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The Process: Back in Action

Tre Gomillion is a 2018 guard out of Aquinas High School in Augusta, Georgia. He averaged 20 points, 13.6 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals as a junior and was named Class A-Private Second Team All-State. This is his off-season journal. This is The Process.

Part 6 📜: Back in Action

Sorry for the delay in writing, it’s been a busy schedule. Now for the long time waiting, after great physical therapy and listening to the doctors, I have officially been cleared 100%. My PT said I did great with my physical therapy and that I was ahead of schedule.

With school in full effect, my schedule is filled with lots of work in addition to plenty of workouts. I feel better than ever, I’m physically lighter, and my jump shot is improving by the day. I am closer to my family more than I have ever been and I love this game of basketball with a whole different passion.

Sunday, September 10th, I attended the Will Avery Fall 48 Camp where the best players around the area all meet in one gym and get after it. The camp opened with drills; it went very smooth, worked on fundamentals and knowing where the open man and spot is on the floor. Great warm-up to the games which everybody waited for.

I have heard that many people have thought that I  “fell off” or am “not as good anymore”. But after the games at the camp I proved a lot of people wrong and made a lot of people proud.

I focused mainly on catching the ball from the outlet and exploding down court like Russell Westbrook and finishing strong, and loudly communicating on defense. I felt I did a solid job at that task, and as well focusing on knocking down mid range to 3-point jump shots. For the defensive side I played well, I still have to improve on keeping that off hand off my man while he is penetrating to the basket.

WATCH: Tre Gomillion highlights from Fall 48 Invite camp courtesy of augbball.com

There is always room for improvement and I can only say this is the beginning. More updates to follow and all is in the trust of “The Process”. #LoveOmie #RiPDES


Fall 48 Invite analysis

William Avery’s Fall 48 Invite featured some of the CSRA’s top players with a few of the surrounding areas’ standouts sprinkled in. While there was no cell service in the gym to recap the action live on Twitter, I was still able to take some quick notes. Many players will be broken down into further detail on this week’s Spielin’ & Dealin’ Podcast.

Back in Action

The Augusta Chronicle’s reigning Player of the Year, Aquinas’ Tre Gomillion, looked like he didn’t miss a step. Just a week removed from receiving clearance to return to action after meniscus surgery, the 6-foot-3 shooting guard had coaches in attendance turning their heads with his new trimmed down look, improved outside shot and his trademark explosion to the basket. The 2016 Class A-Private All-State Second Teamer registered 20 points, five rebounds, three assists, one steal and one block in his usual stat sheet stuffing fashion. Gomillion attacked the basket and finished around the rim with power. More importantly, he went 2-of-4 with his jump shot, hitting a three to open up play. His communication on defense and ability to clog gaps as a help defender was also a big improvement from last year.

Glenn Hills Gang

Timmy Sellers, Tim Williamson and Tre Whitehead played on separate teams, but will join forces at Glenn Hills on what should be one of the area’s best teams and a threat to make a deep run in Class AA.

Sellers, 6-foot-8 with a South Carolina State offer, didn’t get many post touches but showed nimble footwork when working the baseline with a propensity to finish on the other side and use the rim to shield defenders. He finished with six points, eight rebounds and one block. His final hoop of the game came on a coast-to-coast drive after snagging a rebound off the glass. That kind of versatility should make him a popular name among Low Majors his senior season.

Williamson, who transfers in from Hephzibah for his senior season, is a 6-foot-4 guard that can help out on both ends. He put up 17 points, eight rebounds, two assists and one block in a balanced game. Williamson is best at getting to the lane, but he also knocked down a few outside shots including a three. His length makes him an intriguing defender on the perimeter.

Whitehead, a 6-foot-5 sophomore, has one of the highest ceilings in Augusta. The athletic slasher has a nice feel for the game which helped him post 10 points, eight rebounds, one assist and one steal in a track meet. If Whitehead can develop a three-point shot, he has a chance to pick up some Division-I interest before all is said and done.

Baldwin Braves

A slew of Braves joined the fun from Milledgeville and did not disappoint. 2019 shooting guard Donte Justice was in attack mode from the opening tip, showing that he is wired to score. The football standout is quick off the bounce and hunts his shots. He drilled four three-pointers en route to a loud 23 points, four rebounds and three assists.

2018 guard Brenden Robertson scored 10 of his 13 points in the second half. Known for his effort and motor, Robertson wore down his opponents adding eight rebounds, three assists and two steals. He is someone that smaller college programs should check into.

Junior point guard Torez Hicks had 11 points, two assists and three steals in his outing. Hicks wasn’t as flashy scoring the ball as his teammates were, but Hicks brought energy and clearly took pride in his defense. It isn’t often that you see a point guard set up to attempt to take three charges in a showcase camp. Little things like that are what win ball games and hopefully get you noticed by college coaches – I know I took notice.

Good Guards

Donald Henley Jr. (2018) of Laney and Richard Crawford III (2019) of Greenbrier looked good. Henley is small in stature (5’9”) but the tough point man has jets. He can race down the floor and create offense for himself and others. He tallied nine points, four rebounds, three assists and one steal in a win. Crawford was smooth in his game and did a little bit of everything, totaling 11 points, four rebounds, four assists and two steals. Crawford has a sweet jumper and knows when to pick his spots. He gives me reason to believe that Greenbrier should be much improved this season.

Stock Riser

Many of the aforementioned players from the Fall 48 Invite have been regulars on Sandy’s Spiel, but one player who hasn’t seen the publicity yet and now has earned it, is Grovetown senior point guard Eric Graham II. The 6-foot-1 guard was one of today’s best performers. He scored the first 11 points of the game for his team and finished with 18 points, three rebounds, five assists and one block. The 6-foot-1 guard isn’t overly intimidating with a nice smile full of metal but the senior showed he has some bite to him.

Graham played with patience and composure and was crafty and reliable with the ball in his hands. He knocked down contested jumpers, including three from distance. Graham isn’t a player that will ‘wow’ you, but he was on the top of his game in front of Augusta State and a handful of other schools. It was a good first step to get himself on the radar to play at the next level and if he can be a leader on a team that won just 5 games a year ago and help the Warriors to the postseason, his career should be deemed a successful one.

Tune into Spielin’ & Dealin’ later this week for more in-depth analysis on more players from all six teams

The Process: #LoveOmie

Part 5 📜: #LoveOmie

Tre Gomillion is a 2018 guard out of Aquinas High School in Augusta, Georgia. He averaged 20 points, 13.6 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals as a junior and was named Class A-Private Second Team All-State. This is his off-season journal. This is The Process.

Sorry for the absence lately, lot of things happened this summer.
On that note, the surgery went very well and God sent down a blessing during my surgery. With the intention of it being a decent tear to my meniscus and me being out for 4-6 months, it was a minor tear and a calcium build up resulting in about a quarter sized piece  of bone in the back of my knee. So thank you God for that, I have started my physical therapy and should be back to 100% around August.

With that out of the way, I told you previously that grandma had some health issues, to be precise she unfortunately had cancer. She is way tougher than me and fought her precious heart out. But unfortunately on July 3rd, 2017 she passed away and joined God to be my guardian angel throughout this whole comeback. She was my biggest supporter and literally every time I saw her she told me “I’m gonna live til you make it to the big leagues, just don’t cut your ponytail so I can know which one is my Tre Tre.”

This time has been tough but it is just going to without a doubt make me mentally stronger. So now it’s time to rehab and make my grandma proud. Now she can watch this process from the best seat in the house… #LoveOmie ❤️

The Process: Torn

Part 4 📜: God’s Plan 🙏🏽

Tre Gomillion is a 2018 guard out of Aquinas High School in Augusta, Georgia. He averaged 20 points, 13.6 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals as a junior and was named Class A-Private Second Team All-State. This is his off-season journal. This is The Process.

Tre initially injured his knee in the Sweet 16 vs. Stratford Academy

Everybody in life faces adversity, lately I have been challenged a little more than usual. In the past few weeks, I found out some family health issues dealing with my sweet grandma , my uncle , and today … I found out some issues with me.

Today is the day that I went in for my follow-up appointment dealing with my knee. No more than 2 weeks ago while working out I felt a pop in my right knee, I went to the doctor the following day which they later set me up for an MRI. As the pain in my knee went down and the swelling went down it was time for the results. And on June 12, 2017 the doctors told me that I have a decent size tear in my meniscus.

It was hard to swallow, but as the doctor explained the options to heal it, I realize more and more that this all apart of God’s plan. All I can do now is stay positive and just trust the process, trust God’s plan. Because at the end of the day, there’s way worse situations I can be going through. Now it’s time to recover and come back stronger than I’ve ever been.

The Process: Masters Weekend

Part 2📜

Tre Gomillion is a 2018 guard out of Aquinas High School in Augusta, Georgia. He averaged 20 points, 13.6 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals as a junior and was named Class A-Private Second Team All-State. This is his off-season journal. This is The Process. 

After introducing myself to you all, I was honored and blessed to play in the GACA North vs. South Junior All-Star game in Brunswick, GA. It was a great experience and I had lots of fun and met some really cool players from different parts of the state. Right after coming back from the GACA All-Star game, in my hometown (Augusta, GA ) there was a very big event coming to town, The Masters ⛳️ .  I’ve never been to the Masters so it was just like any other time, I was letting my knee rest coming back from a bruised LCL from my high school season. Right after giving it some rest I went to the gym. Putting up jumpers, and not trying to put a lot of pressure on my knee, me and my brother got some work in the weight room working on my upper body and my core.

Besides the gym, at home when I am sitting around or icing my knee, I think and go through times during the game in my head where I could have done something different. What I am mentally challenging myself to from now on is to come out of every game with out any mistakes or regrets. I just want to focus on coming out the game and not saying “I should have done this”, I’m really trying to perfect my game and touch up all of the flaws and add in a more consistent jumper.  I know all of that is not going to come over night , it’s all apart of this thing your reading called “The Process”.