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War Games 28.5 Top Performers

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Danielle Carnegie2024 5-9 PG Danielle Carnegie – Supreme Team – Grayson
Each time I watch Carnegie play, it gets harder and harder to declare anyone but Danielle as the best player in Georgia. Continue reading War Games 28.5 Top Performers

PRO Summer Madness Girls Top Performers

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Mackenna Nix2025 5-11 F Mackenna Nix – Temple
Following a breakout season in which she guided Temple to the Sweet 16 for the first time in over a decade, Mackenna Nix continued her ascent on Sunday, showcasing a versatile offensive repertoire. At nearly 6-foot tall, Nix can be a mismatch inside and out. She is a physical presence on the low block with great hands, able to snag rebounds at their highest point. Mackenna has a variety of back-to-the-basket post moves, on Sunday getting to her hook shot the most. While she is effective in the paint on post ups, running the floor and rolls, Nix can also attack from the perimeter. She beats defenders downhill and can stop short for pull-ups. Mackenna is also a willing three-point shooter that helps space the floor in spurts to open up the court for her teammates. Nix should be on the precipice of receiving offers. She looks like a solid D-II target with two more seasons to develop even more.

Jesstynie Scott
2025 5-9 G Jesstynie Scott – Schley County
Entering camp with a handful of offers scattered between D-I and D-II, Scott was able to separate herself from other guards on Sunday with her blend of size, skill, athleticism and IQ. The two-time All-State guard is a stat sheet stuffer. She does so much well as her sophomore season proved, posting 21.1 points, 2.9 rebounds, 4.6 assists and 4.7 steals per game. Jesstynie stood out at camp as a vocal leader that also managed to lead by example. She set the tone with aggressive on-ball defense and converted turnovers into points, either getting all the way to the rim herself or delivering on-the-money assists to streaking teammates. Scott finishes well at the basket with both hands and is a solid three-point shooter. Her do-everything approach coupled with an overall mature feel gives Jesstynie a high ceiling as a rising upperclassman.

I'ziah McCutchins
2024 5-3 PG I’ziah McCutchins – Trion
As a true point guard should, I’ziah was able to influence games without having to be the primary scoring option. Her energy as a defender, her court vision as a playmaker and her security as a ball handler has led to a bevy of wins over the course of her career. McCutchins fills up box scores. She is a sneaky good rebounder for her size and her ability to always be around the ball often leads to good things. When she wants to, McCutchins can hurt defenses with her scoring. She does a nice job getting into the paint and is a solid three-point shooter off the dribble.

Madison Moody2026 5-5 G Madison Moody – Cherokee
Moody made an immediate impact as a freshman, earning All-Region honors. Her game was on full display at camp, using her perimeter firepower to score in different ways. Madison, who has strong legs which help her play with balance and explode up with lift on her jumpers, knocked down shots from all three levels. Moody canned a handful of threes on Sunday and was able to get to her floater when attacking the basket.

Madison Swint
2025 5-10 F Madison Swint – Carrollton
No matter what the setting, Madison Swint makes winning plays. Known for her willingness to do whatever is asked of her, it didn’t take any prompting to get Madison to play hard and make the right decisions. She rebounded in traffic, scored with both hands and of course, defended at a high level even drawing a charge – a rare occurrence in most camp settings. Swint knows how to stand out on defense; colleges will love her game.

Tori Ambroselli
2026 5-6 PG Tori Ambroselli – Centennial
Tori was one of the best freshmen in Georgia last year, averaging over 16 points per game. The dynamic playmaker was at it again on Sunday, using her speed to make things happen. Ambroselli picked up full court on defense, turning her ball handler multiple times before even getting to halfcourt. When the ball was in Tori’s hands, she excelled at breaking down the defense and getting into the paint where she thrived as a drive-and-kick facilitator. When she decided to hunt her own offense, Ambroselli was a blink in transition and was able to euro-step past defenders to finish with either hand. A D-I future isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Nikolette Soden
2024 5-6 PG Nikolette Soden – Landmark Christian
I really liked what I saw from Nikolette Soden. The rising senior is a sparkplug in the backcourt. She is small but quick, darting in different directions. She had some impressive drives to the hoop, her best coming as she looked off a defender with a ball fake and went up for a layup. Soden should have plenty of opportunities to flourish her senior season at Landmark Christian. Small schools will want to keep an eye on her development.

2024 5-10 F Dailey Jefferson – Walker
I always appreciate the activity of Dailey Jefferson. She is a springy forward that at times plays bigger than her height with how well she rebounds. Dailey’s defense is also a boon, long enough to defend in the post and block shots but also quick enough to move her feet laterally when defending on the perimeter. Jefferson is a constant double-double threat cleaning up misses. Dailey attacks from 15-feet and in, a solid option in the high post that can turn and face. Jefferson will stretch the floor from time to time as a capable three-point shooter. D-III programs took note of her performance.

Takeriauna Mosley2024 5-4 PG Takeriauna Mosley – Handley, AL
In from Alabama, the slick southpaw turned heads with her playmaking in the open floor. Mosley has great speed with the ball, pushing it up the court. She makes tough passes look easy, hitting teammates on the run with low laser-like bounce passes. Takeriauna is a shifty athlete that wiggles her way to the rim using spin moves. Ranked as the 28th best prospect in Alabama, Mosley shined as one of the top guards in camp and certainly one of the most exciting players to watch.

Asiah Thompson
2026 5-7 W Asiah Thompson – Wheeler
Keep an eye on Asiah. She has a knack for being around the ball. Thompson is a versatile piece that plays bigger than her size. She has a strong build and uses her body well when rebounding. Thompson is a sold athlete that is good at going coast-to-coast.

Hannah Lopez
2025 5-5 PG Hannah Lopez – Denmark
Hannah Lopez did her thing on Sunday, scoring on smooth drives to the basket with both hands and hitting threes. When Hannah is aggressive and looking for her offense, it opens up the floor for everyone else. She is a dangerous three-level scorer that breaks down defenses once she beats her on-ball defender. She will either pop a pull-up, a floater or hit an open shooter.

Shakiria Foster
2024 5-7 G Shakiria Foster – Lamar County
The multi-sport star made a positive first impression. Foster was named Class A D-I Second Team All-State after erupting for 26.1 points, 5.4 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 5.4 steals per game. Shy is a powerful athlete with a running back’s mentality in the open floor. After securing rebounds, she looks to break out ahead of the pack and get to the hoop. Foster is physically strong, able to shake defenders and score through contact at the rim. Shakiria has a strong pro hop gather in traffic which helps her load up to explode to the rim. Non-D-I schools of all levels should familiarize themselves with Foster’s game.

PRO Fall Fastbreak Girls Top Performers

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Allie Osborne2024 5-11 F Allie Osborne – John Milledge Academy
Coming out of the GIAA, Allie Osborne took full advantage of her much-needed exposure opportunity. The lefty received high marks as a stretch forward with a versatile skill set. Osborne did a good job catching and finishing on the run. She was one of the best rebounders in camp and was comfortable pushing the ball up the floor.  Allie showcased a reliable mid-range jumper and helped space the floor to the three-point line. She didn’t shy away from contact inside and used a soft touch to score around the rim. Osborne proved to be a reliable post defender that could alter shots. Another year of development will go a long way in helping Osborne reach her potential. Improving her foot speed and continuing to challenge herself outside of the GIAA will help her achieve her goal of playing college basketball.

Jasmine Baxter2025 5-10 PF Jasmine Baxter – Galloway
Only a sophomore, Jasmine Baxter was a physical powerhouse that bullied opponents on the low block. Her powerful drop step clears defenders out of the way as she keeps her arms bowed when carving out space. Baxter is extremely comfortable playing with her back to the basket. She posts up with a wide base, giving entry passers an easy target to hit. As the day went on, Baxter began to stretch the floor. She has nice form on her jump shot and will let it fly from beyond the arc. Baxter has the tools to become a D-I post, especially if she can squeeze out another inch or two.

Savannah Robinson-Holmes2025 5-7 G Savannah Robinson-Holmes – Langston Hughes
Maybe the best, most consistent scorer at camp was Savannah Robinson-Holmes. She dumped in 20 points her first game of the day before netting 14 in Game 2 while flirting with a double-double collecting 9 rebounds. Robinson-Holmes is elusive with the ball. She’s a threat to score anytime and anywhere. She sank four threes over her two games while mixing in pull-up jumpers, floaters, drives and putbacks. Savannah’s ability to breakdown the defense and get into the lane will play a big role in Langston Hughes’ success.

Samantha Ambroselli2024 5-5 G Samantha Ambroselli – Centennial
Back from an ACL injury, Samantha Ambroselli looked like she didn’t miss a beat. Sam attacked in a variety of ways, getting to the basket and finishing through contact while also nailing shots from the perimeter. Still a solid playmaker, it looked like Ambroselli was more comfortable hunting her own offense than when I last saw her over a year ago. At 5-foot-5, Sam did a good job as a rebounder as well. Expect a strong statement season for Ambroselli and a sneaky good Centennial backcourt.

Tori Ambroselli2026 5-5 PG Tori Ambroselli – Centennial
Playing alongside her older sister, Tori shined as a playmaker. The rising freshman excelled at attacking downhill as a drive-and-kick facilitator. Tori has quick shifty moves and understands how to draw the attention of defenders before finding the open man. When she looked to score, Tori found points off the dribble from three and could get all the way to the rim on drives.

Alyssa Mullholand2025 5-6 G Alyssa Mullholand – Valor Christian
A regular Top Performer from PRO showcases, Alyssa Mullholand went to work as a lethal perimeter scorer. Alyssa is a difficult cover with her physical strength and deep three-point range. She’s a creative ball handler that gets separation with quick moves. Mullholand is a microwavable scorer that can pour in threes in bunches. When she gets to the hoop she knows how to use her body to score through contact and can finish with either hand.

Kameron Herring2025 5-11 SG Kameron Herring – Woodward Academy
Herring stands out with her length. The long and lanky guard immediately holds upside on both ends of the floor with her wingspan. She has a chance to develop into an impactful defender with great switchability. Offensively, she stripped the nets with her three-point shot.  Once she stretched out the defense, Herring was able to score on drives. She did a great job running the floor in transition and showed the confidence to go coast-to-coast with the ball in her hands.

Asia Bryant2025 5-7 F Asia Bryant – Dacula
I really appreciated how hard Asia played on Sunday. The undersized forward was nonstop on both sides of the ball. She used her body extremely well, converting And-1s as she got into the chests of defenders. Bryant is physical and fleet of foot, quicker than she may look at first glance. She has a burst to the rim and is a willing outside shooter. Asia held her own on defense as a sturdy positional defender that can rebound with toughness.

Kitali Youmans2025 5-7 PG Kitali Youmans – Mt. Paran
Kitali Youmans has enjoyed a strong offseason and on Sunday she may have looked the best I’ve ever seen her. Known for her playmaking and ball handling, Youmans did both while introducing an aggressive offensive mindset. She shot the ball well from three and was able to craft her way to buckets on drives. Kitali’s mature floor game led to robust stat lines, putting up 8 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals in Game 1 followed by 9 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists in Game 2.

Sanai Chisholm2023 5-7 G Sanai Chisholm – Woodville-Tompkins
Up from Savannah, Sanai Chisholm represented the coast well with her toughness from the guard position. The lefty has an underrated handle and likes to stay in attack mode. Sanai has a mixture of strength and speed when getting in the paint. Chisholm is tough to contain once she gets in the open floor.

Jayla Bennett2025 5-3 PG Jayla Bennett – Grayson
There is value in a player like Jayla Bennett. Her IQ and attention to detail is off the charts. While she’s often one of the smallest players on the floor, Bennett still finds a way to stand out by doing the little things – no pun intended. Bennett is a scrappy on-ball defender that moves well laterally and will frustrate ball handlers with her effort. Jayla is fundamentally sound. The true point guard will fake a pass to make a pass. Bennett takes extra strides to find the perfect angle when hitting cutters or making entry passes. Another part of Jayla’s game that stood out was her nose for the ball. She was an outstanding rebounder that snuck in to earn multiple second chance opportunities as an offensive rebounder. Bennett will play a major role in Grayson’s backcourt over the next three seasons and has all the attributes as an unsung hero. She reminds me a little bit of recent Campbell graduate Laila Battle, an All-State guard who is now a freshman at LaGrange.

Sanaa Tripp2024 5-8 PG Sanaa Tripp – Peachtree Ridge
A torn ACL cut Sanaa Tripp’s sophomore season short. Now at Peachtree Ridge, Tripp looks ready to make a major impact at her new home. She showed no signs of rust on Sunday, not even needing a knee brace and hardly breaking a sweat as she picked apart defenses as a passer and scored whenever she pleased. Tripp is a game-changing guard that does everything well.