptionally well and has the ball on a string when breaking down the defense. DeWitt pushes the ball in transition and understands how to create for others, doing a good job of sucking in the defense before kicking out to shooters in their shot pocket. Leah has deep three-point range herself and is a crafty downhill scorer. Aside from her offense, I came away impressed with Leah’s hustle and effort on defense, picking up full court. Marietta’s 2028 class is special, headlined by Coach Derrick DeWitt’s daughter.

Alana DeWitt
2029 5-8 G Alana DeWitt – Marietta
Alana has shot up since I last saw her, growing even taller than her older sister as her frame has slimmed up and become wiry with upside to grow even more. Alana is a deadeye shooter with a lightning quick release. Her form is pretty with no wasted motion. DeWitt has the length to project into becoming an above average defender. JV teams better start game planning now for the rising eighth grader.

Tracy Wakefield
2028 5-6 G Tracy Wakefield – Marietta
Tracy looked different from most guards in camp. Even though she’s just a rising freshman, Wakefield was easily one of the most athletic and agile players in the gym. She plays with a pep in her step and can change speeds, pushing the ball in the open floor but able to throttle down when nothing was there. Wakefield handled the ball well and found success weaving through the defense in transition. When the ball wasn’t in her hands, Tracy continuously moved until she was open.

Jessica Fields
2025 6-1 F Jessica Fields – Mt. Paran
Absolutely dominant as she was all throughout the season en route to capturing her third-straight state title, Fields controlled the paint with her length and toughness. Jessica blocks everything in sight, using her reach and leaping ability to challenge everything. Fields showcased her growing offensive arsenal throughout camp, rebounding and pushing the ball in transition. She utilized a spin move in traffic for buckets and was knocking down jumpers with range out to the three-point line. High Major and Mid-Major schools are all over Fields. She is Georgia’s best interior defender – a true game wrecker.

Kaylie Zirger
2026 5-7 G Kaylie Zirger – Duluth
Kaylie was deceptively good at getting to the hoop. She was dangerous on the perimeter not only as a driver but as a shooter that could hit step-back threes. Zirger did well as a ball handler, using release dribbles to avoid pressure.

Lillie Harris
2026 5-3 G Lillie Harris – Paulding County
Lillie made her mark on camp with her outside shooting. Harris filled it up from distance but also showed the ability to put the ball on the floor and make plays for others. She can swing the momentum of games quickly with her three-point range.

Maya Crawford
2024 6-0 C Maya Crawford – Central-Macon
College programs have their eyes on Maya Crawford. She is a big, strong and physical interior presence that not only protects the rim and rebounds, but can score with her back to the basket as well. Crawford has a powerful drop step and does a good job earning second chance points.

Jaden Young2025 5-8 G Jaden Young – Morgan County
Jaden continues to improve. Every time I see her, she gets better with the ball in her hands. She displayed the ability to knock down threes off the dribble from deep range. Her soccer quickness benefits her on the hardwood as she is able to change directions and use bursts of speed to get to where she wants to go.

Addi Petitt2025 5-7 G Addi Petitt – Loganville Christian
The lefty scored from all three levels at camp. She was able to get downhill, attack from the mid-range and let it fly from deep. Petitt has a knack for scoring. She showed some grit on defense and was active on the backboards.

PRO Fall Fastbreak Girls Top Performers

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Nayel Camper2024 5-8 G Nayel Camper – Cartersville
Cartersville has broken out of the doldrums, improving from 4-14 to 17-11 a season ago, earning Class 5A Most Improved Team honors. Expect the Lady Canes to improve on that mark with nearly their entire roster back including a much improved Nayel Camper, a breakout candidate. Camper has had a strong offseason after averaging 5.2 points, 6.1 rebounds, 2 assists and 2.3 steals per game as a junior. At camp on Saturday, Nayel showcased her improved offensive game and aggressive mindset. She is very good at getting downhill and finishing through contact. Camper is a skillful finisher that puts just the right amount of English on her reverse layups. Nayel can also step outside to shoot the three. Defensively, she can help guard all three spots on the perimeter. Wesleyan College offered at the conclusion of camp. I expect her name to start appearing on more NAIA and D-III radars.

Gracie Byford2025 5-5 PG Gracie Byford – Villa Rica
Gracie always has the neon green light at PRO camps. Confidence is never an issue for the offensive sparkplug. Byford piles in points in bunches and is a must-watch for mixtape producers like Bonafyde. Gracie pulls threes from way beyond the arc, getting her full body into her launches. Once she sees one shot drop, plenty more are to follow. Aside from her endless jump shooting range, for me it was the glimpses of Byford’s upside as a playmaker that stood out. Gracie is a shifty attacker that draws the entire defense’s attention when driving. She can use that to her advantage by either dumping off to teammates on the block or kick out to open shooters on the perimeter.

Jayla Walton2027 5-3 G Jayla Walton – Southwest DeKalb
Even though she was one of the youngest players in camp, there was no avoiding that fact that Jayla Walton was one of the best players in camp. Walton, who played with Southwest DeKalb in GBCA Live, looked more than comfortable playing with older competition. Walton is a knockdown shooter. Though she can fill it up from deep, Jayla isn’t a one-trick pony. She is a skilled ball handler that can beat pressure by getting to her spots. Walton could play a key role as a floor spacer this upcoming season.

Devin Bockman2026 5-4 PG Devin Bockman – Midtown
It’s hard not to like the activity of Devin Bockman. She provides great effort on both sides of the ball, easily apparent by what she did as a freshman last season averaging 7.9 points, 3.6 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 2.6 steals. Devin flies around the floor defensively and is a heady decision maker in transition. She likes to get to her pull-up jumper but also has a burst of speed to get all the way to the hoop. With their entire team intact from last year’s 22-9 Elite Eight group, Midtown is a sneaky sleeper to make a run at the Class 5A title.

Hailey Wortmann2026 6-1 C Hailey Wortmann – Midtown
Wortmann shows flashes of her long-term potential. Blessed with great size and an athletic frame, Hailey immediately passes the eye test. She was able to be effective in the paint earning second chance opportunities and displayed a soft touch when finishing five feet away from the basket. Continuing to play her size – exploding up when finishing around the rim – will help her reach her ceiling.

Maya Crawford2024 6-1 C Maya Crawford – Central-Macon
Maya turned heads at camp. Standing 6-foot-1, Crawford was not bashful about competing in the paint. Her physical brand of basketball could be seen on both ends of the floor. Crawford carved out space with her power drop steps and was able to change shots inside defensively. The more reps she gets, the better Crawford can be. There is a spot on a college roster somewhere for the hard playing post. Wesleyan College has already offered.

Kacie Reeves
2027 5-6 G Kacie Reeves – Central-Macon
It wasn’t long ago that Kacie started taking basketball seriously, following in the footsteps of older brother Kowacie Reeves Jr. (Georgia Tech). Much like her sibling, it looks like Kacie is ascending on an impressive trajectory. Reeves has a good build for a freshman but more importantly, she has a pretty form on her outside shot. Kacie knocked down three after three, especially in stations. Don’t be surprised to see her play off the ball as a freshman as a catch-and-shoot three-point specialist alongside All-State guards Alaya Grane and Taliah Grier. Reeves adds another integral scoring threat to a team rooted in physical defense.

Dailey Jefferson2024 5-10 F Dailey Jefferson – Sprayberry
Dailey gets a crack at public school ball her final season after starring at Walker. Jefferson is a springy forward that is quick off her feet to secure rebounds and finish inside. She isn’t afraid to throw her muscle around when carving out opportunities to score and has shown the ability to attack from the perimeter. D-III programs are wisely tracking her.

Jaden Young
2025 5-8 G Jaden Young – Morgan County
Fresh off the soccer pitch, Jaden Young didn’t look rusty at all on Saturday. Young looked confident as a scorer. She was able to get to her shot in rhythm, not hesitating to catch and let it fly. Young moves well with nimble footwork but also can serve as a big guard, able to provide some power when attacking the hoop. An elite academic student, with basketball becoming her primary focus over the next two seasons, expect D-III programs to start honing in.

Cameron Terry
2027 5-5 G Cameron Terry – Chapel Hill
Terry should provide a lift for Chapel Hill in Year 1. She is a strong athlete that can handle the ball and absorb contact when getting downhill. When the ball isn’t in her hands, she runs the floor hard to find openings. Cameron’s physical tools are impressive.

Janiya McCoy
2025 5-0 PG Janiya McCoy – Southwest DeKalb
Not many players in the state can say defense is their calling card. ClampGod Janiya McCoy takes great pride in her on-ball defense. The wiry undersized guard is a bundle of athleticism and energy. She is an absolute pest that can pick up and defend the entire length of the floor.

Ella Rainwater2027 5-5 G Ella Rainwater – Buford
Ella Rainwater is the perfect fit at Buford. She plays incredibly hard and is the first to get on every loose ball. The hustler wasn’t afraid to mix it up with bigger opponents. Offensively, Ella profiles as a heady decision maker that can knockdown threes consistently.