Sandy's Spiel Tip-Off Classic Boys Top Performers

Sandy’s Spiel Tip-Off Classic Boys Top Performers

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Colton Wilbanks2024 6-5 F Colton Wilbanks – Chestatee
Endless energy and springy legs are how Colton Wilbanks puts up game-breaking stat lines nightly. Wilbanks doesn’t need set plays called for him to score in bunches. Colton plays the dunker spot and gets spoon fed by his guards for slams and layups. Wilbanks posted 30 points, 11 rebounds, 2 seals and 1 block in Chestatee’s 61-60 win over Duluth. Colton runs the floor like a gazelle and relentlessly crashes the offensive glass. The elite second leaper plays volleyball on the backboard, sometimes so quick to rebounds that he tosses the ball off the glass multiple times before finally gaining his balance and converting with a controlled tip-in. While Wilbanks is at times unstoppable around the rim on dump offs he can also step outside and shoot the three. Colton is far from a finished product as he is just scratching the surface of his potential. He doesn’t play travel ball and doubles as a baseball player, making him one of the best kept secrets in North Georgia. Wilbanks isn’t a flash in the pan either. He averaged 16.4 points, 12.3 rebounds and 1.8 blocks as a sophomore. D-II, D-III and NAIA schools should start tracking his progress.

2023 6-2 W Jarvis Weaver – Chestatee
An unsung hero, Jarvis Weaver is the X-Factor for Chestatee. He has improved so much from last season, turning into a legitimate playmaker off the dribble. Weaver is adept at playing in tight spaces, getting into traffic and finding the open man at the last second. He has a terrific synergy with Wilbanks, finding the cutting forward for slam dunks along the baseline. Jarvis is a Swiss Army Knife, able to impact games without scoring. He’s a versatile defender and a tough-nosed rebounder. Weaver compiled 4 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists before fouling out with 32 seconds left.

2024 6-1 G Joel Iberosi – Duluth
Joel came off the bench and hit shots, finding cracks in the defense. He was the beneficiary of some nice David Culbreath-Martin drive and kicks, hitting a pair of threes in the corner. Iberosi showed the ability to score off the dribble as well, getting to his floater and scoring with his left hand. Iberosi led Duluth with 14 points.

Cameron Pope2023 6-2 CG Cameron Pope – Cherokee
Cameron Pope is good and so is Cherokee. He’s a steady performer that always packs a punch offensively, but does more than just score. Pope recorded 18 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steal in an 82-48 win over White County. He does a nice job moving the ball on the perimeter. When he decides to attack the basket, he plays off two feet and always has his head up to survey the floor for open shooters. Pope can play either the one or two. His three-point shot and ability to finish downhill make him a well-rounded scorer. NAIA and D-III schools are wisely after him.

2023 5-11 PG Tayden Owens – Cherokee
Coming off a knee injury, Tayden Owens poured in 21 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists. He kicked off his scoring with a pair of corner threes before working his way to the rim with floaters. Tayden put the finishing touches on his big night by peppering the defense from the mid-range, pulling-up for a pair of jumpers as he scored in succession.

2023 6-1 G Jadon Yeh – White County
Jadon Yeh did all he could to keep White County in the game as long as possible. Heading into the fourth quarter Yeh had accounted for 27 of his team’s 46 points and would finish with that same amount as he sat for much of the fourth as the game got out of hand. Yeh was incredibly smooth as always, scoring in a variety of ways. He hit contested threes off the bounce, got to his spots with one-dribble pull-ups and hit floaters in traffic. Yeh plays with great balance and understands the importance of being involved in every possession. Yeh’s offers range from NAIA, D-II to D-III.