9 thoughts on “Class AAAAA Preseason Top Ten”

  1. Brunswick ranked under alltoona still get no respect . The returning champs get no love from atl press.

  2. I think Macintosh is getting more votes because most people don’t know colin young, that kid is a offensive beast. I watched him punish pebble brook last season.he can score the ball from three,midrange and he can finish at the rim,I hear he’s 6-4 6-5 now that’s gonna make him harder to stop

    1. Are you talking about collin young from laney? If so, he’s not going to mcintosh he transferred to miller grove…. and secondly hes definitely no offensive beast, that kid is nothing more than a spot of shooter. He plays no defense, he cant create his own shot, and at 6’3 i dont think ive ever seen him make (or better yet attempt) a shot in the paint

  3. Ignorance,watched him play pebble brook last season came off the bench on a stacked team and dropped 20 plus also saw him do the same thing at bcbmlk classic the three games I have seen in person he’s very underrated held his own on both ends. Also took the liberty to look him up on YouTube if u want to see him create ” collin young highlights” collin young continues” collin young chad cook” are a few I found

    1. Youve seen this kid play 3 times ive seen him play in person for years. Watching 3 games a chad cook highlight tape is asinine. Chad cook credibility is in par with that of steve broussard when in comes to nba rumors. Chad cook recently listed a top 10 of local schools, needless to say the school in which he is affilliated with was ranked a top 5 team. They were 1-4 at the time. Butler wasnt a top 10 team but current holds a 9-1 record, best r3cord in the league, and holds a 20 poin5 victory over his team. Now if u want to debate facts less begin.

  4. Watch out for Honorably mentioned South Paulding High School. They have some skilled Juniors that received a lot of praise this summer. Also, they have just as much talent as any team on this list.

  5. It took me a little bit to respond because unlike other people I don’t speak about things I don’t know about.I have been around bball thirty years and I know talent when I see it don’t need anyone to tell me who is good or not and after watching film of this kid he is legit just needs to be coached for success.facts on the highlights I listed above the kid did everything u said he couldn’t do all the while finishing his season at a 46 percent connect rate as I said he is underrated !!!!

  6. Brunswick ,Tift,Jenkins ,Johnson the reasons that the GHSA moved elite 8 back to the state of Atlanta no one outside the 404 706 supposed to win state title.

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